Title: WHY the "Fiscal Cliff" is the Start of the Solution. The "Cliff" is NOT Bad, It's Good.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri December 28th, 2012


Dec. 28, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The "Fiscal Cliff" is NOT the Problem, It's Part of the Start Towards a SOLUTION.

There is a good argument for saying that America has gone insane. Most American's ONLY want to hear one thing, "When is Bernanke going to pump out ANOTHER Trillion Dollars of Queer?"

Bernanke's MASSIVE increase in DEBT is America's PROBLEM,  Not the Solution. In my opinion Ben Bernanke is insane. No nation in the financial history of the world has cured a DEBT PROBLEM with the addition of a LOT More Debt.

In my opinion Ben Bernanke is General Westmoreland, but far WORSE. Bernanke has ALREADY damaged America 20 Vietnam times worse. Bernanke's lines are classic loser rehash, "I can give you my 100% guarantee, victory will be right After the next battle." And the next battle, and the next battle, and the next battle, and the next battle... Victory is going to be right after  the Next 20 Trillion Dollars of FED Queer. And can't we all see, "The light at the end of the tunnel"?

In my opinion Ben Bernanke is Dr. Frankenstein. "Look! Look! We've put 10 Trillion Dollars of Queer into the Monster and it's Moving! It's Moving!...It's Alive! It's Alive!"

Egor (Tim Geither) runs up with even more Queer to pump into the Rotten Body.

In my opinion most of America's so-called "journalists" have also gone insane. Even top of food chain newspapers like the Wall Street Journal are sinking into ever greater delusion/insanity.

The top of the page Headline for the Dec. 27th 2012 Wall Street Journal was, "Home Prices Hit a Milestone...Growing Demand Buoy Housing Market." Nowhere in the article, and I mean NOWHERE in article was there a mention of the FACT that the housing market has a very little life ONLY because THE FED HAS DUMPED HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO THE MARKET.

Home were NEVER supposed to be "investments." Homes are SUPPOSED to be like a stove, or refrigerators. Something you need and use, but NOT an "investment." Do homes mine coal and copper? Do homes build ships and 747 airplanes? Do homes grow corn, or drill oil wells? Do homes build airports, roads and computers? Are homes a steel mill? Are homes a tool-and-die factory? Do America homes invent products that can be made in America and then exported and sold worldwide? The answer to ALL of the above is NO. Homes are NOT AN INVESTMENT, and the WILL NEVER make America more productive. However, the FED faggots who over the last 15 years helped create the INSANITY that homes ARE investments. The FED faggots are now driving America ever deeper and DEEPER into More Debt to MAKE THEIR ORIGINAL MISTAKE BIGGER.

As I've stated for 30 years, THE ONLY THING WASHINGTON DC KNOWS HOW TO DO IS MAKE PROVEN MISTAKES BIGGER. Bernanke's Trillions of Queer Dollars are a Proven Failure. Especially all of the Trillions of Dollars that have been brain-dead wasted to make homes MORE EXPENSIVE.

If the FED faggots wanted to do something good for America they'd lock heavy chains around their necks and jump into the Potomac River.

Four years ago I predicted that all of the FED's Faggot Queer Money would do Almost NOTHING for: employment, real estate, total jobs in America, America's trade deficit, and would ONLY aggravate and ADD To America's growing Debts. Four years later I was Correct, and the assholes at the FED were Wrong. Those are the FACTS.

The nobody Canary in the Coal Mine, (me) has gotten it 80% correct for almost half a century. Washington DC has gotten it 80% wrong for the last 20 years.

A lot of people have disliked me for a half century NOT because I was wrong, but because I was correct.

My idea's are STILL correct. The "Fiscal Cliff" is NOT the problem, it's part of the Solution. We've tried TRILLIONS of Bernanke's Queer Dollars for YEARS and it's a PROVEN FAILURE. Ever bigger Government is the worldwide PROVEN PROBLEM and Not the Proven Answer. Ever more DEBT is the worldwide Proven PROBLEM, and not the Proven Answer. It's time for a Change. The Math is all 5th grade. (1) America must collect more revenue, and from more than just 10% of the tax payers. (2) America must starting cutting all expenses, and now. (3) The Republicans have to get MORE voters into the game, with THEIR skin in the game. If it's NOT your money than nobody cares. The "Fiscal Cliff" is a Start down the correct road.

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