Title: Congress Starts 2013 by Kicking the Can Down the Road.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu January 3rd, 2013


January 2nd 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Kicking the Cans Down the Road - Same Old Things in the Same Old Ways.

The 112th Congress spent two years kicking the cans down the road, and Ended by kicking the can down the road.

In a Nation that's Downing In Debt, the 112th Congress did NOTHING for two years as Trillions of Dollars of NEW DEBT was loaded onto the backs of all current and future working Americans.

Yesterday's raising of the income tax rate, on $400,000 and above, from 35% to 39.6% was mostly Masturbation. It will as usual be IMMEDIATELY used as an Excuse spend a LOT MORE MONEY than will never in the long run be collected.

35% is already the Top of the Laffer Curve, what that means is the amount of new tax collected will be Way Below the Treasury's always Wrong Over estimates of what a new tax will produce.

It's like taking a buck of water out of the Ocean and then waiting for the Sea Level to go down.

Has anyone in Congress ever noticed that the immediate Federal Revenue DEFICTS are 1.4 Trillion dollars PER YEAR? Like raising taxes on 3% of the tax payers by Under 5% is the solution to America's 1.4 Trillion PER YEAR immediate Deficit? Sure! And maybe the Moon IS made out of green cheese?

I would summarize the 112th Congress as, "Profiles in Cowardice." Or, how about, "How I Learned to Love Being a Bernanke Queer Money Faggot."

Congressmen always use the excuse of, "But this is what my voters want." It's called LEADERSHIP. It's called learning how to sell your ideas. It's called doing what's CORRECT FOR THE SURVIVAL OF AMERICA even if some people's laziness isn't immediately satisfied. YES, a BIG part of the American voters ARE Very Stupid and self centered. My point is that if a retarded 5 year old asked for a sharp knife would you give it to him because, "That's what he wanted"? When is Congress going to start being the Adult Teacher instead of a whore? 

Aristotle 23 Centuries ago WAS CORRECT, when the lazy, and their political whores, learn that they can us "Democracy" to steal the money of working productive people then that nation is on the road to a shit hole.

The 112th Congress spent Two Years setting on its hands while saying that America can live off of Bernanke's Queer Juice forever.

NOW we'll see the usual "Game" that the Democrats always play: "Because we have ALL of this massive amount of NEW tax money coming from somewhere over the Rainbow. We have to get REALLY Serious about a LOT MORE payoffs RIGHT NOW, Today, Immediately, for all of the people who kick money back to we Democrats."

Now that we all of this "new tax money," how about Immediately STARTING the Payoffs with that $60 Billion Dollar "Sandy" payoff to New York City's Democrats? Charles Rangel needs the $$ money.

A sane person might ask, "Why is Every tax payer in America supposed to pay for New York's hurricane, and New York's unpreparedness, incompetence, and stupidity when the Federal Government is NOT paying for: hurricanes, earth quacks, floods, ice storms, and tornadoes ANYWHERE else in America?"

When is Congress going to Learn that AMERICA IS BANKRUPT? America's Total Debts and Liabilities are $85 Trillion Dollars. That's over 500% of America's GNP. Five hundred years of world financial history has PROVEN, and re-proven, that when a Nation's total Debt goes over 100% it's in BIG TROUBLE. When is Congress going to Learn that America CANNOT afford to pay for everyone's: Laziness, Incompetence and Stupidity?

When is Congress going to Learn that no amount of money can fix stupid? Hasn't Congress Already Proven, and re-proven, and re-proven a hundred times over that you Can't Fix Stupid?

Here's an Idea that the Federal Government should like. Now that we have all of this new tax money coming from somewhere over the Rainbow, let's IMMEDIATELY Expand Food Stamps from 45 million people and bring that up to 65 million people. All of the millions of already FAT people who are getting Food Stamps will get Triple Food Stamps so they can become fatter.

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