Title: Senator McCain at the Hagel Hearings for Sec. of Defense, Suggestions for Saving the Republican Party and Israel.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun February 3rd, 2013


Feb 2nd 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Senator John McCain went Crazy at the Hagel Hearing Because Sen. Hagel Had Opposed the 2007 "Iraq Surge of US Troops" and Had Also Opposed the "Afghanistan Surge" - Like Daa.

What's the ultimate SIN in modern day Washington DC? The ultimate Sin is putting somebody into Office who was Proven Correct, rather than somebody who was Proven Wrong.

In 2007, I ALSO opposed the "Iraq Surge." I said it was stupid, total militarily incompetent, and would ONLY murder additional US young soldiers. Once again history proved me CORRECT. However, in today's Washington DC, and in the Pentagon's General Staff, being Correct when you're NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CORRECT means you were ALWAYS Wrong. 

So After the "Iraq Surge" is al Qaeda gone from the World? NO. Did the "Iraq Surge" murder an Additional 1000+ young American soldiers above and beyond the "normal" American soldier Iraq War Death Rate? YES. Is Iraq today a supporter of the Zionist West Bank slave State? NO. Is Iraq today CLOSER to Iran than when Saddam Hussein was alive? YES. So AFTER the "Great Surge-To-Victory" in Iraq is there "Peace" in the Middle East? That question is a joke, like Senator McCain and his follow brain-fossilized neoconservative Republican morons are Jokes.

Likewise, Senator Hagel's opposition for the "Afghanistan Surge" was equally CORRECT and McCain's support for the "Afghanistan Surge" was equally WRONG. The "Afghanistan Surge" was 50,000 additional American troops to look up goat ass for those Weapons of Mass Destruction that were ALWAYS a Zionist Con Game.

In the November 2007 issue of AFI Magazine (that's Over Five Years ago) on page 16, I wrote, "America must stop bleeding itself to death in the Middle East. All of the other major powers are having Champagne and smiling while America destroys itself. I see the Iraq War as something close to Napoleon's 1812 invasion of Russia. Napoleon's invasion of Russia like America in Iraq was AN EGO BLUNDER."

The War with Iran that the Zionists are currently trying to Con America into would be an even Bigger EGO BLUNDER than Iraq War II.

How Brain-Dead are the Republicans? They were screaming at Hagel for saying there is a "Zionist Lobby" in Washington DC. The Republican's "Proof" that there is no Zionist Lobby in Washington DC is that the Republicans could NOT find anyone who has admitted to taking money from the Zionists. By that standard of "Proof" there are no drug dealers in Mexico.

You have to be deaf, dumb, blind, and brain-dead to NOT SEE the Zionist Lobby in Washington DC. Their deliberate infiltration of America's intelligence agencies, and their influence in Hollywood.

Has anyone in the Republican Party noticed that anti-Zionist Obama won the last election, and Romney's Zionist ass kissing did not? Ass kissing the Zionists PAYS $$ Very Well in Washington DC, BUT it Does NOT Play Well with the voters in Peoria.

For a lot of Republicans in Washington DC, dead American soldiers on the battlefield are worth money. Here's a suggestion for Republicans winning future elections - STOP being de facto traitors to America.

Has anyone in the Republican Party leadership noticed that Zionist dupe Romney did NOT even carry his Home Town of Belmont, Massachusetts? However, anti-Zionist President Obama did carry his home town of Chicago. In 37 Chicago voting Precinct stations Romney got ZERO Votes.  ZERO!  If that's NOT a message - what is?

Has anyone in the Republican Party leadership noticed that DISPITE a Very Large Zionist Anti-Obama Campaign in Florida, and Zionist Anti-Obama "Get out the vote for Romney" push in Florida, it was Pres Obama who WON the key State of Florida.

Has anyone in the Republican Leadership noticed that Jesus Christ was anti-Zionist? Has anyone in the Republican leadership ever asked, "How do we win elections by being what Jesus Christ said NOT to be?"

McCain and his follow Washington DC Republican Dupes of the Zionists are so far Out Of It they don't even know how Out Of It they are. The Canary in the Coal Mine (me) has been Correct for a Long time. In the April 2007 issue of our Association's magazine, AFI Magazine, on page 12, I wrote (18 Months BEFORE the 2008 Presidential Election that McCain LOST), I wrote, "I am highly talented at the big issues, and I am 100% sure that McCain running for President is a Guaranteed Loss."

The Bottom line is that history has Proved Sen. Chuck Hagel to be Correct. On the other hand, McCain is a Loser. He was a Loser as a Navy Pilot. He was a loser as a Presidential Candidate. Today he's a Loser as a Romney like Dupe of the Zionists, and defender of a Pentagon that has degenerated DOWN into an Impotent (but Very Expensive) Welfare State within a Welfare State.

What the Republicans need to worry about is the FACT that American is turning into the old USSA. A Nation running on Communist accounting fraud. Bernanke and the FED are Communism in a different dress. Nations like Russia and China are running AWAY from Communism and the USA via the FED is running TOWARDS Communism. 

The Key question is, "When are the Republicans going to STOP listening to ONLY the people that are Proven and Re-proven WRONG, and START listening to the people that are Proven and Re-proven Correct? Or, has the Republican Party leadership become Zionistfied to the point where the Republican Party, like the Zionist they love, are Suicidal?  Is the Republican Party's 66AD Jerusalem just ahead?

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