Title: Pres Obama's State of the Union Address, Andy's View, and Advice for Republicans.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu February 14th, 2013


2/14/2013. ANDY'S VIEW OF PRES OBAMA'S STATE OF THE UNION SHOW, and What Republicans Need To Do to STOP Losing and Start Winning.

I did not watch the speech (always too much stale bun and not enough beef), but I did read the speech. As a "Political Act" to get votes for the 2014 Congressional Elections I'd give Pres Obama a solid "A."

For Intellectual Honesty, for real Leadership, for Courage, I'd say an "F."

Pres Obama started his speech by ONCE AGAIN exploiting the Republican's biggest INSANITY. Pres Obama said he's bringing the troops home. The END of stupid wars, in stupid places, that do nothing but murder American troops for Zionist Con Games. NOT murdering young American soldiers for the protection of de facto slave colonialism does NOT Play Well in McCain's and Romney's It's Still WWII Country Club Fantasy World, but it PLAYS VERY WELL in today's Peoria. That's WHY Mr. Obama is IN the White House and dupes Romney & McCain are NOT.

The Republicans being dupes of the Zionists plays well with the Evangelical religious fruitcakes who have the Devil on their shoulders telling them that Jesus wants to Murder all Muslims. Can anyone in the Republican "Leadership" count? If there were enough Christian Evangelical-Zionists with the Devil on their shoulders to get anyone Elected into the White House than Romney would be President today. Can the Republican "leadership" count?

Here's a question the Evangelical-Zionists need to ask the Devil on their shoulders. A question the Pentagon's General Staff also needs to be asking. "Exactly How do you Win by fighting FOR what Jesus said NOT to fight for?" Oh, but Romney DID win the White House, and EVERYTHING IS  wonderful for America in the Middle East. 

Pres Obama went on to ONCE AGAIN exploit the Republican's insisting that Women have no rights over their own body. Pres Obama talked about how women need more rights, and women, "Should have equal pay for equal work." While Republicans continue to work at being al Qaeda Lite when it comes to Women's Rights over what they can do with their own body.

Can anyone in the Republican Party count? Has any Republican "Leader" noticed that 50% of the voters are women? Pres Obama is MAKING SURE that the percentage of women who vote Democratic KEEPS GOING UP AND UP.

There DOES need to be a BAN connected to "Abortion." Republicans should BAN ever mentioning the word Abortion. If Republicans want to NOT be DEAD in a short time then they have to STOP being al Qaeda Lite. When Pres Obama said he was going to Get al Qaeda, MAYBE he was talking about MORE than people in the desert with rags on their heads; maybe he was talking about the al Qaeda Republicans?

In reality, Pres Obama does have to work very hard to GET the al Qaeda Republicans. They are doing a good job of committing political suicide.

Running through all of Pres Obama's speech were constant references to: jobs, jobs, jobs. Jobs are ALL that the Republicans and Romney SHOULD have been talking about FOR THE LAST YEAR. At this point Pres Obama has succeed in capturing the "Jobs" issue.

Is there Hope for the Republicans? Yes, IF they STOP working very hard at being Stupid. Pres Obama mention what has been, and is, THE CORE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FLAW. Pres Obama said the CLASSIC Democratic Party flaw statement, "Let's declare that the wealthiest Nation on Earth"...(fill in the money give away blanks).

The FACT, the Truth, the Reality, the Honest Answer is that using Honest Accounting and adding all of America's assets and taking away all of America's Liabilities and Promises of payment. The FACT is that America is BANKRUPT.

To give you only a few REAL, Honest and True Verifiable Numbers: the Total Value of ALL Stocks on ALL of America's Stock Exchanges is about $50 Trillion Dollars. The Sum of ALL of the ACTUAL and Real Liabilities of the US Federal Government is $87 Trillion Dollars. The FACT is that the Federal Government's Liabilities are Already 74% GREATER than the value of all of the Stocks on all of America's Stock Exchanges. Plus, the DEBT of the Federal Government CONTINUES to Increase at Over a Million Dollars Per Second.

The FACT is that America is NOT the "wealthiest Nation on Earth." The FACT is that America is the Biggest Debtor Nation in the World. The FACT is that if Right Now we STOPPED Bernanke's Trillion + per year of Queer Money the American economy WOULD collapse into a deep recession. The FACT is that the Stock Market "Recovery" is a Queer Money created Bubble. If we STOPPED the FED from Buying most the Treasury's New Debt with FED Queer Money the US Stock Market would lose 5000 points. The FACT is that Obama is digging America's DEBT HOLE deeper and deeper.

Pres Obama and Bernanke are planning to be GONE when their House of Queer finally collapses. However, the Children born during Yesterday's speech by Pres Obama will be 87 years old WHEN THE CENTURY CHANGES. Most of them will still be alive in year 2100. It's a VALUE JUDGMENT, and Personal Ethics, but I believe that we have a responsibility to America, and a responsibility to NOT destroy America TODAY for our own Today comforts and pleasure. I believe that ethically that needs to be the CORE Republican message. If the voters do not buy it, then America enters the once Great Empire Has Been house with our eyes wide open.

If the Republicans want to WIN, and want to help Save America, then they as the "opposition" need to be pounding away at the above FACTS every minute of every day, week and year.

Pres Obama's smoke and mirrors act left the impression that all America has to do is raise the taxes a little more on the wealthiest 1% and Everyone Else will live on Easy Street forever. THAT'S A LIE. It's communism's basic con game LIE in an new dress. The Something for Nothing Communist Con Game that has FAILED Everywhere in the World for over a 100 years, and WILL ALSO FAIL in America. If the Republicans want to help save America they have to be pounding away at the core communist lies, half-truths, disinformation, statistical manipulations, and glittering generalities EVERY DAY from now until the Nov. 2014 Congressional Election.

The upcoming Debt Ceiling fight is the PERFECT SHOWCASE to force the FACTS into an open debate, and for the Republicans to START building themselves up as the Good Guys trying to SAVE America from a future catastrophic financial collapse where: stocks, real estate, bonds, wages, number of businesses, JOBS, and living standards ALL GO DOWN.

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