Title: Senator John Kerry is the New Sec. of State, Congratulations to a Fellow Vietnam War Protester. Here are some Questions Sec. Kerry Needs to Be Asking.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed January 30th, 2013


1/30/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS.  The US Senate Approved Sen. Kerry for Sec. of State by a Vote of 94-3. Congratulations to Senator Kerry, and Congratulations to a Fellow Vietnam War Protester.

What Sen. Kerry and I have in common is that we were BOTH in the military, we both had American GI's Die in our arms, and we BOTH spoke out AGAINST the Vietnam War. However, I "Got It" and spoke out against the Vietnam War stupidity in 1964. ELEVEN (11) Years, and 40,000 American Vietnam War Dead BEFORE Mr. Kerry "Got It." But, better late than Never.

In 1964, I CLEARLY Saw that Vietnam was a War to re-establish White Man Colonial Rule in Asia, and it was ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTROY. When you're on the Wrong Side of History your chances of winning a war are almost ZERO. This is how in 1964 I could (and did) Correctly Predicted America's DEFEAT in Vietnam even though America had a 1,000 to 1 advantage in Firepower.

Hopefully, Sec. of State Kerry can see that one of the biggest Power Wellsprings for al Qaeda has been, AND IS, the existence of Zionist's West Bank/Gaza slave State. Zionist Slave Colonialism is NOT the Solution for the Middle East, it's one of the wellspring PROBLEMS.

The FACTS are that the Slaves in West Bank/Gaza have LESS FREEDOM than Americans had in 1776 when Americans revolted against British Colonialism.

The FACT Is that Repressive, UNWANTED, Colonial Rule of one people, with a different race, language and religion OVER another people is DEAD Everywhere in the World EXCEPT in the West Bank/Gaza.

You might argue that Repressive Colonialism is still alive in Tibet. So does that Ethically and Morally ALSO put America on the Side of the Red Chinese?  

Most of America's press are dupes of the Zionists and Say, "The Zionists live in a BAD Neighborhood." The TRUTH is that the Zionist's Colonial Slavery IS Sustaining, and Expanding the Bad Neighborhood in the Middle East.

Red Chinese Colonialism in Tibet creates "Problems" that are "solved" in Tibet the same way they are "solved" in the West Bank/Gaza - with lots with of barbed-wire, machine guns, check-points, troops, bombings, repression and arrests.

The unwanted TRUTH, especially with a lot of Republicans, is that the West Bank is in reality a de facto Giant Prison Camp. If the West Bank is "Free," then Tibet today is ALSO "Free." If the West Bank is "Free" then American Blacks in the South of the 1880s were also "Free."

Hopefully the new Sec. of  State, Senator Kerry will start to ask all of the questions that Should have been asked 25 YEARS AGO. Like, "WHY is America paying for and supporting REPRESSIVE Colonialism  in West Bank/Gaza?" "Exactly what are the West Bank Slavery Benefits for America?" What's the DOWN SIDE of West Bank Slavery for America?" "Are the Zionist Really America's 'Greatest Military Ally' and Military Asset?" "WHY is America a military Stepin Fetchit to a group of people (Zionists) who have a 2000+ year history of periodic self-engineered mass SUCIDE?" "How many troops did the Zionist sent to Iraq to fight alongside of American troops?" "How many Zionist troops are in Afghanistan fighting next to American troops?" "How many troops did the Zionist send to Vietnam to fight alongside of than Lieutenant John Kerry?" Is the future America War with Iran (with 100% American troops and ZERO percent Zionist troops) just another Zionist Con Game like the War with Iraq?" "Isn't the military Grand Strategy of the Zionists to fight to the Last America Soldier and the Last American Dollar?"

FACT, there any many non-suicidal, ethical, freedom loving Jews and Rabies who dislike the Zionist's West Bank/Gaza Slave Colonialism, and are Anti-Zionist. If the Sane Jews want any Middle East Jews to survive into the next Century, then it's time for the Sane Jews who are ALREADY Anti-Zionist to go high profile and help END the Zionist's Slavery of Muslims in the West Bank. Yes, it IS hard (and dangerous) to be UNPOPULAR with the Government in power - I KNOW. For over a Half  Century I've Known.

It was VERY UNPOPULAR and highly Dangerous to be anti-Hitler in 1937 Germany. It's called having the COURAGE to DO THE RIGHT THING. With Slavery, Repression and War what goes around comes around. You eventually Reap what you Sow.

Thirty years ago there might have been something to the argument of, "Let see if the West Bank Slave State works?" Today, it's Crystal Clear that the West Bank Slave State it's NOT working, will Never Work, and is a Major Motivation Powerhouse for al Qaeda EVERYWHERE in the Muslim World.

The Zionist Dream of a Working West Bank Slave State is DEAD. The ONLY question is, "Will America CONTINUE to say in the Tomb with the Dead Body?"

One possible "Solution" for the West Bank slave Colony is for Israel to annex the West Bank, and give everyone FULL citizenship rights of Israeli Citizens. Another "Solution" is for the Zionists to "Just Say No" to Slavery and give the West Bank its Freedom.  What's NOT GOING TO WORK is what we have now.

If America is TOO WEAK, and too Duped, to be part of the Solution. Then as one of the PROVEN and re-proven Best Grand Strategists in America my Military advice is for America to put as much "Air" between America and the SUICIDAL Zionists as possible. My advice to the Pentagon and CIA is DO NOT ASSume that the nuclear weapons, and nuclear cruise firing missile Submarines that America has given the SUCIDAL ZIONISTS will Never be used AGAINST America.

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