Title: WHY there Will Be Future Public School Shootings, and WHY Obama is on the Wrong Road.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu January 17th, 2013


January 17th 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR BUT CORRECT INSIGHTS. The Real Reasons for the WHY of Schools Shootings in America in the last 15 years.

I've been giving the Real Reasons for School Shootings ever since 1999, and I've been giving the Real Solutions for the CORE  Causational Root Problem.


Dec 16th, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. America is Drowning in a Sea of Its Own Bullshit.

The Mass Murder in Sandy Hook is ONE MORE SYMPTOM of an American that has STAYED on a Lot of Wrong Roads for TOO LONG. Sandy Hook is ONE MORE Symptom of a Nation that is DROWNING in a SEA of its own Bullshit, and Driving young White males (in particular) Insane.

It is NOT a coincidence that ALL of the mass murders and shootings going back to the 1999 Columbine High School murders by Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold, they were all White Males, except for one young American-Asia male who thought of himself as White.

Back in 1960, I was a member of the NAACP when it was NOT fashionable or safe for a poor White Boy to be doing NAACP projects and protests.

I was on the correct side of history in 1960. For the Big Issues I've ALWAYS been on the correct side, and I'm STILL on the correct side of history today. I was always unpopular, and Always historically PROVEN correct.

"Civil Rights" in 1960 was NOT supposed to be ADDED RIGHTS coming from running down and insulting White Males. Civil Rights was supposed to be an EQUAL chance to succeeded given their talents. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who I had the great honor of marching with (and getting arrested with), never said or wanted Civil Rights to be a reverse Civil Rights. "Civil Rights" in 1960 wasn't supposed to be, "If we Cannot  make people of Diversity look better by their actions THEN we'll make them look better by running DOWN While Males."

Today the tables have been turned upside down from 1960, and White Males are the ones who are discriminated against. This is the "WHY" of Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook, and the "WHY" of MORE Adam Lanzas, Eric Harris' and Dylan Klebolds in America's future. Adam Lanza was a protestor sending a message that he know couldn't be totally marginalized and ignored.

The true terror of the Sandy Hooks of America is that the political correct modern American Bullshit that is the Cause of Sandy Hook, and all of the Future Sandy Hook's is INSIDE of the Walls of the Schools Where the killings are happening. The CAUSE of the Sandy Hook killings, and the Cause of all of the FUTURE schools shooting is INSIDE OF THE SCHOOLS.

The other problem that modern America is too COWARDLY to face the FACT that Washington DC today has become the know Universe's CAPITAL of, "Unable To Learn Anything." Blaming Sandy Hook on Guns is EXACTLY like saying, "It was the Boeing Aircraft Company that destroyed the Twin Towers in New York on 9/11."

Wasn't it Boeing Corporation that was responsible for destroying the Twin Towns in NY? There are tens of Millions of eye-witnesses who saw Bowing destroy the buildings. Right?

I can give you a 100,000% guarantee, NONE of the Left Wing gun-hater fanatics in America will be able to "Get" the above. The last person to "Get It" would be Piers Morgan.

The bottom line is that Guns really DO NOT grow arms and legs and go out and kill people all by themselves. Guns are ONLY tools, tools that are used by the police, by the US Army, by Congress and the White House for protection, and by tens of Millions of honest Americans to protect their families. The White House has lots of M16s for protection, and honest citizens can ALSO have guns for protection, it's called, "Fair and Equal." It's called the fair and equal 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution.

The CAUSE of Sandy Hook was no more "Guns" than the Cause of 9/11 was Boeing Airplanes.


List below is my January 14th 2011 essay.


THE "WHY" of LOUGHNER Murderers. From 1776 to the 1960s there were no rampage shootings by white males in Schools. From 1776 to the 1960s there were MORE guns per capita in the USA than now.

Up to the 1950s you could buy a handgun though the mail. Blaming the current, and repetitive  shootings by White males on guns is like blaming big city air pollution on wheat farmers. Clearly, there are post 1950s factors at work - what are they?   

WHY WHITE MALES GO CRAZY AND MURDER.  After Columbine  in April of 1999. I wrote in AFI Magazine "There is an ever growing systematic cultural and social matrix of attacks against White males in America's schools. The left-wing believes all of America's problems are caused by White males. There will more shootings, all by White males driven crazy by anti White male 'CORRECTED' BS American history."

My 1999 insight was correct. All of the shootings have been by White males, with one exception - an Asian male. The future shootings will also be White males.

WHY WHITE MALES GO CRAZY AND KILL PEOPLE. Since 1999 the degradation and hypocrisy AGAINST White males inside of America's public schools has greatly intensified. The left-wing is fanatical in its attempts to re-write history. Most school districts have Black History Months, but NOT ONE has a White Achievement Month. In many American High Schools  Aristotle, Jesus Christ, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mozart, Einstein, etc., are just "old white men."

In modern public school American history America was built by Chicken George and Harriet Tubman, and White males were the universal villans.

Has an big media ass in America ever asked WHY none of the shooting happen in Catholic or private religious schools? No. The Big Media Never asked because they DO NOT want the correct answers. The correct answer is that there are no shooting in non-public schools because those schools do NOT run down White males.  Does anyone have a better answer?

The US left wing that attacks white males in schools, is the SAME left wing that CAUSED the world's financial crises by INSISTING that US banks give liar loans to "sub-prime" people (read that as non-white males). The same left-wing than sold the fraud loans to people around the world. The world's financial crises is mainly American, left-wing, racist caused. The worldwide financial crises is one more RUINOUS, COSTLY, and destructive attempt by America's left-wing to make a silk purse out of a sow's ears.

If I was a 16 year old White males in a typical American High School today. I would be saying to myself, "The TRUTH is that important black history would take about two hours to summarize. Important White history would take two years. White males built 75% of American, with White females another 20%, and they should be given full, and HONEST CREDIT for their achievements. Saying that's it's the other way around is bullshit. What my shithead teachers need is a bullet in the head to let the shit run out."

PERMISSION TO REPRINT. Almost ALL of America's Newspapers and media ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Send a copy of this essay to your local newspaper, Governor, and Congressman.


List below is Andrew M Molchan's essay from August 29th 2012.

August 29, 2012. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. As I've been saying for years, one of America's Big Picture, Grand Strategy problems is that America Culture keeps sinking deeper and deeper into a Sea of Small-Minded, Left-Wing Bull Crap.

The Bull Crap is a major reason for White American males periodically going crazy, and rather than shoot themselves as is the usual case, they shoot a lot of other people.

In today's news is a story about a mute boy at a school for the deaf and mute. The boy's name is "Hunter." To say the name in hand sign language part of the process is making a gun with your fingers and hand. The left wing ass holes at the school thought this "gun creation" was a "treat" to the school, and are demanding that  the boy change his name, or they will throw him out.

Most Americans are asking, "What's going wrong with America? We don't understand!" However, Crap like the mute boy's persecution happens every day. The small-minded insanity has become so common most people no longer "See It or Get It." The National insanity Crap has become so deep, and so pervasive it has become the new "Normal."

Open your eyes and mind and start asking, "Why are we wasting even one second of our lives on this kind of never ending, small-minded, left-wing, goody-goody two shoes Crap? A Sea of Crap that is in the long run suicidal."


Dec. 15 2012. I outlined the "WHY" of the Connecticut Shooting in 1999. The "Why" is that modern America has become the Empire of Bullshit. It's driving young white males crazy. Most white males only go part crazy, but as I've been pointing out for years, with only one in a million going TOTALLY CRAZY that's enough for the mass murders THAT WILL KEEP HAPPENING, AND KEEP HAPPENING.

The unwanted truth is that cultural and social lies, dishonesty, intellectual fraud, reverse racism, left-wing smug bullshit, and socialist delusions ALL COME WITH A BIG PRICE.

American's Founding Fathers understood that honesty not only made you free, it kept you sane. Modern America is fighting that idea, and in large part has already become the "politically correct" Empire of Bullshit.

The way to STOP the mass shootings is for America to return to being AN INTELLECTUALLY HONEST CULTURE AND SOCIETY. However, I can give you a 100% guarantee that will NOT happen, and I can give you a 100% guarantee that future white males WILL be driven totally crazy and continue to kill a lot of people.

Like all of the kids since Columbine, the Sandy Hook killer, Adam Lanza, a good looking honors student, was sending a message. Does anyone besides me hear it?

PERMISSION TO REPRINT. Almost ALL of America's Newspapers and media ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. Send a copy of this essay to your local newspaper, Governor, and Congressman.

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