Title: The "WHY" of the Sandy Hook Conn. Mass Murders, and WHY it Will Happen Again.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat December 15th, 2012


Dec 15, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. YEARS AGO in 1999, I had outlined the "WHY" of Yesterday's Sandy Hook, Conn. Killings, and WHY Future Mass Killings Will Happen Again and Again.

List below is my January 14th 2011 essay.

January 14 2011. THE LOUGHNER, ARAZONA, SHOOTING. As a grand strategy analyst I look at the big pictures. In the last 19 years the US Congress has spent TRILLIONS of dollars to bomb cities, murder people, and invade countries. For Congress, murder IS a solution. The Arizona shooting, the Ft Hood shooting of 2 years ago, 9/11, "terrorism," etc. Part of the final analysis is that what goes around comes around? 

THE "WHY" of LOUGHNER Murderers. From 1776 to the 1960s there were no rampage shootings by white males. From 1776 to the 1950s there were MORE guns per capita in the USA than now. Up to the 1950s you could buy a handgun though the mail. Blaming the current, and repetitive  shootings by white males on guns is like blaming big city air pollution on wheat farmers. Clearly, there are post 1950s factors at work.   

WHY WHITE MALES GO CRAZY AND MURDER.  After Columbine  in April of 1999. I wrote in AFI Magazine "There is an ever growing systematic cultural and social matrix of attacks against white males in America's schools. The left-wing believes all of America's problems are caused by white males. There will more shootings, all by white males driven crazy by anti white male CORRECTED history."

My 1999 insight was correct. All of the shootings have been by white males, with one exception - an Asian male. The future shootings will also be white males.

WHY WHITE MALES GO CRAZY AND KILL PEOPLE. Since 1999 the degradation and hypocrisy AGAINST white males has greatly intensified. The left-wing is almost fanatical in its attempts to re-write history. Most school districts have Black History Months, but NOT ONE has a White Achievement Month. In many American High Schools  Aristotle, Jesus Christ, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart, Einstein, etc., are just "old white men." Believe it or not, America was NOT built by Chicken George and Harriet Tubman.

WHY WHITE MALES GO CRAZY AND KILL. Part of the SOLUTION is for local civic groups in America to sue their local schools for the discrimination of having a Black History Month without a White History Month. Tax payer money is being used in racial attacks of omission. The left wing is trying to make people of diversity look better by RUNNING DOWN WHITE MALES. This dishonesty and back-handed discrimination is NOT FREE of costs. My guess is that's there's probably about 30 million white American males who feel like shooting somebody. 99.9999% can control themselves. But, if only 1/1000th of 1% cannot that means the CONTINUING white male shootings we've had, and WILL HAVE in the future.

HOW MODERN AMERICAN TURNS WHITE MALES INTO MASS MURDERS. The US left wing that attacks white males in schools, is the SAME left wing that CAUSED the world's financial crises by INSISTING that US banks give liar loans to "sub-prime" people (read that as non-white males). The same left-wing than sold the fraud loans to people around the world. The world's financial crises is mainly American, left-wing, racist caused. The worldwide financial crises is one more RUINOUS, COSTLY, and destructive attempt by America's left-wing to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. The message is crystal clear for anyone who wants to see. The TRUTH should prevail, and if the TRUTH makes some people uncomfortable that might be a motivation for those people to make some REAL CHANGES in their lifestyles. The TRUTH is that important black history would take about two hours to summarize. Important white history would take two years. White males built 75% of American, with White females another 20%, and they should be given full, and HONEST CREDIT for their achievements.

PERMISSION TO REPRINT. Almost ALL of America's Newspapers and media ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Send a copy of this essay to your local newspaper, Governor, and Congressman.  

List below is Andrew M Molchan's essay from August 29th 2012.

August 29, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. As I've been saying for years, one of America's Big Picture, Grand Strategy problems is that America Culture keeps sinking deeper and deeper into a Sea of Small-Minded, Left-Wing Bull Crap.

The Bull Crap is a major reason for White American males periodically going crazy, and rather than shoot themselves as is the usual case, they shoot a lot of other people.

In today's news is a story about a mute boy at a school for the deaf and mute. The boy's name is "Hunter." To say the name in hand sign language part of the process is making a gun with your fingers and hand. The left wing ass holes at the school thought this "gun creation" was a "treat" to the school, and are demanding that  the boy change his name, or they will throw him out.

Most Americans are asking, "What's going wrong with America? We don't understand!" However, Crap like the mute boy's persecution happens every day. The small-minded insanity has become so common most people no longer "See It or Get It." The National insanity Crap has become so deep, and so pervasive it has become the new "Normal." Most of America has become a "Friends" re-run Nation. Any kind of thought process that's deeper and more complicated than a comic book is discouraged by current American culture.

Open your eyes and mind and start asking, "Why are we wasting even one second of our lives on this kind of never ending, small-minded, left-wing, goody-goody two shoes Crap? A Sea of Crap that is in the long run suicidal."

END of Aug 29, 2012 essay.

Dec. 15 2012. I outlined the "WHY" of the Connecticut Shooting in 1999. The "Why" is that modern America has become the Empire of Bullshit. It's driving young white males crazy. Most white males only go part crazy, but as I've been pointing out for years, with only one in a million going TOTALLY CRAZY that's enough for the mass murders THAT WILL KEEP HAPPENING, AND KEEP HAPPENING.

The unwanted truth is that cultural and social lies, dishonesty, intellectual fraud, reverse racism, left-wing smug bullshit, and socialist delusions ALL COME WITH A BIG PRICE.

American's Founding Fathers understood that honesty not only made you free, it kept you sane. Modern America is fighting that idea, and in large part has already become the "politically correct" Empire of Bullshit.

The way to STOP the mass shootings is for America to return to being AN INTELLECTUALLY HONEST CULTURE AND SOCIETY. However, I can give you a 100% guarantee that will NOT happen, and I can give you a 100% guarantee that future white males WILL be driven totally crazy and continue to kill a lot of people.

Like all of the kids since Columbine, the Sandy Hook killer, Adam Lanza, a good looking honors student, was sending a message. Does anyone besides me hear it?

PERMISSION TO REPRINT. Almost ALL of America's Newspapers and media ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Send a copy of this essay to your local newspaper, Governor, and Congressman.  




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