Title: Does America Need a LOT MORE of Bernanke's Queer Money? The Answer is, "Absolutely YES."
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat January 5th, 2013


January 5th 2013. ANDY'S POPULAR INSIGHTS. Does American Need a LOT MORE Bernanke Queer Money? The Answer is - ABSOLUTELY YES.

All of my life my ideas have been in the minority, and very unpopular. Until they were eventually proven correct.

However, in Modern America YOU are Only correct if you were SUPPOSED to be correct. In Modern America You are ALWAYS wrong if you were supposed to be wrong. So even though I was eventually proven correct in most of my ideas, I will Always be Wrong in the popular view because I was always supposed to be Wrong.

For example, a lot of America's General Staff believe that Vietnam was a victory because it was SUPPOSED to be a victory.

A lot of America's Pentagon General Staff, and a lot of idiots like Romney, believe that the Iraq War was a Great Victory that turned all of the Middle East's Muslims into Zionist slavery loving  Stepin Fetchits because that's what was SUPPOSED to happen.

The Romneys of America, and many American Generals, believe that Pearl Harboring Iran would be one of history's greatest victories because in their minds that's what's SUPPOSED to happen. Aside from that, didn't Jesus say, "Bomb the Iranians"?

As my regular readers know, I've been VERY UNPOPULAR when it comes to the FED, Bernanke, and America living off of Trillions of Dollars of FED Queer.

I have decided to CHANGE, and Join the Popular Majority. My NEW position is that America Needs a LOT MORE of Bernanke's Queer. Here's my reasons WHY, and my eight Part Plan for most Americans being able to give up Work Forever.

THE SIMPLE FACTS. We have to remember that the FED can create any amount of Queer Money that it wants. We have All heard reporters on the "news" say, "The FED's Balance Sheet has UNLIMITED Expansion." This is TRUE. The FED's Queer Money is Nothing; it's opening up the computer and typing whatever Amount of Dollars Bernanke want to put into the FED's checking account. It's basic physics, it costs Nothing to create Nothing.

On the other hand, Shit is Something, it's real, and if you wanted 10,000 tons of shit you'd have a lot of work to do. But FED Queer Money is NOTHING, and there is NO LIMIT to the amount of Nothing-Money that can be created by a few seconds on the computer.

ANDY'S NEW VERY POPULAR 8 PART PLAN TO TRANSFORM AMERICA INTO A PARADISE. No work required. No sacrifice of any kind required from any American voter. No giving up Anything required.

FIRST. The first thing we do is have the FED type $300 Trillion Dollars into the FED's checking account. This would take a few seconds.

SECOND. $300 Trillion Dollars is almost Five Times the World's Total Gross Product. It's a LOT of money, BUT if another $100 or $200 Trillion is needed - NO PROBLEM. Put those Bernanke fingers onto the computer and presto, America has an extra $200 Trillion.

THIRD.  The FED then hires thousands of people to be FED "Buyers" and gives the "Buyers" a FED Check Book full of blank FED Checks. The FED then sends the "Buyers" out into the world to BUY everything that has Value, and Can Be Rented back to the local people (and/or shipped to America): farm land, coal mines, airports, ships, gold mines, toll roads, apartment and office buildings, steel mills, oil field, refineries and pipe lines, gas wells, railroad systems including ALL of their locomotives and rolling stock, banks, ship ports, electrical supply companies, drug manufacturers, TV cable networks, communications satellites in space, international retail chains, telephone companies, the world's car manufacturers, the world's airplane manufacturers, the "Buyers" would Buy EVERYTHING of Value in the World outside of America.

FOURTH. The FED then Rents-Back, what it bought, to the local populations. The FED can give GOOD RENT rates because the "Money" used to buy everything cost NOTHING. The FED's "rents" will be in local money AND local hard goods.

FIFTH.  Massive amounts of money and "goods" will start to flow into America. The "goods" cost Americans Nothing because the FED "money" cost Nothing.

SIXTH. America will have a Massive, Positive Trade Balance. America's cash reserves will have a Massive Increase. So much money will flow into America that the Treasury will NOT have sell new T-Bonds. The Treasury will NOT have to roll over its old T-Bonds, and can start Paying-Down America's T-Bond Debt. There will be NO Federal Budget Deficits, ONLY Surpluses.

SEVENTH. So much "Rent," and so many "Goods," will flow from the World into America that EVERYONE IN AMERICA can go on Food Stamps. America can go from 52% of the workers NOT paying any income tax to 100% of the workers Not paying ANY income tax whatsoever.

EIGHTH. Congress and Mr. Obama will have enough Cash to give unlimited amounts of Money to anyone and everyone they what to payoff. The Pentagon will have enough money to start SEVERAL new wars. America can Buy the Island of Madagascar, and forcibly deport 100% of the West Bank and Gaza Muslims to the Island. ALL of America's problems Will be Solved.

In summary, Bernanke's Queer Money CAN create a Heaven on Earth for All Americans. People will work only because they want to. Any and every American who wants to spend their life at home on the couch, watching re-runs of Seinfeld, THEY CAN DO SO with lifelong money coming from the Government. Every American voter's: food, rent, entertainment, home expenses, new cars, gas, travel wishes, EVERYTHING will be 100% paid for by the Government that will be Collecting Rent from The World.

Gee, it feels so good to be so popular, so In, and at long last part of the Majority in America. No more unpopular Andy ideas, it's the new me. Raconter une plaisanterie.

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