Title: The Grand Strategy of ALL American regular Troops Leaving Afghanistan.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun January 13th, 2013


January 13th 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Pres Obama is Exactly Right to Withdraw US Troops from Afghanistan, ALL of them.

President Obama doesn't know much about military strategy, but I do. I'm one of the best PROVEN military grand strategists in America.

President Obama promised in 2008 to, "Bring the troops home." In 2008 there were about 30,000 US troops in Afghanistan. TODAY there are about 60.000. It's time for Mr. Obama to make good on his FIVE year old promise.

President Obama's mistake was taking the BAD Advice of General Petraeus, who in My Opinion is a military idiot.

Petraeus talked Obama into a SURGE OF TROOPS in Afghanistan when it was Already 99% clear that Osama bin Laden wasn't in Afghanistan. Maybe General Petraeus and the Pentagon's plan was to capture Afghanistan's high tech bicycle factory, and thus cripple al Qaeda's industry?

The PETRAEUS SURGE was typical of modern Washington DC and the modern Pentagon. Take something that's a PROVEN FAILURE and make it a Lot Bigger.

President Obama IS LEARNING. The decision to speed up the withdraw of US Troops from Afghanistan is right. (Thank you Pres Obama). However, the Pentagon wanting to "Leave" troops in Afghanistan for training is wrong. All of the combat training of Afghans is Questionable, as I'll get into. Any "training" can be done with contract agents who have a Police Background.

It's time to have our American 18 year old kids in the US Army STOP LOOKING up Goat Ass for those Weapons of Mass Destruction, and for Osama bin Laden. 

100% of ALL standard US Military should LEAVE Afghanistan this year. WHY? What are the grand strategy reasons for taking ALL US standard troops OUT of Afghanistan?

If anyone at the Pentagon read world military history, they'd know that "training" and arming so-called "Allies" has a very checkered track record.

Grand Strategy Example. After Napoleon was defeated, and starting around the 1840's, the British DID NOT like Russia. The British & French, but ESPECIALLY the British saw Russia as a Rival for land in Asia.

In the 1880's the British got a "Bright Idea," The British version of Today's US Pentagon's one brain cell thinking. The idea was that because Japan was next to Russian Territory in Asia; to STOP Russian expansion the English would "Train" and help arm the Japanese.

And they did. The Japanese Navy in the 1880s-1890s WAS "Trained" by the British Navy. ALL of Japan's battleships up to the construction of the Battleship Satsuma in 1909 were built in English shipyards. Even then, the Satsuma's main guns were built in England.

In the 1905 Japanese-Russian War, at the Decisive Sea Battle of Tsushima, British trained Japanese Admiral Togo, sailing in the lead British Armstrong-Elswick built Battle ship, Mikasa, and followed by all of the other British built Japanese Battleships, DESTROYED the Russian Fleet.

So the British got their wish - or did they?

The Defeat of 1905 was deeply shocking to the Russian people. That defeat broke the Mystic of the Tsar, and laid the groundwork for the Communists eventually winning in 1917, and taking Russia OUT of WWI.

Russia leaving WWI made it possible for German General Ludendorff to launch his Great 1918 SURGE on the Western Front and Kill an Extra 200,000 German, British and French soldiers in a War that was ALREADY lost to Germany.

HERE'S the Good Part. Thirty-six years after the Japanese Defeated the Russians at the Sea Battle of Tsushima. The Japanese used their BRITISH TRAINED Navy to DESTROY the British and French Colonial Empires in Asia.

Even though the "Allies" won the Great Pacific War, the Mystic of England and France WAS FINISHED in Asia, and their Colonial Empires were finished. Today they are totally GONE.

The Military moral IS never train and arm anyone unless you are 1000% sure that the training will Never be turned against you.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE. In WWII Rumania, fighting for Hitler as a German Ally, lost almost as many troops as America did in Europe. However, during the war Rumania CHANGED SIDES and become a Russian Ally.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE. In WWII, Italy in 1943 officially CHANGED SIDES from being an Ally of Germany, and joined the British and Americans.

I could go on for pages, but the idea is, Never give advanced military training or weapons to anyone you are not 100% sure will be loyal forever.

ANOTHER Grand Strategy Reason for taking ALL US regular combat troops OUT of Afghanistan: Most people think of the Police, the Army and the CIA as all the same because they all carry guns and work for the Government. Military experts know that there is a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE between, "Police" and "Army." It's a TOTALLY DIFFERENT MENTAL SET.

In Good Grand Strategy, something that's lacking in the Modern Pentagon, the LAST THING you want to do is turn your "Army" into "Police."

The Pentagon has spent three Trillion dollars and 12 years DOING WHAT SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DONE. Turning the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan into Police.

Because of the POLICE WORK in Iraq and Afghanistan the US Army's ability to fight a Real War against a standard Army has been SERIOULY DEGRADED. The Pentagon's Generals do NOT see it that way - they ARE very Wrong.

Get the US Army TOTALLY OUT of Afghanistan. Twelve years of American18 year-old GI's looking up Goat Ass for those Weapons of Mass Destruction that were ALWAYS a Con Game is 12 years to long. The Pentagon needs to rescued itself from itself.

 The "training" of Afghan troop can be done by contract people, and the "intelligence" should be done by the correctly trained people, the CIA. The CIA SHOULD STAY in Afghanistan.

Another grand strategy reason for US Troops to be 100% OUT of Afghanistan is that with ZERO American combat troops in Iraq on Iran's western Border, and with ZERO American combat troops in Afghanistan on Iran's eastern border. The Iranian LIBERALS will have an easier time in CHANGING the political make-up of Iran.


The biggest success is the USSR going from active Cold War to somebody the world can live with.

The second biggest success is China going from active Cold War and supplying Vietnam to America's biggest creditor.

It's easy to forget that places like: Angola, Ethiopia, Congo, Bennin,  South Yemen and Mozambique were ALL very Active Communists, and without US Troops fighting and dying, they are today NOT communist.

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos were ALL Communist when US Troops were in southeast Asia. AFTER THE US TROOPS LEFT, after the US Army was totally Gone, they stopped be hostel to America and turned into Nations that America can live with.

Let's not forget: East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, etc, who once had Governments that were very hostel to America and today they are NOT, and it all happened WITHOUT a war.

Nicaragua was once Communist, and now it's NOT. The leader of the Communist Sandinistas, Daniel Ortega, turned into a capitalist.

THE CURRENT CON GAME. The very large, well funded, and powerful Zionist Lobby in America CONTINUES TO work very hard at start a war between America and Iran. Their Con Game line is that ONLY an America troop invasion of Iran will change Iran's Government. THAT IS HISTORICALLY NOT TRUE.

COMING FULL CIRCLE. The morons in Washington DC have given Zionland lots of nuclear weapons, and submarines that can launce nuclear cruise missiles. However, You don't have to be Sigmund Freud is see that Zionists, way down deep, are SUICIDAL.

I don't think it's possible to be a Zionist and Not also be suicidal. The Zionists have a Proven, and re-proven, and re-proven 2000+ year history of being Suicidal.

Is America giving Zionland the ability to nuke America the "British Mistake" of the late 1800s? WHY does Zionland need weapons systems that can nuclear attack most of America's big cities? The proven military morons at the "modern" Pentagon do NOT see anything wrong with giving crazy people the weapons to nuke America. However, as one of America's Proven best grand strategist I'm very concerned.

Zionism is a system THAT WILL FAIL. Zionism is a mass of unworkable contradictions. Much WORSE than the old USSR's contradictions. Zionism will fail in the next 20 years for exactly the same reasons it has failed for over 2000+ years. When Zionism DOES Fail, will it take the USA with it in a nuclear suicide?  It IS possible, and a scenario that America's naive planners MUST keep on the blackboard.

One thing we know for sure, the Zionists in America ARE trying to start a war between America and Iran. That war would be a "small suicide" for America.

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