Title: Senator Chuck Hagel's Nomination is Pres Obama's Trap for the Republicans.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue January 8th, 2013


January 8th 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Chuck Hagel is Pres Obama's Trap for the Republicans.

President Obama IS learning management. That happens, people sometimes DO learn.

The basic rule of good management is simple, "Do MORE of what's Working and LESS of what's Failing."

As simple as the above rule is, Washington DC usually does the EXACT OPPOSITE 80% of the time.

BACKGROUND. In early 2009 I knew that America was in permanent decline, and basically there was NOT going to be a lot of improvement in: employment, real estate, Debt reduction, and American production. My conclusion was that Mr. Obama would be a one-term President.

To be frank, in 2009 I was mainly convinced that in 2012 a dead person could probably defeat Mr. Obama. WHY and Where did I go wrong?

GRAND STRATEGY PLANNING. In analyzing big systems, like possible wars and future elections, etc., there are ALWAYS Black Swans that could happen. A big system might have 50 possible Black Swan scenarios. No particular Black Swan has a high probability of happening, BUT 50 possible Black Swans means there is a VERY HIGH probability that one of them will happen.

In 2009, the Black Swan that I did NOT think would happen was the Republicans nominating an Evangelical fruitcake fanatic who sincerely believed that Muslims killed Jesus Christ, and EVERYTHING Zionist comes from the hand of God.


July 28th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Mitt Romney, after being Too-Cleaver-By-Half in London. Moves on to Israel Where He'll Probably LOSE the US Election.

If Romney, or his dumb handlers had any brains whatsoever, they would NOT even be in Israel. For 40 years I've been saying that Presidential candidates hire "stupid showboat advisors" who get ALL of their ideas by reading the New York Times. The NYT talks for NY, NOT America.

Mr. Obama is NOT in Israel, he's campaigning in America.

There IS a Big Difference between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney on Israel and the Zionists. Mr. Romney NOT understanding the difference will probably lose the election for Mr. Romney and the Republicans.

Mr. Romney is one of the Dumb Christians who reads the Bible like it was a one-dimensional  comic book. Mr. Romney is one of the tens of Millions of American Christians who CANNOT SEE that Jesus spent his life preaching AGAINST the Zionist fanatics. The SAME kind of Zionist fanatics that are in Israel today.

If Jesus had Not been murdered by the Zionist, Jesus would have lived long enough to see the Zionist fanatics totally destroy Israel. Exactly what Jesus spend his life preaching against and trying to prevent.

Jesus could SEE that the Zionist fanatics had Israel on the road to destruction. Today, 2,000 years later, the current Zionist fanatics ONCE AGAIN have Israel on the road to destruction.


August 1st 2012, ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Can Mitt Romney and the Republicans do 3rd Grade Math? Or are they Total Brain Dead Dupes of the Zionists? Does Romney Understand that WalMart is over 100% BIGGER than Zionland?

WalMart's current total sales are $443 Billion. Israel's Total Gross National Product (GPN) is $213 Billion in Us PPP Dollars. In money terms, WalMart is over 100% BIGGER, and WalMart has over 100% more people working for WalMart than Israel has Jewish people employed (Not counting the West Bank slaves).

Yet, Romney is one of the brainwashed dupes who keeps repeating, "Israel is America's Greatest Ally," and a LOT MORE American 18 year olds need to be dying in the Middle East for the glory of Zionist colonialism, and the Zionist ego mania of wanting to be one of the world's great powers.

ZionLand is a Volswagen with lots of nuclear bombs, nuclear missiles, nuclear firing submarines, and ALL paid for by the US tax payers via the Duped, Brainwashed, Imbeciles in Washington DC.

I'm NOT anti-Israel. I am pro-Israel and pro-Jewish people. I am anti-Zionist. Being anti-Zionist IS being pro-Israel. How does that work? For one, Jesus Christ (a Jew) was pro-Israel, but anti-Zionist. Jesus was a Jew who was very much for the IDEAL of a fair and good Israel. Jesus spent his adult life preaching (in round about ways) against the megalomania and ego insanity of Zionism. The Zionist Insanity that would REPEATEDLY destroy the Ideal of a fair and honorable Israel, and repeatedly kill Jews.

One of the tricks of the Zionists is that if you're anti-Zionism then they label you as a Bigot and Prejudice. Were the people in the 1930s who didn't like Hitler Bigots? Does Not liking a group like al Qaeda mean you're a Bigot?

Jesus was executed because he was anti-Zionist, and thus a criminal Bigot in the eyes of the Zionists.  

I sincerely believe that if it were NOT for the ego crazed Zionists, today in 2012, Israel would be a lot like Singapore or Hong Kong. The combination of Jewish business talent, and Arab oil money, could have created a jobs and income bonanza for the total Middle East.

The Middle East Dictators who are now being over thrown, all of that would have happened 30 years sooner. The Middle East Muslim Dictators stayed in power for 30 years longer than they should have BECAUSE of the Zionists. The Zionists made the Muslim Dictators look good. Even today, the Zionists are pro-Assad. Turkey's border with Syria is Jesus-like open to women and children looking for shelter, food, and medical help, but NOT Israel's border with Syria.

Let's go back to the Book of Instructions, the Bible. 2,000 years ago Israel was a great place to live. It was at the Roman Empire's trade crossroads. To the East was of the Arabian Peninsula, Persia, and India, and to the West the vast Roman Empire going all the way to England. There was more than enough water for the people then alive. It was warm and sunny. Lebanon had forests of big trees. In Israel you could pick the fruit off of the many trees. Life was good. Jesus Christ was telling his fellow Jews: cool it. Don't go crazy over worthless status symbols. Don't think that you HAVE TO BE a great world power when there is NO WAY to be world power. Enjoy. Remember what's important: honesty, justice, and working to make it a better world for everyone. Treat others like you would like to be treated and the your good will flow back to you.

Jesus was correct two thousand years ago, and His advice is still correct today. Mr. Romney - do you get it?


July 31st 2012, ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Mitt Romney Needs to FIRE His Advisors - and Today.

When you have money, but you're dumb, you hire advisors who are smarter than you to keep you out of trouble.

Romney's trip to ZionLand was a total disaster. If Romney's advisors are NOT Democratic Party moles then they're not being paid for the job they're doing.

Anyone with the brains of a Cockroach would have never gone to No-Win Zion Land in the first place. I guess Romney's advisors were so impressed with how much kissing Netanyahu's ass did for Newt Gingrich's election they had to do the same?

Gingrich needed the money - what's Romney's excuse?

In Zion Land Mr. Romney PROVED TO THE WORLD that he's a dumb American Christian like Bush, and has the Bible ass-backwards. Like Bush, Romney is ready to murder a lot more American soldiers and sailors to prolong Zionist colonial fascism.

Apparently Romney actually and sincerely believes that the West Bank is a Free Nation. It's so profoundly dumb it's unbelievable.

In ZionLand Romney in-effect said: Look, I'm the dumb dog on the end of Netanyahu's leash. As President of the United States I'm ready to be Zionism's Stepin Fetchit. A LOT MORE US Soldiers and Sailors need to be dying to protect Zionism's fanatical, twisted, psychotic ego of grandeur delusions. My promise is that in my administration (like Bush's), I'm going to have a LOT MORE American military dying to protect Zionism's fantasy that it's a Great Nation, and America's fantasy that Zionism is VITAL to America's survival.

All Jews are not Zionists, and all Zionists are not Jews. A lot of Jews recognize the long historical danger of Zionism to Jews, and recognize that Zionism has been killing Jews for over two thousand years. The root cause of the "Holocaust," and six million Jews being murdered, was mainly what communist, Zionists did in 1918-1921 Germany.

Israel could ALREADY be Singapore if it were NOT for the Zionists. It would not make any difference if Iran had an atomic bomb because Israel would be PART of the Middle East, rather than what the Zionist have made it; a Jewish Crusader Fort that has a ring through the nose of the American military, and dumb American Christians like Romney.

As one of the proven best military grand strategists in America. My analysis is that: (1), the Zionists are psychotic and suicidal. (2) The American military, and Washington DC, have convinced themselves via flawed Bible interpretation (and being brainless victims of Zionist propaganda)  that it's in America's core Vital Interests to be part of the Zionist's next Suicide.


July 30 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Mitt Romney Has Become Pres Obama's Biggest Re-Election Asset.

Today's Wall Street Journal has a picture of Romney putting a prayer into the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The West Wall is the only thing remaining of Solomon's Temple.

Romney's prayer should have said, "God, protect me from the power crazed Zionists who's insanity destroyed this Temple."

The WSJ articles says that Romney is ass-kissing in Zionist Land because, as the WSJ says, "Polls consistently show national-security to be an area of relative strength for President Barack Obama in a tight presidential campaign."

Like Daaa! YES, President Obama IS doing better with national-security because he's NOT the Zionist's Stephin Fetchit dupe. Pres Obama is doing better because he's NOT giving his approval to Zionist West Bank slavery and oppression. Pres Obama is NOT giving the Zionist a blank check to use for the murder American troops in whatever war the Zionists want to protect their colonialism.

How dumb-as-dirt do you have to be to sincerely believe that the continuation of the West Bank Slave State is a vital National Security issue to America? How dumb do you have to be to believe that the existence of all of Israel is vital to America?

And Romney's "Ethical" and "Christian" stand on America attacking Iran? Let's say I see a Black Man, and I shoot and kill him. I tell the court, "In my mind I was sure he was going to hurt me. The Black Man could have gotten a gun, and he could have shot me. So I was moral and legally right to shot and kill him first."  Right? Isn't that the "Law" all over the World?

Would the court say, "Oh, absolutely. If you think anyone will hurt you anytime in the future then you have a legal and ethical right to kill them now."

This is what Hitler believed and built his actions around, so if it's good enough for Hitler than it's good enough for the new better 21st Century America. Right?


August 6th 2012, ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Grand Strategy of WHY the British are Calling Mitt Romney, "Mitt the Twit."

In British English a "Twit" is an idiot.

First off, anyone like Romney who sincerely believes that Israel IS a great world power IS a Military Twit. Walmart's Gross Product is 100% Bigger than Israel's Gross Product.

Anyone who's too dumb to see that Jesus was preaching AGAINST Zionism, and NOT for it, IS a Bible Twit.

Any politician (Romney) who has a high profile relationship with a Zionist Casino owner who's Casinos are suspected of helping to launder hundreds of millions of drug dollars IS a public relations Twit.

SUCKERING IN AMERICA ONCE AGAIN. Pres Bush was suckered into the Iraq War Two. There were many players, but the three biggest groups where the Zionists in America (including the moles in the CIA), the Zionist in Israeli Intelligence, and the anti-Americans in other foreign Intelligence groups. The whole Weapons of Mass Destruction was a Zionist Con Game that President Bush (the Crusader King Richard wannabe), was only too happy to suck down.

The British are cold-eyed and thinking power/money/survival. Twit Romney, like Twit Bush, is dreaming about the "Glory" of being an anti-Muslim Crusader. Romney, like Lyndon Johnson, believes that all of America's voters wants to die in somebody else's stupid wars.

Washington DC never takes any good advice, but I'll give it for my own satisfaction. In the few days that are left to the election, Romney needs to concentrate on promising to stop the growth of DEBT, concentrate on promises to do whatever is needed to increase American production and create real jobs, AND FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE.

Back to Today, January 8th 2013.

President Obama IS learning on the job. The basic principle of good management is, "Do MORE of what's working and LESS of what is Failing." Romney being a dupe of the Zionists worked for Mr. Obama, and now it's time to DO MORE of what worked.

Senator Chuck Hagel is in Part an Obama trap for Republicans. I'm sure that Pres Obama is hoping that Republicans start screaming about Hagel not being "Loyal" to Zionland, and NOT supporting the West Bank slave state, and NOT wanting to immediately Pearl Harbor Iran so we can start murdering a lot of American troops, etc., and so forth.

What will happen is that millions of sleeping-dog voters who are living in Seinfeld re-run land will Wake Up and say, "What are these Moron Republicans talking about?"

In my view Pres Obama's Objective is the 2014 Congressional Election. My guess is that in 2014 Mr. Obama, and the Democrats, are going the paint the Republicans as NOT Loyal to America. As willing to Murder a lot of America troops to make the West Bank safe for continued slavery, and as total stupid dupes of the suicidal Zionists.

If the Democrats continue to GAIN seats in the Senate, and gain 35 seats in the 2014 House race. Then the Republicans will have NOTHING but their love for Zionist slavery.

Pres Obama IS learning. In the recent spy movie, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, (I loved Lenin as Santa Claus), spy George Smiley, played by Gary Oldman says, "The weakness of fanatics is that they are fanatics."

In 2012, a dead man should have been able to beat Mr. Obama, but Romney HAD to be a Zionist fanatic dupe, and Mr. Obama let Romney's fanaticism destroy Romney. Now it's time to try the same successful tactic against the Republican party with the Hagel nomination.

I'll give the Senate and House Republicans THE SAME GOOD ADVICE that I gave Romney in my July 30th essay above. The Good Advice that Romeny DID NOT take. Repubicans, "need to concentrate on promising to stop the growth of DEBT, concentrate on promises to do whatever is needed to increase American production and create real jobs, AND FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE."

Another good Grand Strategy axiom is, "Know when you are defeated." The Democrats have the votes. The "Worst Case" scenario for Pres Obama with the Hagel nomination is that the Republicans succeed in DEFEATING a Republican, and in the process make Congressional Republicans look like de facto tractors to America, and total Dupes of the insane fanatical Zionists.

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