Title: The WSJ Says there is a "Lack of Gun Data," That's NOT True.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri December 21st, 2012


Dec. 21st 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. One of America's Best Experts on Firearms Data Comments on the so-called, "Lack of Gun Data."

In today's Wall Street Journal the headline is, "A dearth of gun data and research are complicating efforts to craft laws that can help reduce violent crime."

The WSJ headline is totally WRONG in saying there is a lack of gun/crime research and Data. There's tons of gun data research, but the research DOES NOT find what the anti-gun people want it to find.

Over a 44 year period, from 1968 to now, I wrote over 800 articles and essays mainly about firearms, crime and DATA. My organization did a LOT of original research. My articles were mainly for firearms manufacturers, distributors and retailers who were HIGHLY KNOWEDGABLE  about firearms and crime. So I was an expert writing hundreds of what were "Research Articles" for OTHER experts in the field.

Over the last 44 years THERE WERE dozens of so-called "Major Studies about Firearms & Crime" done by many left-wing organizations. Some of them used a lot of Money. (Some of it was Federal Money). However, once published, and subject to honest cross examination; all of the so-called "research" was found to be mainly bullshit propaganda disguised as research.

Left wing research was all USSR and Nazi "Research." It was USSR statistics. None of the anti-gun conclusions withstood honest cross examination.

There is NOT a lack of gun data, there is ONLY a lack of data that proves what the anti-gun people have been trying to prove for a half century - which is guns cause crime.

Anyone remember Sarah Brady, and the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence? They collected millions of dollars for "Research" and at the end of the day all of their "Research" was Bullshit.  The FACT is that the Brady so-called research never impressed the Supreme Court that in 2010 ruled in favor of firearms ownership, and said in effect that guns DO NOT cause crime.

What ALL of the honest and valid research DID PROVE is that armed, honest citizens make a community safer.

Looking at guns to prevent social violence is a Half Century Exercise in LOOKING IN ALL OF THE WRONG PLACES. It's the usual Washington DC exercise of doing ONLY what are Proven Failures.

Wasn't it the Boeing Aircraft Corp that killed all of the people on 9/11 at the World Trade Center? Clear it WAS. It's a FACT, a provable FACT, Boeing Products killed everyone on 9/11 - right?

It's not people who kill people, it's Boeing Airplanes that kill people - right?

The citizens of Switzerland are MORE armed than Americans. Most Swiss families have full automatic machine guns. But nobody kills anyone. It's the safest country in the world. So if it's guns that kill people WHY is nobody being killed in Switzerland?

There has been "Research" on the above question but the conclusions were NOT what America's left-wing press wanted, and so we have a phony, "Dearth of gun data." What that REALLY MEANS is we have a dearth of data with conclusions the left-wing wants.

There have been over 50 books written about Firearms and Crime. THERE IS NO LACK OF GUN DATA.

There have been thousands of articles written about firearms and crime. Over 800 of those articles are MY Articles, with many based on original research. THERE IS NO LACK OF GUN DATA.

One of the Best Minds and Researchers in America, Dr. Auther Laffer, wrote TWO books about guns and crime: More Guns, Less Crime (2000), and The Bias Against Guns (2003).

What makes Dr. Laffer one of the best minds in America is that he's NOT a suck-up ass-kisser to the University establishment.

Dr. Laffer tells the TRUTH even when it's the establishment's unwanted truth. Dr. Laffer is the inventor of the "Laffer Curve" principle of taxation.  Dr. Laffer has COURAGE where most of America's economists only have cowardice.

A few of the many other Books that contain MASSIVE GUN DATA are:

John Lotts, More Guns Less Crime (1998).

Richard Poe, The Seven Myths of Gun Control (2001).

Robert Spitzer, The Politics of Gun Control (2002).

Gary Kleck, Armed (2001)

Stephen Halbrook, That Every Man be Armed (1994)

Robert Waters, Guns Save Lives (2002).

Joyce Malcolm, Guns & Violence (Harvard Press 2002).

To name just a few.

If the Wall Street Journal  writers (and Congress) cannot find any "Gun Data" then I'd suggest they look into where they can find MANY BOOKS full of "Gun Data."

Schools shootings in America are no more caused by guns than the World Trade deaths were caused by Boeing Airplanes.

The PROBLEM is that America's schools have become left-wing bullshit propaganda factories rather than schools. The upside down racism inside of America's schools drives a few White Males total insane. They DESPISE their schools and teachers to such a degree all they want to do is kill everyone.

The MASSIVE DAMAGE to America is NOT the few White Males who are driven totally insane by the system, and shoot up their school. The deep damage that's destroying America are the Millions of White Males that are driven only half crazy.

How many millions of American White females are unhappy because they can't find an America White male who isn't half crazy already? It's a national disaster that modern America refuses to see. It's a significant factor in the continuing decline of the American empire.

The ONLY thing Washington DC knows how to do is take PROVEN FAILURES and make them bigger. Looking at guns is ONCE AGAIN looking in the wrong place. America does NOT need gun control, it needs SCHOOL Control. Congress needs to start taking the BULLSHIT out of America's schools.

The difference between Swiss Schools were everyone is armed and nobody shoots anyone, and American schools, is that Swiss Schools are NOT bullshit factories.

Isn't something like "Black History Month" racist by definition? The new legislation America really needs are laws that BAN America's schools from bullshit programs that try to make one group look better by running down another group (White males).

When I was a young kid 60 years ago, we used to study American History. Not White history, or Black history, but American History. What's wrong with returning to what used to work?

All of my grandparents were born in Europe, and they spoke Bohemian and German. They never taught me one word, and when I was a teenager and would have liked to have learned, I asked them, "Why didn't you ever teach me the old country language?" Their answer was. "We came here so you could be an American living in America, and NOT a something else living in America."

Here's a question I've asked many times with no answer from anyone. In a world where you can call a person in China on you cell phone, why do we need MANY American school classes in "Diversity"?  Maybe Adam Lanza asked the same question?

The White Males who are driven totally crazy are NOT going into gun stores, or into an NRA convention, and shooting up the gun store or convention. They are shooting up their school. So WHY are we looking for the PROBLEM in the gun store?

After 9/11 there was not a Congressional investigation into why Boeing airplanes kill people. So with SCHOOL SHOOTINGS, with White Males who despise their schools and want to kill everyone in the School, why is Congress looking in the Gun Stores?   

Congress should be looking for the Problem WHERE the problem is happening - in the schools. Why is nobody in Swiss schools shooting anyone, but in American schools they ARE? That's WHERE we'd find the real answer, BUT the left-wing DOES NOT want the real answers.

After 44 years of dealing with this issue I know FOR SURE that the left wingers NEVER wanted the real answers. They ONLY want to leverage death and murder for their own socialist ends, and if the murders continue, in back of their tears that's okay with them.

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