Title: The Grand Strategy Reasons for the WHY of al Qaeda's Power Growing & Expanding in Mali & Algeria.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat January 19th, 2013


January 19th 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Al Qaeda is still Very Much Alive, Well, and Growing. EXACTLY like the "Canary" Had Predicted Nine Years Ago.

Al Qaeda is Alive, Well and Growing in dozens of countries; most recently in Algeria and Mali. Al Qaeda has already taken significant physical control of Much of Northern Mali. WHY? How did this happen? What is the Motivation Power behind the Growth and Expansion of al Qaeda?

Yesterday I was watching one of Washington DC's "Senior Military and Security Advisors." When asked about the Growth of al Qaeda in Mali he said, "A lot of guns came out of Libya so we should have expected trouble." Washington DC people are SO DUMB it's beyond description. Like in American Schools, the Libyan guns in Mali grew arms and legs and started killing people and taking over towns all by themselves.

In 2004 I wrote, "There are several major 'WHYS' for there being an Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. One of the biggest is the West Bank salve State and the slavery of Muslims by Zionists. The Slave State is a MAJOR FOUNTAINHEAD for the Growth, Expansion, and Increasing Power of al Qaeda in every Muslim country in the World. Washington DC is too Cowardly, too Dumb, too fearful of political pain, too fragmented, and too controlled by the American Zionist Lobby to ever do anything effective about the West Bank Slave State. That means the Slave State will Continue be a Significant Engine of Power for the Growth and Expansion of Al Qaeda all over the Muslim World."

Back in 2004, Washington DC and the Big Press were full of talk about how the American troop SURGE was going to "Get" and kill Osama bin Laden. How the death of Osama would be the END of al Qaeda, and total victory for America in the Muslim World.

In 2004, the Canary in the coal mine (me) wrote, "It's clear that Osama bin Laden is already management isolated and already irrelevant EXCEPT as a symbol. I don't see Osama making a lot of TV speeches to his troops. When Osama is killed, or dies of natural causes, it will mean NOTHING for the existence of al Qaeda. Osama did not create al Qaeda and the Muslim/Asian anti-colonial revolution, and Osama's death will NOT end the Asian Anti-Colonial revolutions.  For America it would be better if Osama died of natural causes because then he would be less of a anti-colonialism  martyr symbol."

In 2004 I wrote, "Nobody is asking the 'WHY' of Osama bin Laden. For stupid Americans it's like the Muslim world's 'troubles' are all the work of ONE evil person - Osama. I saw EXACTLY the same kind of America stupidity during the Vietnam War. There were a lot of Pentagon morons talking about 'Getting Ho Chi Minh' to win the Vietnam War. In 1969 Ho Chi Minh DIED, and it meant NOTHING WHATSOEVER for American Colonialisms  eventual DEFEAT in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh was not THE cause of the Vietnam revolution against White Man rule. Ho Chi Minh was part of a VERY LONG LINE of Asian freedom fighters. A line that was already old before it came to Ho Chi Minh, and a line that will GO ON long after the death of Osama bin Laden."

In 2004 I wrote, "Osama bin Laden is ONLY One in a LONG LINE of Asian anti Colonial revolutionaries. Osama's roots go back to the 1840-1842, 1857-1857 Chinese battles against the British Opium peddlers. Osama goes back to the Indian Mutiny of 1857 against the British Colonialists. Osama goes back to the 1900 Philippine Huk rebellion against the American Colonialists. Osama goes back to the 1919-1921 anti-colonial war against the British in Afghanistan. Osama goes back to the 1919-1932, 1937-1939 anti-colonial rebellions in India against the British. Osama goes back  to the 1946 Burma rebellion against British Colonialism. Osama goes back to the French indo-China (Vietnam) anti-colonial revolution FIRST against the French colonialists after WWII, and then against the American colonialists from 1959-1975. Osama goes DIRECTLY BACK as a fighting soldier against Russian Colonialism in Afghanistan in 1979-1989. Al Qaeda today is an Anti-Colonial, Pan Muslim World revolution against the Zionist West Band slave state Colonialism. In the end analysis, al Qaeda is GUARANTEED SUCCESS because it is on the Right Side of History. Zionists Colonialism, and Zionism's Stepin Fetchit brain-dead DUPE, America, are guaranteed eventual FAILURE because they are on the Wrong Side of History. The MESSAGE for the last 160 years is that Asians ARE NOT going to be ruled by White Europeans, Americans, or White Zionists. White man rule, and Zionist Slave State Colonialism in Asia has NO Future."

The Canary in the Coal Mine had it Correct nine years ago, and the Canary's analysis is STILL Correct nine years later. If America wants to do MAJOR DAMAGE to al Qaeda then END the West Bank Slave State. America should vote in the UN for a fully Independent State of Palestine. This would take America OUT of the War FOR White Man Colonialism rule in Asia. American must STOP being on the WRONG SIDE of History, and to CHANGE OVER to being on the Right Side of History.

Isn't it about time for America to STOP being a DUPE, and to STOP murdering its Troops in Asia (or Africa) fighting for a Return of White Man Colonial Rule?

This Monday, is the official Dr. Martin Luther King Day. Many lifetimes ago I had the great honor of being arrested at the same demonstration with Dr. King. Would Dr. King GIVE HIS APPROVAL to the Zionist West Bank slave State? Would Dr. King be happy about America supporting, and killing Black American troops for the continuation of West Bank slavery? I don't think so.

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