Title: Is the Republican Party Finished? Is it Dead? A Look at the Big Picture.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed February 6th, 2013


Feb 6th 2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR VIEWS. Is the Republican Party Finished? Is it So Far Gone it can Never Recover?

As a Proven excellent grand strategist I'm looking at the Republican Party leadership and I DO NOT like what I See. Pres Obama did NOT win the last election, THE REPUBLICANS LOST IT.

If Republicans are not for economic common sense then what are they for? If Republicans are not for statistical honesty, the truth, and accounting integrate than what are they for? If Republicans are NOT for America living within its means than what are they for? If the Republican Party is NOT for helping small business owners - what is it for?

Are Republicans going to survive as the Party that tells women they have NO RIGHTS over their own body? Can anyone in the Republican Leadership count? Women are 50% of the voters. On this issue the Democrats are on the RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY, and the Republicans ARE on the Wrong Side of History.

Are Republicans going to survive as the Anti-Gay marriage Party? Gay marriage should NOT even be part of Government. The last thing the World needs is the FOUR Billion increase in World Population we are going to get in this Century ANYWAY. That's going to be a World Environmental DISASTOR.

America's brilliant Founding Fathers put Separation of Church and State into the US Constitution for Good Proven History Reasons. The Democrats are 100% Correct, things like abortion and gay marriage are Religious Issues that should NOT be part of Government.

Are Republicans going to survive as the Dupes of the Zionists Party? The Party that's fanatical to Murder more American troops in more stupid wars to protect West Bank Zionist Colonial Slavery?

The Republicans need to ask themselves, "Maybe, just maybe, when it comes to supporting West Bank Slavery 95% of the World is Correct and we are wrong?"

Romney and his five sons were NOT in the Army, and never will be. American troops Dying for the glory of Zionist Colonialism is for America's poor people. That's WHY poor people are going to vote for Republicans. Right?

Are the Republicans going to survive as the Party for Brain-Blind Christians who CANNOT see that Jesus Christ was preaching against being a Zionist, and NOT for being a Zionist?

Are the Republicans going to survive as the Schizophrenic Party that's fanatical to INCREASE the Pentagon's already massive welfare programs while saying that poor people should have less welfare?

In January the Republican Leadership had a Golden Opportunity to CUT Government expenses by 10% in a "Fair and Equal" manner right across the board, AND THE BLEW IT. Well, that MATCHED blowing the Election. How do you spell L-O-S-E-R?

Are the Republicans going to survive as the "WE ARE BERNANKE DRUG ADDICTS TOO" Party? Are Republicans going to survive as an "ALSO RUN" and "#2" true-believers in Bernanke's QuEer Money Infinity?

Are Republicans so Queer Money addicted they CANNOT See that Bernanke is Communism in a pretty new dress? Can the Republican Leadership NOT See that it's Bernanke who is FINANCING the destruction of the Republican Party? AND THE EVENTUAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA?

Why Can't the Republican Leadership Understand that for REAL and NEEDED Change the Voters have to be MOTIVATED, and America's voters will NEVER be motivated as long as they are on the FED's Feel Great QuEer Money Cocaine.

It's time for the Republicans to "Just Say No" to the FED's Madoff Accounting, Financial Ponzi Game Fraud, and Bookkeeping smoke-and-mirrors that would put any private company manager into Jail for decades.

Does the Republican Leadership believe that they are going to survive as  Stepin Fetchit ass lickers to Bernanke? As the "We TOO Love QuEer Money Cocaine Debt" Party?

The SOLUTION is to Take Away the FED's mandate for "Full Employment." That gives the FED the power to be an unelected Communist Government within the American Government. The FED should have NEVER had anything to do with "Employment." That was a MAJOR MISTAKE, and a Mistake that needs to be corrected NOW.

After FIVE Years, and Trillions of Dollars of Queer Money the FED's ability to raise Employment is A FAILURE. Taking "Employment" away from the FED Loses NOTHING because the FED is a PROVEN FAILURE at raising employment. The current "employment" numbers are FRAUDS. On a population percentage base there are FEWER people working today than five years ago.  Washington DC Must Stop making Proven Failures & Frauds Bigger.

The Republican leadership has let the left-wing press Con them, and beat them into believing that unless a Program can be explained in Eight words or Less then the voters won't buy it. The left-wing press has done this because the Republicans DO have the FACTS on their side. However, the Republican Leadership desperately needs GOOD SALEMEN, good writers, and a good PR company that understands how to work the Internet.

My suggestion for the Republicans is to: (1) dump ALL of the crap, like telling women they have no Rights, and (2) start their own Cable TV Network. This would gets Republicans away from the Piers Morgans of TV News who never let a Republican say more than six words before cutting them off.

A conversation with people like economist Arthur Laffer needs time, but it would SELL the TRUTH and the Republican's Side. It's MORE than what's needed for Republican survival, it's what's needed for America's survival.

Yes, a Republican TV Cable Network IS a long term project. So, is the Republican Party a long term project, or are they planning to be GONE in a few years?

If a Cable Network was run by real Republicans it would make BOTH its economics/management political points, AND make a Profit.

An almost immediate project would be to expand the Republican website. And PLEASE Get some good writers. NOT the usual jerk  writers who might as well be Democratic Party moles.

Washington D.C. DOES make a lot of VERY VALUABLE news. However, the GREAT VALUE of that News is BEING WASTED. Put the "News" on the Republican website FIRST. Reports ask, "What's happening?" The Republican leadership should be saying, "My statement, and all of the facts are on the Republican website - pick it up."

Rather than being the continued VICTIMS of the Piers Morgans of the world, the Republican leadership needs to get some smarts and News Undercut Them. Also, be Republicans, Sell ads on the website and make some money.

Every hour of every day Romney should have been saying, "I know how to make money and jobs for myself, and I know how to make jobs and money for America." Rather than saying, American troops should be invading and dying in Iran to make the world safe for Zionist colonialism

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