Title: Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, and Japan's Finance Minister, Taro Aso, Have a Message for Ben Bernanke, STOP PISSING IN JAPAN'S SOUP.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun December 30th, 2012


Dec. 30th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Japan's Finance Minister, Taro Aso, and Japan's Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, Have a Message for Ben Bernanke and the Other FED Faggots, STOP PISSING IN JAPAN'S SOUP.

As I've pointed out for the last five years, if you take Trillions of American QuEer dollars that Represent NOTHING but Madoff like Accounting Fraud, and you Dump those Trillions of QuEer Dollars into the World. What you've done is CHEAPEN and LOW the value of every asset that IS Real, and thus Raise its cost to Replace the Lost Value. (It would more accurate to say STOLEN value - stolen by the US FED).

Bernanke's FED Faggots have pissed Trillions of faggot Dollars into the World Soup Pot. Yes, there IS a bigger volume of soup because of the FED's piss. However, the FED's piss has NO FOOD FALUE. IT HAS NO COLORIES BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER REAL.

Yes, there is "more soup," BUT you have to eat More soup to get the SAME food value. Thus the price of EVERYTHING: oil, food, cotton, cattle, the price of everything that's real in the World goes UP.

What made the price of Gold go from $600 an oz to $1800 an oz? The answer is: FED PISS.

The total World's Gross Product is about 68 Trillion US Dollars a year. If you put FIVE Trillion dollars of Bernanke's FED piss into the system, PLUS the Multiplier Effect, it RAISES the costs of everything real in the World.

As I, and a few others, have pointed out for a long time. The Poor of the world spend 50% to 60% of their total incomes on food and fuel. When the FED's faggot money raises the World's cost of food and fuel by 10%, what the FED faggots did is make HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of the World's poor people 20%-30% POORER.

Because America is the Originator of the Trillions of QuEer Dollar piss in the World's soup; that makes the Japanese Yen Increasing in Value. The Japanese Yen is NOT as QuEer as the faggot USA FED Dollars so the Yen is more real, and has thus gone UP in value.

The US FED has increased the value of the Japanese Yen by pissing in America's soup, and LOWERING the value of the US Dollar. The higher (more real) Japanese Yen has DEVASTATED the profits of Japan's exporters. Over a Dozen major Japanese exporters have gone bankrupt in 2012. Worse yet for Japan, the surviving exports are MAKING ZERO PROFIT and thus CANNOT pay any income tax.

Japanese Messrs Aso and Abe have a Message for Bernanke and Geithner, STOP PISSING IN OUR SOUP!

The Japanese are finally starting to "Get It." What the World needs is for the: Germans, British, the Euro Countries, the Chinese, all of Asia, and so forth to also "Get It." The WORLD needs to start telling the USA FED faggots, "Stop pissing in the World's Soup!"

Bernanke keeps telling America that, "Things would be worse if it wasn't for the FED's QuEer Trillions."

Adolf Hitler in 1942 could have said THE EXACT SAME THING. In 1942 Hitler had a very good argument for saying things would have been worse for Germany if it hadn't been for him. BUT, German history did NOT stop in 1942. Germany kept the WRONG MAN, who had the Wrong grand strategy, for TOO LONG.

Leaders who make Big Mistakes give their Nation's People a BIG Price Tag. As America will probably learn in the coming years. Bernanke, like Hitler, is NOT the Solution - he's the Problem.

The Japanese have started to "Get It." Now it's time for America to "Get It."

Unfortunately for America and the World, history is NOT going to end in 2012. The FED's WORST Damage to America and the World is ALL IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

Is everyone blind? The FED is a FAILURE. The FED's FAILURES are getting BIGGER. America's DEBTS, the Core Source of the Problems KEEP GETTING BIGGER AND BIGGER. The SOLUTION is NOT the FED faggot's ever More DEBT, but LESS Debt.

YES, the FED's faggot Trillions HAVE made the Gordon Gekkos richer. YES, the FED's Trillions of Dollars of QuEer HAS created a Stock Market Bubble.

Can't anyone SEE that the Stock Market is as Phony and Queer as the FED's Money? Does the Stock Market on Wall Street grow corn? Drill for oil? Build ships? Run Steel Mills? No, No, and NO.

If America 100% CLOSED its Stock Markets the REAL Economy would be more productive and BETTER. The people who need money for a new factory could do what they did 400 years ago, go to their Bank and get a loan. From 1939 to 1946 the Germany Stock Exchange was CLOSED. What happened? German real world Production INCREASED by 140%.   

OPINIONS: the General Staff at the Pentagon is the Dead Zone. Collectively they've spent 18 years in Iraq and Afghanistan looking up Camel Ass, and Goat Ass for those "Weapons of Mass Destruction" that were a Con Game from the word go. They took an oath to Defend America from Its Enemies Both Foreign and Domestic. In my opinion, if America's Generals were taking their oath seriously they would not be bombing Goats in Afghanistan, they'd be bombing the FED Building in Washington DC.

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