Title: The Newtown Conn., School Shootings and Murders, a Solution.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed December 26th, 2012


Dec. 26th, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. With the Newtown Conn., Shootings, the Same Old Mistakes are being made in the Same Old Way.

I'm one of America's best experts on firearms and crime. In the 1970s I was arguable THE number one expert in America on firearms and crime. I was never accepted by the "Media Powers," or the "Establishment" in Washington DC as the Expert I was because my correct ideas were contrary to their popular wrong delusions.

Too bad, the PROVABLE FACTS are that if Washington DC and the Big Press HAD taken my suggestions thousands of innocent America lives would have been saved.

The PROVABLE FACTS are that the left-wing, Teddy Kennedy limousine-liberal Communists of American, with their "guns kill people and people don't kill people," NEVER had the FACTS on their side. All they EVER Had was wishful fantasyland thinking.

America has and is suffering under 45+ Years of Lies, and distorted/manipulated USSR like "statistics." Tons of Half-truths. Tons of partial and select "information." Tons of Glittering Generalities. Tons of, "If we ALL just pretend the World is Disneyland then the World will become Disneyland."

After 45+ years of the left-wing media lies, and the Chuck Schumer like assholes trying to Con America. The Supreme Court finally stepped in and said, It's time to step this Marry-go-Round of dead-end Lies and move on, and the Supreme Court in 2010 Ruled that the 2nd Amendment means what it says.

The unwanted TRUTH is that out of the Constitutional Three Branches of Government: White House, Congress, and Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in 21st Century America is the ONLY BRACH  that's still working, and has not rotted away to a collection of whores trying to buy votes with queer money.

Here's the bottom line with regards to the current media lies and con games; if after 45+ years of media lies and Teddy Kennedy communist bullshit. WHY are America's 60+ Million gun owners going to BUY the Same Old lies Now? WHY now in 2012-2013 when America's gun owners have the Supreme Court's 2010 ruling at their backs?

The left-wing's anti-gun lies are today in 2012-2013 what they've been for 45+ years, left-wing mental Masturbation.

Let's return to the Columbin High School shooting in 1999. The current Newtown Conn. shooting is the Same Old Columbin Mistakes being Done in the Same Old Way, for the Same Old left-wing fanatical delusions.

My long time reads know Andy's Rules for effective analysis, one of which is, "Being able to SEE what's NOT there."


Question, where were the Columbin and Newtown shooting?

A. Have Gun stores been shot up with people killed?  NO.

B. Was the NRA's building ever shot up and people killed?  NO.

C. Was the NRA's yearly convention ever shot up and people killed?  NO.

D. Was the SHOT Show convention ever shot up and people killed?  NO.

E. Where "Gun Shows" ever shot up and people killed?  NO.

F. Was the NICS gun purchase background-check building ever shot up and people killed?  NO.

G. Was the Smith & Wesson office ever shot up and people killed? NO.

H. Was the Colt Firearms office ever shot up and people killed?  NO.

I. Were the Glock Offices in America and Europe ever shot up with people killed?  NO.

J. Have the Olympic Shooting Events ever been shot up with people killed?  NO.

K. Are American Catholic Schools ever shot up with people killed?  NO.

L. Are Catholic Schools anywhere in the world ever shot up and people killed? NO

M. Are non-Catholic religious schools being shot up with people killed?  NO.

N. Are public schools in Switzerland, a Nation with MORE gun firepower than America per capita, are Swiss public schools being shot up with people killed? No.

O. In Israel, a country with a LOT of guns, and teachers who take guns to school. Are Israeli public schools being shot up by their White male students and people killed? NO.

P. In ALL of Europe, and ALL of South America, were there are lots of guns in many places, are White male students shooting up their schools and killing people? NO.

Do America's left-wing media jerks and Congressional ass-kissers "Get It?" NO. They did NOT "Get It" ten years ago, NOT today, and NOT ten years from today.

If NONE of the above places have EVER been shot up with people killed; then WHY are America's left-wing communists media assholes ONLY looking in all of the WRONG places for solutions? WHY are they NOT looking inside of America's public schools WHERE THE PROBLEM IS AT?

The WHY is because for over 45+ years America's anti-gun left wingers have been insane morons living in a world of delusion and fantasy. America's left-wing NEVER wanted the correct answers, and TODAY still DO NOT want the correct answers - NOT for public school shootings by only White males, or the correct answers for America's economy, or the correct answers for America living off of Queer Money, or ANYTHING. 

American's left-wing ONLY wants Their Answers, and their answers are ONLY answers what fit their childish and cowardly delusions.

Starting in 1999, and many times since I have said that the PROBLEM IS IN THE SCHOOLS WHERE PEOPLE ARE BEING KILLED. I have said many times that the "solution" is ONLY going to be found WHERE THE PROBELM IS HAPPENS, only in the public Schools and only with White males.

Hey, this person has a broken leg. Well, let fix it by giving him an ear examination.

Many times over the last 13 years I've outlined the Problem that IS in America's schools. However, with modern 21st Century America the story is, "The lights are on but nobody is home."

Here, ONCE AGAIN, is the Correct Answer. The reason for the WHY of the public school shootings is because America's public schools are driving White males crazy. The SOLUTION to stopping the shootings and murders is for America's public schools to STOP driving White males crazy.

Will the above CHANGES happen in America's public schools? Absolutely NOT. There WILL Definitely be MORE public school shootings and murders by White males because the left-wing is LOOKING IN ALL OF THE WRONG PLACES for the Cause of the Problem.

Question, was Columbine High School ever effectively investigated as to WHY Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold so DESPISED their High School that all Eric and Dylan wanted to do was kill everyone there?

The answer is NO, a resounding NO to investigating the REAL Source of the problem.

Eric and Dylan wanted to blow up their High School, NOT the local gun store. Does anyone "Get It?"  

Will the Newtown School be investigated as WHY Adam Lanza so DESPISED his school all he wanted to do was kill everyone? The answer is, NO.

Adam shot up his school, NOT the local Gun Store. Does anyone "Get It?"

The answer will ONCE AGAIN be a resounding NO. Once again I can predict with 100% certainty that there WILL be future school shootings and murders FOR EXACTLY THE SAME REASONS that caused the Columbine and Newtown murders.

What's happening now in 2012-2013 is exactly THE SAME MISTAKE what was made in 1999. The Big Media are investigating Gun Stores and Gun Manufacturers as to WHY Adam Lanza shot up his school. Once again, there is ZERO investigation as to what's going WRONG INSIDE of ALL of America's public schools.

In over 13 years the assholes in the big media and Congress have been FANTICALLY LOOKING IN ALL OF THE WRONG PLACES FOR THE WRONG REASONS.

Today, the left-wing media is dragging out all of the old Glittering Generalities and Lies. Two days ago I watched a segment on CNN "News" about, "America's Gun Culture."

My questions for decades has been, "Why don't America's left wing assholes move to somewhere where civilians have zero guns? Like North Korea and Cuba?"

If you want to find a LOT of guns, go to Congress and Capitol Hill. The building is FULL of guns. Why doesn't CNN "News" do a program about how much safer Congress would be if they got rid of the hundreds "dangerous guns" on Washington DC's Capitol Hill? If no guns make schools safer than no guns on Capitol Hill would make Capitol Hill safer - right?

I am a military grand strategy analyst. One of Proven best in America. In BOTH good military grand strategy, and in good business grand strategy, your objectives should ALWAYS be to get the biggest possible reward/benefit for the smallest possible risk/cost. What you want is a Small Cost/Risk for a possible BIG Reward/Benefit.  What you NEVER want is the other way around.

An example of the Wrong Strategy is the American/Iran war that the American Zionists keep trying to Con America into. America Pearl Harboring Iran has Enormous possible Costs/Risks to America and the World for "Benefits" to America that under the best of scenario-outcomes are highly dubious.

Grand strategists like myself look at the Big Pictures with cold eyes. In good analysis you have to be ruthlessly honest. It's NOT what you would like, but WHAT IS. The America Empire is NOT a flower shop, and America's future survival is NOT based on Disneyland fantasy wishes. We DO NOT live in a World of ONLY good and easy choices. As tragic as the Newtown deaths always are on a personal basis, and as tragic as they always will be on a personal bases in the future, in grand strategy terms they are meaningless. The deaths of the 25 people in Newtown are Less than one-millionth of one percent of the American population (less than 1/1,000,000 of 1% of the American population). 

In grand strategy terms, and so-called NEW 2013 National Gun-Control is a VERY BIG COST/RISK (under the worst case scenario a Civil War), and for a best case scenario of very tiny and insignificant benefits. Sorry, that's the real world. I didn't make the real world, I only live here.  

The REAL PROBEM with the crap in America's public schools are NOT the one in eight million White males that the schools drive totally insane to the point where they shoot up their school. The real grand strategy survival problems are the MILLIONS  of White males that the public schools drive only half crazy, and who are slowly destroy BOTH themselves AND America.

The Bottom Line is that if it's too much trouble to take the racist attacks against Whites males OUT of the American public School programs, then accept the occasional public school shooting by White males as a Cost of the bullshit. 

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