Title: The Republicans are Asking, "What Do We Do To Save The Republican Party?" For Five Months BEFORE the Election I Was Giving Republicans & Romney SPECIFIC Answers. They NEVER Listened, but Once Again History Proved Me Correct.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri January 25th, 2013


January 25th, 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Republicans are Asking, "What Do We Do?" For Five Months BEFORE the Election I Was Telling  the Republicans SPECIFICALLY what they Were Doing Wrong, and WHY They Would Lose. History Once Again PROVED Me Correct.

Senator Rand Paul recently said, "The Republicans don't stand for anything except winning." Senator Paul is Wrong. The Republicans LOST because of what they DO Believe and what they DO stand for:

1. Women voters NOT having any rights over their own bodies.

2. Making Gay Marriage a political issue when it's a personal issue.

3. Being Against Obamacare, but NOT being FOR Nothing.

4. Wasting even MORE MONEY on an already obscenely bloated Pentagon. (I've been in the arms industry for half a century. I'm NOT against wars, or killing people. I'm against losing. I'm against murdering American troops just for the fun of it.)

5. Republicans lost for NOT being able to see that the Pentagon has become a Super Welfare State within a Welfare State, and is now IMPOTENT for Winning Anything, Anywhere. The Pentagon will NEVER win any future wars because nobody at the Pentagon can AFFORD to die.

6. Republicans lost for Sincerely believing that the continued existence of the Zionist's West Back Slave State is ABSOLUTELY VITAL to the future existence of America.

7. Republicans Lost because they Sincerely believe that Jesus Christ was a Zionist and Jesus wants Americans to KILL as many Muslims in the world as possible.

I won't even get into the ultra far Right of the Republican Party that's a collection of fruitcakes wanting things like: to totally outlaw the Income tax, and go back to gold coins for money. The Republicans need to "GET" that's its 2013, and NOT 1913.

I was giving the Republicans ALL OF THE CORRECT ANSWERS for Months before the last election. Where were they?

One of the many things I said BEFORE the election was that ultra rightwing Republicans CANNOT elect a President because they do not now have the numbers, and will NEVER HAVE the numbers.

 What I said BEFORE the Elections was, "Future Presidential elections are going to be won BY THE INDEPENDANTS. It's NOT what ultra rightwing Republicans want, it's what the INDEPENDANT voters want. Welcome to Democracy in a CHANGED America."

The Washington DC Republicans are STILL living on the Dark Side of the Moon. In today's Wall Street Journal there is an article, "Republican Leaders Search For New, Winning Strategy."

The WSJ article says, " The Republican National Committee has created a new website that includes a survey designed to assess what CONSERVATIVES think."

Like Daaa. Like exactly how STUPID are the Republican Leaders? Are they so BRAIN DEAD that they cannot see the Sun in the Sky?  It's NOT what Conservatives think for WINNING Presidential elections, it's what INDEPENDANT VOTERS  think.

Let's talk real world politics. Ultra rightwing Republicans are NOT going to vote for the communist Democrats if the Republican Party STOPPS spending money to tell the World that they are al Qaeda Lite for Women's Rights. Or, if the Republican Party STOPPS actively opposing gay marriage, or all of the other things that should NOT be the business of Government anyway.

Let's talk real world politics. A political Party CANNOT DO ANYTHING WHATSOEVER if it's NOT in Office. Is there anyone in the Republican leadership that "Gets That"?

The Republicans CAN Win, and Win the White House in 2016 if over the next four years they stick 90% to ONLY three subjects: 1, the Economy, 2, the Economy, and 3, the Economy.

The Republican National Committee needs to print sighs for every Republican's office, "It's the Economy Stupid." The Independent voters who WILL elect the next President in 2016 do NOT give a flying f**k about: abortion, gay marriage, fighting Zionism's wars, making the Pentagon richer, or any of that crap. They want somebody to tell them at America is NOT going to economically collapse somewhere in the future.

ALL Republicans need adopt and KEEP USING one of my standard lines, "There's absolutely nothing wrong with Obamaomics  if you're planning to not live very long."  

The Republicans have to STOP being the Party that's ONLY Against things, and it has to START being the Party that's FOR Things: Tax reform with a simplified TAX that's NOT 70% Social Engineering. Doing whatever is needed to get American Production and Consumption into Balance. Getting the Insurance Companies and Lawyers OUT of the Medical Profession. Tort Reform with the adoption of the "Everywhere in the World Except America law" of the loser paying the Court Costs. At least SLOWING Down the MASSIVE increases in Federal Debt. Cutting America's Obscene Military Waste and Budget. Stopping the Stupid Wars in Stupid Places for Stupid Reasons. The Republicans MUST STOP being total Dupes of the Zionists and Murdering Young Americans for the Glory of Zionist slavery. Most of all, the Republicans must BE FOR STOPPING the expansions of the FED's QuEer Trillions that unless stopped (or slowed down) will without question produce a Future Financial crises in America WORSE than 2008.

The Republican have to SEE, and Use, the Democrat's Weaknesses. The biggest weakness of the Democrats is that Pres Obama really does NOT understand economics. The ass kissers around him are saying that Bernanke's Queer Money will Return the American economy to 1998 again. That's NOT going to happen.

The core weakness of Pres Obama is that he's become a victim of his own propaganda, and his own wishful thinking. No Victoria, the Bernanke Santa Clause with his bag full of Queer Money in NOT going to painlessly return America to 1950s prosperity. There is a VERY HIGH probability of a RECESSION in America between now and 2016. ARE THE REPUBLICANS READY TO USE IT?  Will the Republicans lay the groundwork to use it?  

The Obama administration pumped a LOT OF MONEY into the Last Quarter of 2012. All of the very Rosy economic numbers that are NOW coming out of November-December 2012 are very TEMPORARY.  All of the people who are jumping into the current Stock Market bubble because they think Nov-Dec will be the next four years are going to be VERY UNHAPPY and soon. Are the Republicans working on their groundwork Economic proposals right now? The answer is, "NO."

Another potential win for Republicans is the Obama mistake of the Feinstein anti-gun Bill. There are about 45 Million voters who own Guns that are on the Banned List. The Republicans need a major PR push to pin that Bill on ALL Democrats. The Republicans need to Print the list of all of the proposed Banned Guns and send that list to every shooting range, gun store, FFL holder, and hunting club in America. If done right, this would give the Republicans several added seats in the 2014 House Election, and a leg up on the 2016 Presidential election.

At this time, the person that the Canary in the Coal Mine (me) likes for the 2016 Presidential election (and for WINNING) is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. When Republican Governor Jindal DID NOT go to the 2012 Republican Stupid-Fest Convention, the Canary's eyes narrowed and thought, "Maybe Jindal is a Republican who Gets It? Maybe Jindal is a Republican who understands that Republicans need a LOT MORE than just Republicans to win?"

Nice words from the Canary means that the left-wing press WILL start to go after Governor Jindal.  Sorry about that. Mr. Jindal has to think of it as good practice for what he says about everything, and exactly how he say it. Gov Jindal must assume that no matter where he's at the cameras and voice recorders ARE running. Somebody WILL try to sucker Gov Jindal into saying the wrong thing, or something that can be twisted - beware.

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