Title: Solutions for Ending America's School Shootings.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue December 18th, 2012


Dec 18th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The SOLUTION for American's School Shootings.

I view the shootings in America's schools as a MUCH Bigger problem that most of America's big press. The shootings are a symptom of one of the VERY WRONG Roads that modern American Civilization has gone down.

The school shootings are ONE MORE symptom of a massively FAILING System. The American Empire is in DECLINE on many fronts and in many ways, and the shootings are only ONE front.

Some of the Specifics about the WRONG ROADS America is on are in my Dec. 16th 2012 essay below.

BACKGROUD. As I've mention periodically ever since 1975. In 1975 I went to Washington DC to try and get commercial airline pilots armed. I said that the so-called "Sky Marshals Program" was a total joke, a waste of time, a waste of money, and effort, and worst of all it was a BLOCK to the real solution. I argued that the ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO BE ON THE AIRPLANE ALL OF THE TIME are the pilots.

Everyone I spoke to in Washington DC said I was insane. They called me a, "crackpot gun nut." They said it was crazy to arm airline pilots. I said, "Many commercial airline pilots are former Air Force Officers who few nuclear bombs around. As a commercial pilot you're going to trust them to fly the airplane but NOT trust them to carry a gun! That's what's crazy!"

As we all know, AFTER 9/11, and AFTER the death of 2,753 people in New York (including 343 Firemen and 23 Police), ONLY THEN did the Government start to do the right thing and arm airline pilots. IF THE PILOTS HAD BEEN ARMED STARTING IN 1975 THEN 9/11 WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED.

If 9/11 did not happen, then the Iraq War Two (2003-2012) would not have happened,  and another 4,486 Americans (most ages 18 to 23) would NOT have died.  Plus, 150,000 Iraqi Dead.

THE TWO PART SOLUTION for stopping School Shootings in America. Part one is to Arm Teachers. You only need 10% armed, not all of them. PLUS, each State has to give Teachers specific LEGAL PROTECTION for what they do.

I have been advocating the armed teacher  "Solution" since 1999, and it's EXACTLY LIKE 1975 ALL OVER AGAIN. The left-wing crackpots say, "It's crazy to arm teachers."

It's the SAME argument as 1975, the Teachers are the ONLY ONES always there when the children are there. Having the Cops 10 minutes away is USELESS. Having Cops five minutes away is Useless. The unwanted reality of the real world is that when you have somebody who starts shooting you have to have somebody THERE who starts shooting back.

PART TWO OF THE SOLUTION, is what I've been advocating since 1999, STOP RUNNING DOWN WHITE MALES AND MAKING THEM CRAZY. Stop the reverse racism. Stop the reverse discrimination. STOP the LIES of telling American High School White Males that it was really Chicken George and Harriet Tubman who built America.

Does anyone in the American School system have the guts to STOP the Joke of Black History Month? Or, in a "Fair and Equal Manner" add White Male History Mouth?


The usual lies are back on TV. One of them is, "School shootings have always been an American problem." That's a LIE. For 223 years (1776 to 1999) America did NOT have school shootings. For 200 years many kids in rural areas BROUGHT GUNS TO SCHOOL during hunting season so they could hunt on the way home. In the 1950's American High Schools had Big ROTC programs with Guns and shooting practice IN the High Schools.

Another LIE is, "Other countries have Gun Control and they Don't have school shootings." In Switzerland MOST households have Full Automatic Machineguns. Nobody kills anyone in any Swiss School. Germany has LOTS of guns, and nobody kills anyone in a German school. If guns are the "Cause" then what's NOT happening in Switzerland and Germany?

What's NOT happening in Switzerland and German is that White Males are NOT being blamed for all of the ills of society like they are in American schools.  Swiss and German White males are NOT being driven crazy by their school systems.


In the real world, effective, competent management, will with EVERY possible solution under discussion always ask the KEY Question, "Is it doable?"

One of the characteristics of American's modern left wing is that the Real World for them does NOT exist. For America's left wing 2+2 adds up to Whatever They Want It To Add Up To.

The real world solution for American School shootings is NOT gun confiscation because it IS NOT DOABLE. There are OVER 400,000,000 (four hundred million) usable guns in America, owned by 65,000,000 gun owners who have made it CLEAR that they are NOT giving up their guns no matter what laws are passed.

Any "solution" that involves taking guns away from everyone is really a call for Civil War, and tens of thousands of DEAD Americans.

ALSO,  the Supreme Court would have to do a 180 degree turn around on their 2010 Ruling that says the 2nd Amendment means what it says. The probability of that is ZERO.

The so-called "High Capacity Magazine" ban is more delusion. American had such a ban and it FAILED. If there was a Bill to ONCE AGAIN ban high capacity Magazines, before the Bill could be passed Over a BILLION high capacity magazines would be made. And let's ignore the FACT that changing a "low capacity magazine" of only 15 rounds to another magazine of 15 rounds takes about three seconds. A professional shooter can do it in under one second.

FACTS. Switzerland IS eyeball deep in firearms. Most Swiss households really DO have fully automatic machine guns. There are ZERO school shootings in Switzerland, and OVERALL Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the World. The difference between Switzerland and America is NOT guns.

SOLUTIONS. As mentioned in my Dec.16th essay below, and in other essays going back to 1999 and the Columbine High School murders. A major part of the SOLUTION is to De-Bullshit America's schools. STOP driving American White Males crazy by always suggesting that they are the root of all evil in the world.

As I've been saying since 1999, the BIGGEST problem is NOT the one in eight million High School White males who is driven TOTALLY CRAZY and shoots up his school. It's the MILLIONS OF YOUNG WHITE AMERICAN MALES who are driven only Half Crazy by America's current upside down racism. It's the Half Crazy White males that destroy themselves in: time wasting video games, life wasting dead end TV sports, drugs, and generally "adjusting" by being dead frogs on dead logs.

YES, it is a Very Serious Problem. The biggest problem is that America does NOT want THE real truth, current America only wants its truth. The core problem is a LACK OF COURAGE and the inability to be Intellectually Honest.

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