Title: Andy's TWO COWS Talk about the FED's New Trillion Dollars of Queer Money.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu December 13th, 2012


Dec. 13th 2012. Andy's TWO COWS Talk about the FED's "New" Plan for Yet ANOTHER Trillion Dollars of Queer.

COW 1, "In today's Wall Street Journal the headline story and picture is Bernanke saying that in 2013 he's going to pump out $85 Billion Dollars worth of QuEer PER MONTH. So that's an Additional Trillion Dollars worth of Queer Money in 2013."

Cow 2, "Washington DC ONLY knows to how to make mistakes bigger. All of the Queer Trillions that Bernanke has already pissed out has not worked to increase employment, so the FED faggots are doing More of what's a Proven Failure."

COW 1, "Where is the $85 Billion Dollars Per MONTH coming from?"

COW 2, "It's ALL fabricated shit. They open up the computer and type another hundred Billion Dollars into the FED's account."

COW 1, "Isn't that illegal?"

COW 2, "Whatever a Government does is by definition legal. The Holocaust was legal by German Law, so legally inside of Germany there was no crime. Murdering the Jews was all Preventive Law Enforcement. Likewise, the massive accounting fraud, deceit and money trickery inside of today's FED is legal under American law."

COW 1, "Preventive Law Enforcement, wasn't that just limited to Nazi Germany?"

COW 2, "No. It's what Bashar Assad is doing right now in Syria. It's the constant call from America's Zionists to have America Pearl Harbor Iran, and murder a lot of Iranians to PREVENT them from doing any possible future crimes." 

COW 1, "Could you and I do the same kind of accounting that the FED is doing?"

COW 2, "Absolutely not. What the FED faggots are doing is pure Madoff  tag-team accounting fraud between the FED and the US Treasury. Madoff  was running the same kind of accounting tag-team fraud between his New York Company and his London Company. If we did the same thing we'd be in jail for the next 500 years just like Madoff."

COW 1, "So the FED faggots pump out another Trillion Dollars of QuEer Money in 2013. My question is - So What? Isn't more money a good thing?"

COW 2, "Let's see if you're smart enough to learn what the FED deadheads will Never understand. Let's pretend that I'm Bernanke, and I waive my magic fairy faggot wand and I create a Million Dollars in a suitcase, and I give the Million Dollars to you."

COW 1, "I like it, I like it. Do me."

COW 2, "Okay, so you have a Million Dollars in your suitcase. What do you really have?"

COW 1, "Well, I have everything - don't I?"

COW 2, "Not really. The Million Dollars, can you eat it and keep from starving? The answer is NO. Can you drive it to work? The answer is NO. Will it keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer? The answer is NO. What you really have is a suitcase full of asswipe, and it's not even very good asswipe."

COW 1, "But I can BUY all of those things with my FED Free money - right?"

COW 2, "Here is where you have to turn your brain on. Let's say that YOU go to a farmer. A farmer who used real land, real water, seeds, expensive real farm machinery, gasoline, work, and the TIME and All of the Many products it took to live while his crops grew. You go to the framer and you with your Queer Money, YOU buy a bag of Corn that took REAL WORK and REAL ASSETS to produce. What just happened?"

COW 2, "I got a bag of Corn with my FREE Money."

COW 1, "Yes, that part is true. What else happened?"

COW 2, "I don't know what you mean?"

COW 1, "You bought something that is REAL, with something that is NOT REAL. Your suitcase of Bernanke Queer doesn't represent any kind of work, asset, or value anywhere else in the world. It's pure queer NOTHING."

COW 1, "I don't see what you're getting at."

COW 2, "If you buy anything that took real work and real assets to product, and you buy it with something that's totally fabricated and never was real. What you've done is corrupt and distort the value of what is real."

COW 1, "But isn't it all real?"

COW 2, "No, it's not all real. It's like one glass of pure drinking water and one glass of faggot shit water. When you mix them together you DO NOT get two glasses of pure drinking water. You get two glasses of shit water. You end up with More Water, or in this case More money, but it's corrupted shit money. For the last five years I've been saying that the only thing the FED is doing is pissing in the soup. Yeah, we have more soup, and it's making everyone sick."

COW 1, "I'm confussed."

COW 2, Let me put it this way. Suppose you pick up a stone on the road, and you go to the farmer's stand and you buy your bag of Corn with the stone."

COW 1, "What's the stone supposed to be?"

COW 2, "The Stone is like the FED queer million dollars I just gave you. That money never had any value. It's like the stone, it's all Pretend value. It all fraud value. It's the value that Madoff's bank accounts had. So you buy the Corn with the stone - what happened?"

COW 1, "I got a bag of Corn with a stone?"

COW 2, "Yes that's true. And what did the Farmer get?"

COW 1, "Well, ah...he got the stone."

COW 2, "So the farmer got a stone in exchange for a bag of Corn that COST the farmer real work, and real assets to product. What happened?"

COW 1, "I told you, I got my Corn."

COW 2, "Yes, you did get your corn, but in the process YOU MADE THE FARMER POORER. The farmer gave you something that cost him real time, real work and real assets for something that's fabricated queer. The farmer is poorer."

COW 1, "I don't get it."

COW 2, "What I'm saying is that all of the FED's fabricated Trillions are making the real workers of America, and the world, POORER. The workers of America are giving real work for fabricated queer money NOTHING. The more queer money that the FED pumps out the LESS VALUABLE the work of Americans, and everyone's work, becomes. One of the reasons for America's high unemployment is the FED's queer money that is CORRUPTING THE VALUE of real work."

COW 1, "I don't understand."

COW 2, "Let's look at it from a totally different angle. Why the Hell would anyone in America go thought the headaches of building a new factory in the USA, putting up with the Unions, the EPA, the lawyers, the taxes, and all of that crap when they can borrow money from the FED at almost NOTHING, arbitrage it for 200% to 500% profit, and all while they're on their yacht in St Barts? It's the FED's artificially forced down low interest rates that are causing unemployment, not curing it."

COW 1, "I still can't see what you're trying to say."


PERMISSION TO REPRINT. Permission is given to re-print this essay, or any of the 1,755 essays, articles, and COW Stories that Andrew M Molchan has written in the last Half Century.

If you like the above COW story, e-mail a copy to your Congressman, and/or Senator(s). If YOU don't care about what's happening to America - why should your Congressman care? The FED's Queer Trillions are in the long run making people ALL OVER THE WORLD poorer, ESPECIALLY the already poor.

The FED's Trillions of queer dollars have RAISED food prices ALL OVER THE WORLD. The world's poor spend 60% to 70% of their money on basic food and energy. When the FED faggots raise prices it INCREASES the misery of hundreds of millions of people, and that in turn creates MORE civil wars, revolutions, conflicts and bloody in-fighting. The American FED has ALREADY killed a lot of people in the world, and WILL kill a lot more.

There is a good argument for calling the USA FED the biggest in-direct terrorist killer in the world. All over the world hundreds of millions of poor people live in FEAR of the next raise in US FED caused food prices. Another FED Trillion dollars of Queer Money for 2013 will DEFINITLY raise food prices for the world's poor, and make them a even poorer.

The people of the World have to wake up. The US FED is too big and too important to just let it keep f**king up the World year after year. The FED's NOT REAL queer money is in the long run making the whole world poorer.

If you like the above Andy's Two COWS story, e-mail a copy of it to your local newspaper, and/or local talk radio program. If you're a foreign reader, permission is given to do the same. Get involved, you're not living on the Moon. The World is your World. Today it really IS One World. When the Titanic sank, it sink for EVERYONE.




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