Title: Ben Bernanke is the #1 Enemy of the Republican Party.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat January 26th, 2013


January 26th 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Are the Republicans Too Brain-Dead to Survive as a Viable Party? Are they All Dodo Birds on the Road to Extinction?

I watched the Benghazi attack hearing for a short time. The Republicans were so unbelievable  stupid I had to turn it off.

The Benghazi Defeat was ONE MORE piece of evidence that there are lots of incompetent people in Washington DC who make stupid decisions. Benghazi is like a Congressional Investigation into WHY water is wet.

For FIVE YEARS now our American-House has been on fire and burning down. The Republicans are watching the House burn, but keep saying, "Some bastard kicked over my front yard Garden Gnome - I'm really going to get them!"

Have modern Republicans totally LOST the ability to think past Irrelevant?

The Headline on Today's Huff Post is, "John Boehner vows to make Abortion a Relic of the Past."

Yeah, sure, and while Boehner is in yesterday's never-never-land Pres Obama IS MAKING  Boehner and the Republicans a "Relic of the Past."

What's Boehner saying to Women Voters? Women Voters who are 50% of the population. He's saying, "Women have NO RIGHTS over what they want to do with Their Bodies and Their Lives. What Women do in their bedrooms needs to be decided 100% of old White men in Washington DC like me. The Republican Party is al Qaeda for Women's Rights and that's Why Women should be voting Republican in the next election."

If I was President Obama I'd have a picture of Boehner by my bedside with the words, "I love you."

Things like abortion and gay marriage are RELIGIOUS ISSUES. Anyone remember the US Constitution? Separation of Church and State?

For Boehner, and most Republicans, winning the White House in 2016 means telling 50% of the voters that they have No Rights to run their own lives the way they want?

The Republicans in Washington DC really are Brain Dead. For the last FOUR Years I've had this 100 foot long, 50 foot high, flashing neon sign that says, BEN BERNANKE IS THE #1 ENEMY OF THE REPUBLICANS.

Has Any Republican in Washington DC been able to SEE IT in four years? The answer is, "NO." They're ALL Blind.

Bernanke is Pres Obama's MONEY MAN. It is Bernanke who is FINANCING Pres Obama's march towards State Socialism in America.

Even with all of the massive and stupid mistakes Romney made, if it had NOT BEEN for Bernanke Bankrolling Obama to make him look good Obama would have BEEN GONE.

80% of the voters DO NOT UNDERSTAND  economics. All they know is what they see. Bernanke has FINANCED the Stock Market Bubble and most voters say, "If Stocks are doing okay then America is doing okay, and President Obama is going a GOOD Job."

In the last four years every time the Obama Candle has started to burn low; Bernanke has rushed in with another $300-$500 Billion of Queer $$ Money to make Obama look good.

80% of the voters have brains that can ONLY think SHORT TERM. That means if everything looks okay for the next 90 days, then in their brain's it's okay FOREVER. Bernanke can and is making everything look good in the SHORT TERM. Bernanke and Pres Obama know that for the MAJORITY OF VOTERS the ONLY Time line they have are Short Time Lines.

The Republicans in Washington DC are too STONE COLD STUPID to SEE what's right in front of them. It was Ben Bernanke's Eighteen Hundred (1800%) INCREASE in the FED's Balance Sheet that WON the Presidential Election for Obama.

There is an old 100% TRUE axiom, "You Can't Fight the FED." That's ALSO true for elections. The Republicans CANNOT fight a FED that's giving Pres Obama UNLIMITED MONEY.

In Washington DC where almost everything is A JOKE and/or a Fraud. The biggest Joke is, "The FED is NOT Political." Pres Obama's BIGGEST ASSET is that the Republicans are too stupid to see that the FED is destroying the Republican Party.

Suppose the Republicans were the "Air Commander" in a war. Suppose there were two targets. Target one was the enemy's main ammunition and explosives factory where 90% of the enemy's ammunition was made. Target two was a corn field on bad land and with bad corn. WHAT TARGET WOULD YOU BOMB?

Any normal 8 year old would be able to figure out the correct answer to the above question. HOWEVER, the Republicans in Washington DC CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT. They're bombing the corn field. Republican were getting huffy about Benghazi which is nothing while Bernanke is giving Obama Trillions of Dollars to Destroy the Republican Party.

Like daa! At Republican Headquarters the lights are on but nobody is home.

How imbecilic are the Republicans? How dopy oxlike are the Republicans?  Why can't they SEE that Bernanke is Pres Obama's AMMUNITION FACTORY? Why can't the Republicans SEE that it's Bernanke who is FINANCING Pres Obama's destruction of the Republican Party? Are the Republicans all living on the dark side of the Moon?

Some Republicans will say, "But isn't Bernanke helping America." Sure, helping America into a long term financial collapse from too much Debt. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is ALWAYS TOO LOW on its estimates of DEBT GROWTH. But even the CBO estimates that by 2085 Federal Debt will have grown one thousand percent (1000%) of GDP. That means in the REAL WORLD Federal Debt will be 2000% of GDP. (Long before those numbers arrive America would have financially COLLAPSED and the US Dollar replaced by a difference currency. Possible America will break up into different countries). However, in the SHORT TERM who gets ALL of the Credit for what the FED's money is buying? It's Obama who gets ALL of the Credit.

I'm one of the PROVEN and re-proven best military Grand Strategists in America. MONEY, and the ability to us Money to make things happen is a significant factor in winning wars. Bernanke's Queer Trillions is General Obama's DECISIVE war-winning weapon. 

BOTTOM LINE, if the Republicans are too stone-brained to GET IT, then they deserve to DIE, and THEY WILL DIE. Washed away via Trillions of Bernanke's Queer Dollars while being totally comatose as to why they are being destroyed.

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