Title: America's Sea of Bullshit is NOT Free. It Comes with Horrible Costs.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun December 16th, 2012


Dec 16th, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. America is Drowning in a Sea of Its Own Bullshit.

The Mass Murder in Sandy Hook is ONE MORE SYMPTOM of an American that has STAYED on a Lot of Wrong Roads for TOO LONG. Sandy Hook is ONE MORE symptom of a Nation that is DROWNING in a SEA of its own Bullshit, and Driving young White males (in particular) Insane.

It is NOT a coincidence that ALL of the mass murders and shootings going back to the 1999 Columbine High School murders by Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold, they were all White Males, except for one young American-Asia male who thought of himself as White.

Back in 1960, I was a member of the NAACP when it was NOT fashionable or safe for a poor White Boy to be doing NAACP projects and protests. (My view of all of the current foaming at the mouth for "equality," smug, self righteous prigs,  my view of them is that it's REAL EASY to fight in a War AFTER the war is over).

It was very easy and safe to be an anti-Hitler German in 1946. It wasn't so easy or safe in 1936.

I was on the correct side of history in 1960, and I'm STILL on the correct side of history today. I was unpopular then, and I'm unpopular now. In over a half century that has NOT changed.

"Civil Rights" became Fashionable in America, and then America went WAY DOWN a road that's a self destructive Dead End. America's Real Estate Disaster was (and is) in large part caused by idiots in Washington DC trying to PROVE that people who are genetic morons are really not genetic morons.

"Hay, if we give this Donkey a brand new Government paid for Rolls Royce the Donkey will turn into a Really Good driver." After a Million smashed up Rolls Royces Washington DC's answer is, "Hay, if we give this Donkey a brand new Government paid for Rolls Royce then the Donkey will turn into a Really Good driver."

Washington DC today is the know Universe's CAPITAL of, "Unable To Learn Anything."

"Civil Rights" in 1960 was NOT supposed to be ADDED RIGHTS coming from running down and insulting White Males. Civil Rights was supposed to be an EQUAL chance to succeeded given their talents. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who I had the great honor of marching with (and getting arrested with), never said or wanted Civil Rights to be a reverse Civil Rights. "Civil Rights" in 1960 wasn't supposed to be let's make people of Diversity look better by making While Males look worse.

Today the tables have been turned, and White Males are the ones who are discriminated against. This is the "WHY" of Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook, and the "WHY" of MORE Adam Lanzas, Eric Harris' and Dylan Klebolds in America's future. (Unless America changes, and that's NOT going to happen until AFTER America crashes and burns). Adam Lanza was a protestor sending a message that he know couldn't be totally marginalized and ignored.

The true terror of the Sandy Hooks of America is that the Enemy of political correct modern American Bullshit is INSIDE of the Walls. The "enemy" of bullshit insanity is Inside of Homeland's safe house.

As I've been saying since 1999, the REAL COST to America is NOT the one in eight million young males like Adam Lanza who are driven totally crazy and take a lot of people with them during their suicide. The REAL COST to America are the 300,000 out of every Million White Males who are driven only Half Crazy and become almost useless.

There are HUNDREDS of Examples of America Downing in a Sea of its Own Bullshit, let look at only a few:

THE BIGGEST COMEDY ACT IN THE WORLD are Ben Bernanke's trips to Congress. All of the Congressmen slobber over Bernanke like Jerry Sandusky slobbering over a naked 10 year old boy in the shower room, "On, Chairman Bernanke, we are SO very honored to have you here. We congratulate you for bringing unemployment down to 3%, and for America's booming manufacturing sector. Congratulations on creating enough inflation to bring Real Estate sales volume back up to 2005 levels, and saving the Trillions of Dollars of Queer Mortgages that you forced Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae into buying with tax payer money. Congratulations on bringing America's Balance of Trade back into positive territory. You are so wonderful, you are so good to the taste, you are the General Westmoreland of American economics. We CAN see the light at the end of your hole...slobber, slobber, slobber."

If there was any sanity in Congress they would have flushed the Failed FED turds down the toilet three years ago.

Out of the hundreds of examples of America's SEA of Bullshit, let's go to the TOP. President Obama's economic plan to save America.

We're supposed to believe that raising the tax rate on 5% of the income tax payers (who are ALREADY PAYING 60% of all Federal Income Tax), raising their tax rate from 35% to 39% according to President Obama is going to SOLVE America's problem of $86 Trillion Dollars (Trillion with a T) of liabilities. Sure! That's like saying, "I'll going to bail out the Pacific Ocean with a tea cup." That's like SINCERELY BELIEVING that it's possible to build a staircase to the Moon. It's insanity.

Total Federal Income tax collected each year is a little over ONE Trillion a year. Going from 35% to 39% might give the Gov maybe, MAYBE, an added $65 Billion a year in 2013 (because of the Lafler Curve it will NOT be much of an increase). An extra $65 Billion a year to pay down total Federal Liabilities of $86,000 Billion. Gee, an extra $65 Billion a year would ONLY take 1,323 YEARS to pay off the already $86 Trillion. By the year 3335 America would be home free.

BUT WAIT! Pres Obama wants the Republicans to APPROVE $60 Billion Dollars RIGHT NOW so it can be given to the Democrats in New York for storm sandy's damages. (Let's all pretend that a big part of that money WON'T be used to defeat the Republicans in 2014). Oh well, I guess we'll just have to extend the payments by a year, kick the can down the road again, and wait until the year 3336 for America's liability pay down?

The unwanted TRUTH is that for economics, the real President of the United States is a Bernie Madoff.

However, let's all keep telling ourselves that the insanity, the stupidity, the bullshit, lies, cultural dishonesty, and the US FED making poor people ALL OVER THE WORLD even poorer by RAISING World inflation. Let's all pretend that the upside down racism and insults against White males, America's endless religious wars against the Muslims of the world, America's support for West Bank slavery, repression and murder. Let's keep telling ourselves that in some magical way all of these MASSIVE MISTAKES are all COST FREE. So when the next Sandy Hook like Mass Murder happens, and for the same reasons as all of them going back to Columbine, let's all be just as surprised and ask, "What's going wrong? We can't figure it out."

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