Title: The Wall Street Journal Gets the Dumb Interview Award.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri January 18th, 2013

January 18th 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The Wall Street Journal gets the Brainless Interview Prize.

With well over a thousand published articles, and thousands of readers over the years telling me they loved my writing. I think I qualify as a journalist.

The best definition of a "good writer" is somebody who can make money with his writing. I've done that for 45 years.

Good writers know that being loved or hated is not the issue because love and hate are two sides of the same coin. Bad writing is when all of the readers Yawn.

I write fast, and unless it's for print in a publication I just keep on moving. Sometimes I mess up on words because I've always had severe Dyslexia. Anyone who gets hung up on that is an asshole. It's the Dyslexia that gives me the ability to see the World in More Depth than normal people.

Today's WSJ, Jan. 18, 2013, has an interview with Tim Geithner on the top of page A2. In my opinion it's a classic example of wasted ink, wasted paper, and wasted time for anyone who reads it. In my opinion the interviews in the National Enquirer are a hundred times BETTER.

The WSJ interview, in my opinion was all brainless kiss ass. Like let's NOT ask about the TRILLIONS of New Debt that Geithner ran up while in office. Let's NOT ask about this year's Federal Deficit being well over a Trillion dollars WITH NO END IN SIGHT. Let's NOT ask how America can get to a balance budget. Let's not ask anything of importance.

The interview was in large part about basketball, and how Geithner said, "We're in the early part of the fourth quarter."

Okay, Then WHAT? The WSJ "reporter" NEVER ASKED "Then what?"  A basketball game has an end - then what? Does the America economy return to "the good old days" of the 2005 Real Estate Bubble?  How about returning to the "good old days" of the 1999 Clinton-Rubin Stock Market Bubble?  Opps, we're ALREADY in a Bernanke-Geithner Queer Money Stock Market Bubble.

The WSJ might have asked Geithner, "What happens to your Queer Money stock market Bubble when the Queer money stops?"

If Geithner was honest, in my opinion his answer would have been, "That's why I'm getting out now - before the next crash."

My comment, "A smart move."

A good journalist would have asked Geithner, "For the next 19 years the Baby Boomers of 1945-1963 are going to be retiring. There are 70 million of them. That means EVERY DAY 10,000 new people will be GOING ONTO  Social Security. EVERY DAY  for the next 19 years. Exactly and Specifically How is the Treasury Department going to pay for that? How is the Treasury Department going to pay for 10,000 new people PER DAY going onto Social Security for the next 19 years when the Treasury is ALREADY running Deficits of over a Trillion Dollars a year? Are we looking at a near future where Federal New Debt will be over THREE Trillion Dollars PER YEAR? Can the World's financial system absorb Three Trillion Dollars of New American Queer Money Debt EVERY YEAR for Over a Decade? Is American's Federal Budget on the road to TOTAL Madoff Accounting FRAUD where the FED 'Buys' all of the Treasury's Bonds with fabricated Queer Money?"

However, the WSJ asked Geithner NONE OF THE ABOVE. I guess the above is NOT as important as basketball?

The Canary in the Coal Mine (me) says, "The WSJ Interview was perfect for the Bottom of my bird cage."

Food for thought, the Carnay is ALWAYS eventually proven correct. In 1983, when Dan Rather & Tom Brokaw were 70% of the nightly TV news the "Canary" said that their shit journalism had guaranteed the eventual success of the then new CNN.

When CNN eventually shifted towards the left-wing limousine-liberal dark side the Carney predicted that would make the then just started FOX News a success. At the time the Carney said, "If you're in business to make money and pay the bills, who's ass should you be kissing? Welfare bums who don't have a pot to piss in? The political demagogues of the underclass? Or, the 5% of the tax payers who are paying 60% of America's Income Tax, and have money to buy the advertiser's products?"

The Canary says, "The advertisers know the answer to the above question." Here's a valuable hint to the WSJ; things like baskeball ARE FOR people who WANT to be brain dead. However, brain dead people DO NOT buy and pay for newspapers.

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