Title: This is How President Obama is Destroying the Republican Party.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu January 31st, 2013


1/31/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Rep. Paul Ryan said that Pres Obama is working at, "Delegitimizing the Republican Party." John Boehner has said that the President wants, "To annihilate the Republican Party." They are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, and unless there are some big changes it WILL Happen.

Messrs Ryan and Beohner understand WHAT is happening, but do they understand the "How" it is happening? I've run businesses for 45 years, and the #1 Axiom of business is, "Nobody CAN Compete Against FREE."

Pres Obama's WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION for the Republican Party is Ben Bernanke, and the FED's TRILLIONS of FREE Dollars. Bernanke is Financing the communist takeover of America. It's a "Deal" that 70% of the Voters WILL Buy. Vote for the Democrats and get: FREE food, FREE medical care, FREE homes, FREE loans, and a big fat FREE Stock Market Bubble. Under Communism everything is FREE.

After another Four-More-Years of Democratic Party FREE Everything there will NOT be a Republican Party. America WILL a giant Chicago - a one Party de facto Dictatorship.

The Republicans MUST have a Head-On Attack against the FED. This must be done with a New Law, and a "New Mandate" for the FED. No more FED responsibility for Full Employment.  That gives the FED the OPEN-ENDED Power to do ANYTHING.

The Republicans MUST Return the FED to the Original Purpose of a Central Bank. Which is, when there are the periodic serious banking /financial panics the do happen, and there is a LACK OF LIQUIDITY in the system that does periodically happen, then the FED can and will Fabricate whatever Money is needed to Re-Liquefy the Banking-Financial system. This is supposed to be SHORT TERM interventions by the FED. NOT a multi-year, and multi-decade, FED financing of Communist Programs to the point where America's Freedoms are straggled to death by the FED's Queer Trillions of Dollars.

Last week German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Ph.D in Physics) said, "In German we do not believe that Central Banks should be financing bad Government policy." Dr. Merkel WAS talking about the US FED.

Of this I'm 100% sure, if the Republicans are stupid enough to let the FED continue to Fabricate TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS to pay for Pres Obama's socialist take-over of America. Then in four more years there WILL NOT be a Republican Party. America will be Chicago. A place with only one party, a place that's hopelessly in Debt, and the ONLY versions of Teddy Kennedy's "Plantation Paradise" that will ever exist. A place where White High School kids murder their teachers, Black High School kids murder each other, and Everyone is gaming the system.

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