Title: The NRA is Calling for Armed Guards in Schools. A Wide Angle View.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat December 22nd, 2012


Dec. 22nd 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The NRA is Advocating Armed Guards in Schools. A Wide Angle View.

Almost ALL of the Big Media have for Years said and re-said that, "Israel is America's greatest military ally." The New York Times newspaper says this almost daily.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu can speak to Congress whenever he wishes, and he's always honored by Congress as "America's greatest military ally," and one of America's greatest leaders.

When Netanyahu goes to Hollywood USA, he's treated BETTER than if he were the King of England. All of Hollywood's Stars are there to shake his hand, or just have the honor of being able to touch his coat. The media is always out in big numbers to cover the Great Man. He is after all,  "America's greatest military ally."

The point is that in Israel, ALL schools DO have full time armed guards. In Israel, especially during military alerts, the many teachers who are in the reserves bring their machine guns to school. Many teachers in Israel are armed in the classrooms all of the time.

The Jews in Israel are MORE armed than the American public. However, NO Jewish White males are shooting up their schools. So if guns are the problem as SO MANY in America say, then why aren't Jewish schools in Israel (a country with more guns than America) being shot up?

There ARE some very BIG differences between Israeli and American schools. In Israeli schools Jewish Males are NOT being told that THEY are the cause of all evil in the Universe like American White males ARE BEING TOLD in American schools.

In American schools White males are being told that they don't give females anything, that White males murdered most of America's Indians, that poor people of "diversity" are poor because of White males, that White males should be paying reparations to Black people for the slavery that White males caused, and most of the evil of the world can be traced back to American White males.

(Side Note) For over 35 years I've been saying, "If I was a Black person I be giving God's blessing to the slave ship captain who brought my ancestors to America. Because if it wasn't for him I'd be living in some shit hole African hell country."

In Israeli schools, Jewish males are told that they are God's chosen people. They are the pride of their nation. They are the ones who will create future jobs and industry in Israel. They are the ones who will create more national wealth. They are the ones that will be pulling the wagon that everyone else will be riding in, and they are the front line main PROTECTORS of their Nation and culture.

The bottom line is that if full time armed guards in schools, PLUS armed teachers in schools; if this is ALREADY the norm with "America's greatest ally." Then what's the problem with doing it in America? What's wrong with starting IMMEDIATELY?

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