Title: Gun Control In the News, What ARE the Facts? What ARE the Real Solutions?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed February 13th, 2013



GUN CONTROL IN THE NEWS. Our organization has for almost 40 years supported "Gun Control." Four decades ago we proposed and lobbied for an EXTRA Ten years added to the sentence of any crime (above and in addition to the regular sentence for that crime) that involved a firearm. Even if the firearm had never been fired.

Almost all Pro-Firearms groups have supported this Gun-Control. FACT, for almost 40 years it's been the Left-Wing Democrats everywhere who HAVE APPOSED and BLOCKED wherever possible our proposed "Gun Control." WHY? Because the Left-Wing Democrats, and their follow Jerks in the big media, say that when a person walks into a Bank during a Robbery it's NOT the Person who's Robbing the Bank - it's the Gun that's Robbing the Bank. So the ONLY Solution for Bank Robbery (and ALL "gun crime" etc) is to NOT have any guns.

GUN CONTROL IN THE NEWS. Chicago Major Rahm Emanuel, keeps BLAMING Chicago's murders on EVERYONE & ANYONE Except the Left-Wing Politicians in Chicago. (Like Sandy Hook, blame the murders on EVERYTHING EXCEPT what's going on Inside of the Public Schools where all of the murders happen).  For Decades our organization has SUPPORTED common sense "Stop & Frisk Law Enforcement Policies."

Have you ever boarded an airplane at an airport? If you have, then YOU have been "Stopped and Frisked" for guns. If YOU fly anytime in the future then YOU will be "Stopped & Frisked" for guns. It wasn't the end of the World - right?

Chicago Police DO NOT have a "Stop & Frisk Policy" for Thugs. Chicago does NOT have an Organized Program for sending Chicago Thugs, who are illegally carrying guns, to Jail. Rahm Emanuel says that all the gangs of Thugs that are on Chicago's street corners, smoking dope, who have expensive cars but nobody has a job; thugs who have BAD TO THE BONE written all over them. Left-Wing Democrat Rahm Emanual says that all of Chicago's Street Thugs HAVE A RIGHT to NOT be searched for guns.

HOWEVER, Left-Wing Democrat Rahm keeps Insisting and Insisting that Chicago's murders are THE FAULT of people like some Farmer in Texas who has a gun in his bedroom, and the SOLUTION for Chicago's murders is for people like the Texas Farmer (and every other honest gun owner in America), to NOT have any Rights to their guns, in their bedrooms, that are 1000-2000+ miles away from Chicago.

Here's an idea, rather than Left-Wing Democrats like Rahm hysterically insisting that the "Solution" for Chicago's murders is to take 400 Million guns Away from America's 100 Million HONEST gun owners. Instead, how about an Aggressive "Stop and Frisk" program for all of Chicago's Drug Selling Gangs? How about taking the Chicago O'Hare Airport's "Stop & Frisk" policy and bringing that to Chicago's high Shooting/Murder areas?

GUN CONTROL IN THE NEWS. The morons in the Democratic Party, and Big Media, are back talking about OLD NEWS, and OLD Proven Failure Ideas like a ban on so-called high-capacity ammo magazines. (Been there, done that - it does NOT work). What is a "gun ammo magazine"? It's some bent sheet-steel metal with a spring. Gee, that kind of puts the "technology" somewhere between building the SPACE SHUTTLE and a Communicants Satellite?  Right?

Because Left-Wing Democrat Party anti-gun stupidity is boundless, let's NOT talk about the FIVE BILLION high capacity gun magazines that are ALREADY in the hands of over 100 million people. BUT, gun magazines are ONLY made from steel, so after 1000 or 2000 years they will probably "spoil." Except for the hundreds of millions of gun magazine that are made out of Stainless steel - they'll take 50,000 to 75,000 years to "spoil."

As a person who's been in the arms industry for 45 years, I have MANY TIMES, over many years, seen top of the line professional shooters change a ten round empty magazine for a ten round FULL magazine in One Second.

The Left-Wing Press keeps saying that  limiting gun magazine size will prevent White males from being driven crazy by the Public School system, and killing people in the Public Schools. That Total Delusion has ZERO FACTUAL BASES.

Most Police SWAT Teams in America are trained (and CAN) change gun magazines VERY FAST. (Like 2 or 3 seconds fast). Anyone can Learn how to fast change gun magazines from some of the Video Games currently available.

The SOLUTION for RETURING Public Schools to WHAT WAS absolutely SAFETY with ZERO shooting problems for over 200 years. The SOLUTION is to take all of the current anti-White Male bull shit OUT of the Public School systems. It's the current left-wing anti-White American Male programs that are killing people in schools (and will CONTINUE TO KILL PEOPLE in Public Schools), and NOT guns.

If the politicians are too weak and too cowardly to look at the REAL Causes of CURRENT past and future public school murders, then just caulk up all of the Future public school murders as a COST of Intellectual Cowardice, and a COST of Left-Wing Delusions, Lies and another CLEARLY FAILED Public School, reverse-racist social engineering fiasco. Kind of like the horrible big-city FAILURE of Bussing, but now MORE DEADLY.

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