Title: WHY the Republicans Need to Let the "Fiscal Cliff" Happen.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri December 28th, 2012


Dec. 27th 2012, ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Let the "Fiscal Cliff" Happen, it's what America Needs, and What the Republicans Need.

What's  WRONG with Modern America is that a BIG part of the America voters Sincerely Believes: (1) That the World is Disneyland. (2) Bad things can Never Happen to America. (3) Every mistake comes COST FREE, and/or some Lawyer can sue somebody rich to pay for everything. (4) Every poor voter can live an easy life off of somebody else's money. (5) Consumption is the same as production, people spending FED fabricated queer money on: sex, drugs and gambling is the SAME as working in a Steel Mill. (6) America's DEBTS can Continue to INCREASE by Trillions of Dollars a year and NOTHING BAD will ever happen. (7) America's DEBTS will never be re-paid so they do NOT mean anything. (8) The FED's Trillions of Dollars of fabricated QuEer Money will keep the Stock Market BUBBLE going UP forever. (Hey, Gov Debt worked to keep the Japanese stock market up - right?)

FACT. The Fact is that America's Treasure Bonds are ALREADY ass-wipe. It's mathematically Impossible for America to re-pay its T-Bonds at ANYTHING even close to the value they were purchased at. Everyone with two live brain cells to rub together knows this already, BUT behind closed doors all over the World people are saying, "Yes, American T-Bonds ARE ass-wipe, BUT they are Not ass-wipe THIS MONTH. So, we'll just keep kicking the American T-Bond can Down the Road."

FACT. The WORLD is NOT going to keep kicking the American T-Bond can down the road forever. ESPECIALLY if America continues to NOT EVEN TRY to get its Consumption and Production into some kind of balance.

FACT. President Obama's so called "Budget" is a Total Joke and Con Game. America's TV ass kissing Kramers are all FED whores and QuEer Money Drug Zombies, BUT lots of people all over  the World who are setting on TRILLIONS  of US Dollars and T-Bonds can Crystal Clear SEE that the Obama Budget is a TOTAL JOKE. 

PRESIDENT OBAMA'S CAN GAME GRAND STRATEGY is to shove 90% of the income tax payments into 10% of the voting population (mainly Republican voters). 5% of the tax payers ALREADY PAY 60% of the income tax so Obama's goal is VERY DOABLE. Then the Democrats will use the added tax money to BUY VOTES in the 90% of the population (especially giving money to Democrat voters). All of the Somewhere Over The Rainbow Pres Obama (never specified) "Cuts" WILL NEVER HAPPEN.  90% of the FEW "Cuts" that eventually will happen will fall on ONLY 10% of the Voters (mainly Republicans).

It's a PLAN to make the Democrats the DOMINATE POWER IN AMERICA Forever. If the Republicans are dumb, it WILL work, and it ALSO destroy America in the process. 

THE BIG MEDIA'S CON GAME is telling the Republicans that if the Cliff happens the Republicans will be blamed. Yes in the very short run, but NOT in the long run. It's 22 months to the next election so the Short Run doesn't count.

NOBODY CARES ABOUT "COSTS" IF THEY ARE NOT PAYING. As I've mentioned in many past essays. When I started by career I worked for Corporations and had a fairly liberal Expense Account. When I was in Las Vegas at a convention, I REALLY did NOT care what the rooms or meals cost. I didn't care if the convention costs were rip-offs. I didn't care what the Limo cost. IT WAS ALL SOMEBODY ELSE'S MONEY.

Do Congressmen REALLY care what it "costs" to run Capitol Hill?

THE CON GAME is that 50% of America's workers DO NOT pay any income tax right now, and Mr. Obama wants to CHANGE that to 60%. IF THE VOTERS ARE NOT PAYING FOR ANYTHING THEY WILL NOT, THAT'S NOT, CARE WHAT ANYTHING COSTS. If you have no "skin in the game" then the voters will NOT care what the Democrats spend.

WHAT THE 'CLIFF' DOES IS PUT MORE 'SKIN INTO THE GAME' FROM MORE VOTERS, and this is EXACTLY what America needs if there is any chance of long term saving America.


The ONLY WAY the Voters are going to become MORE involved in the hard choices of cutting wasteful costs, and increasing those things that are adding  genuinely value and income production. The Only Way is if the Voters believe IT'S THEIR MONEY. What the 'Cliff" does is Make it THEIR MONEY.

In my view, the Republicans are crazy to NOT let the "Cliff" happen. LET THE VOTERS SCREAM. That's what Republican NEED. Republican Need voters who are MOTIVATED to cut useless, none productive costs, and INCREASE wealth producing programs. Republicans DO NOT NEED welfare Zombies who ONLY collect government money and pay Nothing, and always vote 100% Democrat because that where the FREE MONEY is coming from.


Democracy has a FATAL FLAW. There is a reason WHY Democracy was invented almost 3000 years ago, but WHY Democracy has been a MINORITY GOVERNMENT in MOST of the World's history. For Hundreds of Years Democracy DID NOT exist anywhere in the World. Even in the 1960s, the majority of people in the World DID NOT live in Democracies. The FATAL FLAW of Democracy come into play when the poor and lazy MAJORITY of Voters realize that they can tax the MINOIRTY of hard working and rich voters and LIVE ON THE MONEY OF THE RICH.


"Under Obama, the Democrats have become a 95% Pay Off Party. At this stage about the ONLY thing that the Democratic Party stands for is PAYOFFS.

"Aristotle, the smartest human who ever lived, wrote extensively about "Democracy" 2300 years ago. The Greeks invented Democracy. When Aristotle was alive there were one hundred and fifty-eight (158) Democracy Constitutions in Greece, and "Democracy" had a longer history in Aristotle's time than America's Democracy has today.

"Aristotle wrote that "Democracy" has a highly predictable Development Life Cycle. A people start out with:

"(1) A Sacred King or grand-all-powerful Leader.

"(2) The next stage is a ruling Aristocracy with some degree of Democracy among the Aristocrats. (In America think Ben Franklin, Tomas Jefferson, George Washington, and so forth before American's 1776 revolution).

"(3)  Then comes a True Democracy that includes the majority of the people. (This is basically what The USA had for the first 140 years of its existence - when America became the greatest Nation in the World).

"(4) Then the majority of the voters discover that they can use "Democracy" to confiscate the Money and property of the minority of the voters. (This has been America in the last 40 years, and especially NOW with the Obama "Tax the Rich").

"(5) Then the "Democracy" breaks down into Deadlocks, Fractions, Cynicism, Class Wars, and growing Debts. (A process in America that has ALREADY STARTED).

"(6) The End of Stage #5 is massive social breakdown and ANARCHY. (America IS on this road, and without BIG Changes Social Breakdown will probably arrive in America by 2020).

"(7) The Anarchy is "solved" by returning  to a Grand All Powerful (NOT Democratic) Strong Man Leader.  Then according to Aristotle the life cycle starts over again. What Aristotle DID NOT SEE is that it would take the World almost 2000 years for the life cycle to start over again.

"At this point in America's History the Grand Strategy objective is to SLOW THE PROCESS, and Delay for as long as possible America arriving at Stage 6 - ANARCHY.


"Look at Greece Today. Is Greece already going into Stage 6? The majority of Greeks were live High-Off-The-Hog by stealing the money of the minority, and running UP their DEBTS. Then everything started breaking down into Deadlocks, Fractions, Street Riots, and Class Wars.  

"In my view the current so-called "Fiscal Cliff" is the SOLUTON and NOT the Problem. America MUST cut expenses. The Fiscal Cliff DOES what's needed, it Cuts Costs and NOW.

"HOWEVER, what's probably going to happen is that the Republicans will ONCE AGAIN be suckered into Obama's Con Game of raising the taxes on a Republican minority. Romney is Correct, the new Tax Money will be used to BUY More votes for the Democrats, and the Democrats will re-take control of the House in 2014.

"The new taxes Will happen NOW - immediately. Obama will promise the Republicans "Cost Cuts" somewhere over the rainbow, but as usual the "SAVINGS" will NEVER HAPPEN.

"Government Cost Cuts and SAVINGS are, Never, NEVER GOING TO Easily HAPPEN with Pres Obama and the Dems because they SINCERELY Believe that it's BIG Government that creates the Wealth of Nations. Mr. Obama Sincerely Believes that an America where the Government is 65% of the economy is Much Better than a Government that's only 40% of the economy.

"No Nation in the financial history of the World has ever taxed its way into Prosperity. (Mr. Obama's tax increases, on only a FEW, is Communism Lite).

"A year from now, with the economy WORSE, Pres Obama will be DEMANDING even more taxes on the minority. The Democrats will be going after the House Republicans, calling them "Greedy Piges" who are, "NOT giving the Middle Class voters their rightful Fair Share." 

"The Obama Con Game is in FULL Court Press right NOW. If the Republicans are too dumb, or too weak to respond. Then they deserve to lose the House in 2014.


"Former Sec. of the Treasury, and former Sec. of State, James Baker III, gave Republicans (and America) EXACTLY the Correct Advice. Any new Taxes have to be LINKED to IMMEDIATE COST CUTS. If the Cost Cuts Stop, then any new tax also stops.

"If new taxes are NOT linked to immediate new cost cuts then the Republicans should let the so-called Fiscal Cliff happen. The Cliff will do EXACTLY WHAT THE REPUBLICANS (and America) NEEDS. It will put "Skin-In-The-Game" for the Majority of Voters.

"Republicans need to keep in mind that the Fiscal Cliff is MUCH MORE of a Cliff for Democrats than for Republicans. If Democratic voters have to START paying more taxes they are NOT going to be happy with Mr. Obama, and his Communist Lite tactics.

"Republicans need to keep in mind that Mr. Obama did NOT win the election - the Republicans because of their own massive stupidity LOST the election. It's time for the Republicans to Change.

END of the Nov. 17th 2012 essay.


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