Title: Pres Obama's Gun & Magazine Ban, the Questions NOT Asked.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed January 16th, 2013


January 16th 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Pres Obama's "Gun Ban" is the Same Old Mistakes in the Same Old Way. Washington DC is Too COWARDLY to ever Look at the REAL Causes of School Shootings.

Below is a RECENT PAST ARTICLE that ran on Dec. 19th 2012.

Dec. 19th 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. A World Expert on Firearms Crime and Gun Control Comments on the Current School Shooting Problem.

There was a time when I, Andy Molchan, was the world's number one expert on firearms and crime in America.

Historical fact, I was the person who in 1975 discovered the only know corollary to the American murder rate. That was the M2 cash level of cash in circulation in society. During the 1930's when cash circulation went down the Murder rate per 100,000 also went way down.

The gun-murder corollary is a reverse. The places that had total bans on civilian ownership of guns, like Washington DC, always had the highest murder rates.

I finished my Army tour, came back to America, and went into the American arms industry in 1968. In 1968, the 1968 Gun Control Act had just been passed and MANY company presidents within the gun industry thought it was, "All Over." At the time I said, "No, it's just started."

The Bottom Line is that my side WON. After 32 years of hard fighting WE WON with the Supreme Court 2010 ruling that the 2nd Amendment means what it says. I was NOT General Westmoreland, we lost lots of battles, but won the war.

Today, I read the newspapers and see the same old shallow thinking. There's a lot of Floyd R Turbo thinking on the big media's side of the table. I see lots of "tactical information" about how much sales have go up for Smith & Wesson, and Ruger,  and how Cerberus would like to sell their gun companies now that they've made a good profit, etc. ALL OF THAT IS TOTALLY MEANINGLESS FOR UNDERSTANDING SCHOOL SHOOTINGS.

As an expert in this field, I would describe 95% of that's in the current news stories about firearms and crime as, "True, accurate, and NOT relevant." For me it's, "Sawdust Journalism."

THE NEEDED QUESTIONS: We need to ask, "Why were there ZERO school shootings in America 200 years ago? Zero School Shootings 150 years ago? Zero School Shootings 100 years ago? Zero School Shootings 50 years ago? Why only NOW in the last dozen years? What has changed in the last 25 years that was NEVER in America before?"

The answer is definitely NOT firearms. 150 years ago there were MORE firearms per capita at that time then now, but ZERO school shooting, and as far as I know there were no mass shootings anywhere in America. Even the Post Office was safe.

The "Tommy Gun" went on the market right after WWI. Anyone could go to a Gun Store and buy a FULLY AUTOMATIC Tommy Gun in the 1920s. But there were ZERO School Shootings. ZERO.

THE NEEDED QUESTIONS: We need to ask, "The CORE Question that Nobody is asking except me is, WHY ONLY WHITE MALES who shoot up schools? The FACT that's it's only White Males (with one Asian American who thought of himself as White), the FACT that it's only White males IS CORE TO THE SOLUTION."

THE NEEDED QUESTIONS: We need to ask, "Many nations have a lot of guns. Most Swiss households in Switzerland have fully automatic machine guns that can shoot 600 rounds a minute. Germany has a lot of guns. HOWEVER, nobody in Switzerland or Germany is shooting up schools, or anything else. WHY in America, but NOT in Switzerland?"

THE NEEDED QUESTIONS: We need to ask, "If Guns are 100% bad as so many say, then why do America's police carry something that's 100% bad. Why has the American Government given LOTS OF GUNS to the Iraqis and Afghanistanis if guns are all bad?"

THE NEEDED QUESTIONS: We need to ask, "If there are 400 million guns in American now, and 65 million gun owners MOST of whom have said they are NOT giving up their guns no matter what laws are passed. And we have the Supreme Court's 2nd Amendment pro-FIREARMS ownership ruling. Then isn't any talk of protecting schools by taking guns OUT of America TOTAL INSANITY?"

THE NEEDED QUESTIONS: We need to ask, "Is modern America capable of doing ONLY WHAT ARE PROVEN FAILURES?" The media is full of "high capacity magazine ban" talk. THAT'S A PROVEN FAILURE, it was tried for TEN YEARS and Failed. Let me say that again - A PROVEN FAILURE. It's all rancid tactics and ZERO grand strategy thought. Firearms experts know that if Adam Lanza had been using a shotgun rather than an AR15 he have killed MORE people. An eight shot shotgun loaded with Buck Shot is a de facto machine gun in closed school rooms. If Adam Lanza had been using a shotgun rather than an AR15 he would have WITHOUT QUESTION wounded more people, and killed more people.

THE NEEDED QUESTIONS: We need to ask, "THE CORE QUESTION IS NOT what kind of a gun the White males who have been driven crazy are using. The Core Question is WHY and WHAT is driving American White males crazy? What has driven White males to the point where they so DESPISE THEIR SCHOOL all they want to do is go there and kill everyone?"

QUESTIONS: WHY is it ONLY White Males and ONLY in Public Schools? WHY is it NEVER in a Catholic School? Why is it NEVER in a private religious school? Why is it only White males in American Public Schools?  WHY is it never Black or Latino males? ALL of the EVIDENCE and FACTS screams that the "Problem" is what's happening inside of American public schools and with White males.

THE NEEDED QUESTIONS: We need to ask, "Rather than keep doing Proven Failures over and over. Rather than making proven failures bigger and bigger. Why don't we do something totally New? Something that's totally different? Something that's a total Change? Why don't we arm those teachers who want to be armed? Why don't we give them legal protection? Why don't we apply the armed airline pilot solution to schools? It's the SAME argument that worked for pilots. If the teachers are armed than the school ALWAYS has protection."

BOTTOM LINE. It's a horrible problem for BOTH White and Black Males. White males kill people in their school, Black males kill each other. The Core, CORE problem is that current American schools have gone from being teaching places to being propaganda factories. The unwanted truth is that a lot of teachers become teachers so they can be propagandists with a left-wing agenda. This is the main reason why American test scores compared to the World keep GOING DOWN. Too many American teachers do NOT care about teaching: reading, or writing, or science, etc., all they want to be are propagandists. It's a total systemic problem that goes all the way to the top managers of America's schools.

Part of a Solution would be to pass Federal Laws, and State Laws, Separating Teaching and Political/Social agendas. Isn't a "Black History Month" racist by definition?  If you want to be a preacher for reverse racism, then get a tent, DON'T become a teacher.

There MUST be Real Change, and America's schools must STOP being reverse racist factories. Without real change, periodically White males will become so incensed with the Bullshit the only thing they will want to do is kill everyone in their school.

As I've pointed out for years, the 1 in 500,000 White males that's driven TOTALLY CRAZY by the public schools system is not the real damage. The America destroying damage are the 200,000 out of 500,000 White males in public schools who are driven HALF CRAZY.

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