Title: The American Economy at the Federal Level is ALREADY a Totalitarian Economy.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon December 31st, 2012


Dec. 31st 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The United States of America at the Federal Level is ALREADY a Financial-Totalitarian Nation.

As of RIGHT NOW over 50% of the Federal Budget is controlled by a small group of un-elected apparatchiks (like Bernanke and Geithner), AND key Gordon Gekkos running the system for their own multi-Billion dollar enrichments, AND by Political Power Brokers pulling the strings on their Government hack puppets.

The United States of America is ALREADY a Financial-Totalitarian Nation with the core Federal Economy run by a Small Cabal of economic-fanatics who sincerely believe that Government control of EVERYTHING is the ultimate good.

In September, the un-elected and fascist FED said that it would monetize an ADDITION $40 Billion Dollars of Treasure Bonds PER MONTH and Forever. In November, the un-elected and fascist FED said that it would buy $45 Billion Dollars of Mortgages PER MONTH and Forever.

In 2013, over 60% of the total Federal Budget (including Bond Rollovers) will be controlled by a small, secretive Cabal of un-elected fanatical conspirators. The USA is ALREADY a Totalitarian Federal Economy, and becoming MORE SO with each passing day.

WHERE IS ALL OF THE FED MONEY COMING FROM to Buy the Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of Treasure Bonds, and make hundreds of Billions of Dollars of LOANS, to the US Treasure, and Mortgage organizations, EVERY Quarter?

The Answer is that the FED has Zero Real Money. The FED does NOT have the power to Tax. It does NOT own land, or factories, or oil well, or ANYTHING. The FED "Money" is TOTAL ACCOUNTING FRAUD.

What Bernanke is doing is what Bernie Madoff did - accounting fraud. Madoff would have his London Office, (that had no real money), wire a $100 Million dollar "Promise" of money to Madoff's New York Office. Madoff would put the phony $100 Million on his books, then send out Statements to all of his Sucker clients saying that they had lots of money in their accounts. Madoff's Books always Balanced, and when the SEC looked at Madoff's Books they never saw anything wrong. However, THERE WAS NEVER ANY REAL WEALTH, IT WAS ALL QUEER MONEY AND QUEER ACCOUNTING.

Bernie Bernanke, every week fabricates $200 Billion Dollars by opening up his computer and typing $200 Billion Dollars into the FED's checking account. Then Bernanke-Madoff  "Buys" $200 Billion Dollars of Treasure Bonds with a FED Check. Then the FED has $200 Billion Dollars of "Assets" (the T-Bonds), and that "Balances" the $200 Billion of FED Money. THE FED BOOKS BALANCE - isn't that wonderful? Exactly like Bernie Madoff's Books Balance for almost 20 years.

The only small problem is that the WHOLE THING IS ACCOUNTING FRAUD. In my opinion the difference between Madoff and Bernanke is that Bernanke is a MUCH BIGGER crook, cheat, and fraud. Madoff was only after the money, but Bernanke and his gang are Keynesian religious fanatics, and a Billion times More Dangerous.

Here's a question, what's the difference between Bernie Bernanke in 2012, and the SS Commander of Auschwitz in 1942? In my opinion the answer is "Nothing." They were BOTH National Heroes. So if you're a National Hero that's Proof that what you're doing is good? Right?

America is ALREADY a Financial-Totalitarian Nation. The "Plan" is to make America a TOTAL Totalitarian Nation by the end of Mr. Obama's next four years. As one of the best Proven grand strategists in America, in my view there IS a very high probability of it HAPPENING.

In my Dec. 27th 2012 essay, I re-ran my Nov. 17th essay about what Aristotle (history's smartest person) had to say about Democracy and "Democracy's Fatal Flaw." Aristotle said that popular Democracy will eventually turn into a Totalitarian Dictatorship. Aristotle said that the poor (always the majority) will learn they can use their votes to steal the money of the rich (always the minority), and that will DESTROY THE ECONOMY, and the destroyed economy will cause a crises that will bring in a Dictatorship.

History proved Aristotle to a ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. All of Ancient Greece's 158 Democracies turned into Dictatorships. Rome's Democracy turned into a Dictatorship of Emperors where the "Senate" was just a rubber stamp.

Democracy in the World was DEAD for 1,823 years, from 47 BC when Caesar became Dictator of the Roman Empire, to 1776 when the America Revolution for Democracy started.

My prediction is that at this point, the Federal Economy will VERY QUICKLY go from 60% Queer to 80% Queer. The Chinese have "Gotten It" are Are NOT buying US T-Bonds. The Japanese have finally "Gotten It" and have said they will Not be buying US T-Bonds. That's the World's 2nd and 3rd Biggest Economies telling Bernanke to shove his Queer T-Bonds where the Sun doesn't shine. Very soon, the FED will be buying (including Bond Rollovers) almost ALL of the Treasury's T-Bonds.

The big question is, "Where will America's financial collapse come from? What will be the crises that brings in American dictatorship?"

There are SEVERAL scenarios for America's coming financial crises. Here's one. The FED has forced T-Bond interest rates down to extreme low levels. However, even at 2% interest, last year's T-Bond Interest costs were $454 Billion Dollars.

The FED keeps flooding the World with Queer $$ Trillions. Eventually all of the FED's Queer Trillions and Trillions WILL produce Inflation. If the World forces US T-Bond interest UP to only 4%, that means Interest Costs on America's Federal Bonds would go UP to over $900 Billion a year. That would be Over 40% of the REAL Money Tax Revenue collected each year. Take out Social Security and Medicare and there is NOTHING LEFT for the Military or ANY other Federal Government program. No school money, no road money, no money for the FBI or CIA, no nothing. It's called, "Crises."

When Adolf Hitler was running for office in 1933. And Hitler WAS elected into office in a fair, honest and Democratic election. Hitler's political platform was: (1) end the financial crises and weakness of Germany, (2) protect the German Middle Class, and (3) create more jobs.

Does the above sound familiar?

SHORT TERM: America MUST start to cut expenses and NOW. Not only to make the unavoidable financial crises less painful, but to avoid dictatorship coming to America. The "Fiscal Cliff" NEEDS to happen, and Now. There are NO good choices. The "Fiscal Cliff" for right now is the Least Bad of the bad choices. It starts the process of cutting Federal costs, and NOW.

The "Fiscal Cliff" puts more "skin into the game" from more people, and this is exactly what America needs. It's the Opposite of Mr. Obama's dictatorship Plan to have 90% of the voters living off of 10% of the tax payers.

SHORT TERM: The US Congress has to find something in its pants beside lose change, and end the FED's Dictatorship.

In my opinion, Bernanke and his gang of Keynesian religious fanatics are the most dangerous people in America. Their Orgy of NEVER Ending Debt, and constantly growing Queer Money, IS destroying America.

SHORT TERM: The Republicans have to REVERSE Mr. Obama's march towards taking over more and more of the economy with each passing day. When 51% of the voters become Obama welfare slaves, then the "Democracy" of America's Founding Fathers is OVER.

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