Title: Is Israel "America's Greatest Military Ally"? Is Senator Chuck Hagel Right or Wrong?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu January 10th, 2013


January 10th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The Current "Debate" Is about Israel being American's "Greatest Military Ally?"

What would I like for Israel? If God would give me my wish, I'd like to see Israel as the Singapore and/or old Hong Kong of the Middle East. I'd like to see Jewish entrepreneurs all over the Middle East: Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Emirates and so forth BUILDING businesses, new industry, expanding management and trying everything in the Middle East together an EU like economic unity.

I'd like to see a Middle East were Iran having nuclear bombs did NOT mean anything for Israel because Israel would not be IN the Middle East, but a vital PART of the Middle East.

The Zionists say the above is, "Impossible." It's NOT impossible. After centuries of war there is no border between England and France. You get on the train in England and get off in France. After killing millions of each other's troops, there is no border between France and Germany. It CAN be done.

The difference between "Zionists" and "Jews" is constantly being "muddied" by the Zionists. All Jews are NOT Zionists, and all Zionists are not Jews. Zionism is a form of political/religious fanatical beliefs, and is followed by a minority of the world's Jews.

Jesus Christ was a Jew, but NOT a Zionist. All of the original 12 disciples were Jews, but NOT Zionists. Many Jews in Israel and America are NOT Zionists. Mit Romney was NOT a Jew, but he WAS a Zionist.

In my view and opinion, the CORE characteristic of Zionists is that why down deep they are megalomaniacal and suicidal.

In my view, Zionists are like David Koresh and the Branch Dividians, but with a much longer history.

It was the megalomaniacal and suicidal Core-Insanity of the Zionists that totally Destroyed Israel in 66AD. How totally INSANE, how power delusional, how grandiose egotistical, how detached from reality, do you have to be to have Declare War on Rome at the height of Rome's power? The Zionist were INSANE 2000 years ago, and in my view they are more INSANE TODAY.

The Insane Zionists declaring war on Rome is why there's ONLY part of one Wall of King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem still standing.

When Mit Romney was at the Wall in Jerusalem, in July of 2012, making it clear to America's voters that Romney WAS a Dupe of the Zionists, the prayer Romney SHOULD have put into the Wall, Should have been, "God, don't make me a Suicidal and Loser Zionist."

One of the biggest jokes, and/or Zionist Megalomaniacal Delusions is that, "Israel is America's Greatest Military Ally."

Many American traitors also say, "Zionland is BOTH America's Greatest Military AND Economic Ally." Let's all ignore the FACT that Zionland is economically ONLY HALF THE SIZE of WalMart.

We should keep in mind that it was Zionland that was the MAIN force behind the "Weapons of Mass Destruction" Con Game that MURDERED 4500 American troops in the Iraq War Two.


Q. How many troops did "America's Greatest Military Ally" send to Fight next to American troops in Iraq War One and Two?

A. The answer is ZERO.

Q. How many troops did "America's Greatest Ally" send to fight with American troops in Vietnam?

A. The answer is ZERO.

Q. How many troops did "America's Greatest Military Ally" send to fight with America troops in Korea?

A. The answer is ZERO.

In the War between American and Iran that the Zionist traitors in America are doing everything to start. How many troops would "America's Greatest Military Ally" send to fight next to American troops in Iran?

The answer is, ZERO.

During the Korean War, Turkey sent a total of 15,000 troops to fight on the American side. During the War Turkish troops fought with GREAT destitution and Courage turning back several Chinese attacks, and suffering 721 dead, 2,111 wounded and 168 missing and assumed dead.  After the Korean cease-fire, Turkey kept its troops on the Korean DMZ for over ten years to stand next to American's troops.

Today, right Now, Syrian children and women who have been wound and made homeless by Assad's bombings. If they go to the Turkish border they will receive Jesus like help, shelter, medical care and food. If they go to the border of "America's Greatest Ally" they will be machine gunned down.

Lebanon has ALREADY given Jesus-like shelter, food and help to 170,000 Syrian refugees, Turkey 90,000 refugees, Jordon 50,000 refugees, Egypt 150,000 refugees, and Iraq 70,000 refugees. "America's Greatest Ally" has given humanitarian help to ZERO refugees.

Then we have the Officers on the Pentagon's General Staff. It seems like being Brain Dead is the main qualification for being a 21st Century USA General Staff Officer? All over Washington DC America's traitors are screaming, "Zionland is America's Greatest Military Ally, and this is WHY America must Pearl Harbor Iran, and have LOTS of American Troops dying in Iran." Nobody at the Pentagon is saying anything. Did they learn NOTHING from the Iraq War Two Con Game? Are they all Cowards? Are they all military morons and Brain Dead? Or are they ALL of the above?

As one of the PROVEN BEST military grand strategists in America. My advice to America's General Staff has for YEARS been, "The Zionists are down deep both suicidal and losers. Do NOT stand next to them. See what the Zionists want, and then give careful study to doing the opposite."

However, America's Generals did NOT "Get It" in 1964 when I predicted America would Lose the Vietnam War and gave the reasons WHY. Today, America's Generals still don't "Get It."  It's very frustrating.

I'm NOT against wars, I'm against Losing, and I'm against being somebody else's Dupe. In the coming Senator Chuck Hagel nomination fight the Zionists do NOT like Senator Hagel because Mr. Hagel is NOT a stupid Dupe.

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