Title: The FED's Queer Money is Being Used by the Chinese to Destroy America.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat February 9th, 2013


2/9/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS AND OPINIONS. Today's WALL STREET JOURNAL headline is, "China Steps Up Buying In U.S."  China has been the BIGGEST "Buyer" in the WORLD for the last five years: oil fields, coal and iron ore mines, farm land, high Tech manufacturing companies, Ship Ports, Airports, and so forth. China just Bought Canadian Oil-Sands Company Nexen Inc.

WHERE IS CHINA GETTING THE MONEY TO BUY THE WORLD? In large part, Trillions of Dollars are coming from the US FED Faggots who have been FLOODING THE WORLD with Queer Dollars. As I've been saying for the past Five Years, "There will be NO serious inflation in America in the near future because the FED Faggot's Trillions of Queer US Dollars ARE FLOWING OUT OF AMERICA." Bernanke is not only Financing the Growth of Left-Wing Communism INSIDE of America; he is ALSO Financing the Massive Growth of Chinese Economic (and thus Military) Power All Over The WORLD.

In short, Bernanke is in my opinion Financing the DESTRUCTION of America.  

The Chinese have TURNED the FED's Con Game Back Around, and are using the FED's Con Game AGAINST America. The FED's Con Game is: the US sends China pieces of Queer Paper called US Dollars. The FED's Queer Dollars represent NOTHING that was ever real, they are PURE Madoff Accounting Fraud. China in turn sends America REAL ASSETS like: TV's, phones, computers, iPods, washing machines, toasters, pots & pans, machine tools, etc., and so forth.

In the FED's Con Game China gets Make-Believe Paper, and America gets Trillions of dollars worth of REAL THINGS that can be used in the Real World.

HOWEVER, the Chinese have turned the FED's Con Game around. The Chinese are taking the FED's Queer Paper, and because the US Dollar IS still the World's Reserve Currency and accepted everywhere; the Chinese are USING their FED Faggot Dollars to BUY productive, long term ASSETS all over the World.

The Chinese ARE going into Africa, the Middle East, South America, and the non-Chinese parts of Asia and USING THE FED'S QUEER DOLLARS TO BUY LONG TERM PROFIT PAYING ASSETS.

The Chinese are using the US FED's faggot money to Buy long term, Worldwide, Productive Assets that will pay Big Profits and Dividends to China will into the Next Century. The FED's plan was to screw the Chinese, but  the Chinese are "Gaming" the FED's Queer Money to long term screw America, and everyone they are buying from.

The Chinese have taken the FED's one-step Con Game and turned it into a Chinese two-step Con Game, and using the Con Game against the World.

Twenty years from now the Chinese will have MASSIVE Worldwide Assets paying profits and dividends to China, and America will have MASSIVE, crushing, Debts. Then, the Chinese will dump all of their US Bonds onto the World Market, collapse the US Dollar, and drive America into a deep Depression where more USA Queer Money will be a Total Joke and won't work anymore. The Chinese Yuan and Euro will become the new Reserve Currencies of the World. If America wants to Buy something that's Real it will have to Pay For It with something that's Real. Then it will be GAME OVER for America in the World. America will be ONE MORE has been empire destroyed by its own Debt.

Here's a Question for my once fellow Democrats, "How are you going to keep your Teddy Kennedy Welfare Plantation Paradise financed when the FED's fabricated Con Game Queer Money no longer works? Can YOU picture 150 Million VERY Unhappy welfare addicts?

Yesterday I was looking at pictures of world cities for a project I'm doing. I looked at a picture of a city that at first glance I thought it was Minneapolis, Minnesota. I looked at it again, and it was a picture of Urumqi City in the far Northwest Chinese Province of Sinkiang, about 250 miles from the Kazakhstan border. I said, "My God, America is in more trouble than even I realize."

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