Title: The TWO COWS Talk about John Kerry as Secretary of State.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri December 14th, 2012


Dec 14th 2012. The TWO COWS Give Their Approval for John Kerry as Secretary of State.

There were TWO COWS:

COW 1, "Looks like Kerry will be the new Secretary of State."

COW 2, "Well, between Condoleezza and Hillary we Girls have been Secretary of State for seven years. Maybe it's time for somebody with outside plumbing to take the job."

COW 1, "During the time when we girls were Secretary of State America did NOT start any new wars, and it ended the war in Iraq. Women are better at NOT starting wars than men."

COW 2, "That's because we don't let out dicks do our thinking."

COW 1, "That's because we don't have dicks."

COW 2, "Well, America needs to have some serious talks with Iran, and others, and maybe a man is better for right now."

COW 1, "Yeah, as a Vietnam War veteran Kerry can tell the Iranians that having a war just for the fun of it all sometimes isn't that much fun."

COW 2, "He can say, 'Been there - Done that, and it was NOT a joy.' Most wars aren't much fun anymore."

COW 1, "If American troops had never gone to Vietnam, the world today in 2012 would be the same."

COW 2, "Yes, the Vietnam War slowed the flow of history, and it slowed the spread of openness in China, it did NOT speed it up."

COW 1, "The Iranians will tell Kerry that they are pissed off about the Zionist's slavery and Colonialism in the West Bank."

COW 2, "Who isn't? Kerry needs to tell the Iranians the truth. Things are going in the right direction. Slowly, yes slowly, but going in the right direction."

COW 1, "That's true, the West Bank slave Colony has no future as a slave Colony. It's not if it will be free, but only when. The Iranians cooling it and being less of an international trouble maker will make West Bank freedom arrive sooner, and overall Middle East stability arrive sooner."

COW 2, "Kerry has been a Senator since 1985, that's 27 years. Maybe Kerry can teach Iranian PM Mahmoud Ahmedinajad to do what US Senators do, in public say the opposite of what they really think."

COW 1, "Kerry is tall and that's a plus, but he has that horse face."

COW 2, "Well, a horse face works for Jay Leno."

COW 1, "Maybe the secret for Kerry's success as Secretary of State is to get some really good writers like Leno has."

COW 2, "We're open."

COW 1, "I don't think Kerry is that imaginative."

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