Title: Who is Going to WIN the American 2016 Presidential Race, and WHY.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat February 16th, 2013


2/16/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. A Grand Strategy Analysis of the 2016 Presidential Race. Who Will WIN?

During the next four years NOTHING especially good is going to happen to employment in America. (Pres Obama's tax the rich to create more jobs is a tragic JOKE). Four years from now there will be a LOWER percentage of working age Americans with jobs than there is today. (WHY work when there is so much welfare?) Those working will be making LESS MONEY Value than Today based on the 2012 Dollar's Value.  Bernanke's QuEer Money Stock Market BUBBLE will NOT last four more years. (Even though 90% of the voters NOW believe the Queer Bubble will LAST FOREVER).  The Federal Government's Official Debt will be Four to Six TRILLION Dollars higher than today. America's TOTAL Debt and Obligations will be close to One-Hundred Trillion Dollars. (No country in the History of the World has BORROWED ITS WAY into Prosperity, and Bernanke's Queer Money paradise WILL NOT be an exception). China will have FOUR MORE YEARS of buying up Massive Amounts of World Assets with Bernanke/FED Queer Money.

The 2016 Presidential Election will have "Republican Win" written all over it. But, will the Republicans win? At this point I'd say, "No."

In 2011 the 2012 Presidential Election had "Republican Win" written all over it, but the Republicans LOST. WHY?

The "WHY" is that the Republican Party has been Captured by the American Zionist religious fanatical fruitcakes.

Most of the "Leadership" of Today's Republican Party are religious fruitcakes who SINCERELY Believe that Government and Religion MUST BE ONE AND THE SAME. Fruitcakes that sincerely believe that Women have NO RIGHTS over their own bodies. Who believe that Gay-Marriage is a Government/Religious Issue. Most of all they Believe that there SHOULD be a Nuclear War in the Middle East, and most Israeli Jews should DIE, because that will bring the Second Coming of Christ, The End of Days, and the Rapture into Heaven of ALL Christian Zionists.

The 21st Century FATAL FLAW of the Republican Party is that there are MORE THAN ENOUGH Republican Christian Zionist fruitcakes to Elect the Republican Presidential Nominee for the 2016 Presidential Race. HOWEVER, in the General Election there are NOT enough Christian Zionist fruitcakes to Elect that Republican into the White House.

Starting in early August 2012, I  wrote, and re-wrote in this column that the 2012 Election would be decided by the INDEPENDANT VOTERS, and NOT by the religious fanatic fruitcakes who's ass Romney was kissing EVERY DAY. Romney DID "Get out the Republican Base" of Christian Zionists. It WAS NOT big enough to elect Romney, and will NEVER BE big enough to elect an American Zionists in the General Election.

John McCain LOST the 2008 Presidential Election because he believed that America's GREAT MISSION was to make the US Military as big as possible, so America could Murder as many Muslims as possible, and thus bring Armageddon and the Second Coming closer. Romney in 2012 made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that Romney believed exactly the SAME, but only More So. McCain lost, and Romney lost BIGGER. Does anyone in the Republican "Leadership" Get It?

With Romney's win in the 2012 Primaries, the Republican Christian Zionists DOUBLED DOWN on the McCain (I never saw a war I didn't like) Mistake. The Republican religious fanatic fruitcakes made the Usual "modern" Washington DC Mistake (made by BOTH Republicans AND Democrats) in the Usual "modern" Washington DC Way of TAKING A PROVEN LOSING PLAN and making it BIGGER.

"Modern" Washington DC, (BOTH Democrats AND Republicans) is a giant collection of World War One brain-dead Generals. Every Proven FAILURE has exactly the Same Solution - Make the Proven Failure BIGGER. (McCain was a failure in 2008, so in 2012 we'll run the Super McCain).

So, in the 2016 Republican Primaries, will the Republican Christian Zionist fruitcakes TRIPLE DOWN on the Romney mistake? PROBABLY.

In the last two months I've heard many stupid Republicans say, "The reason why we Lost is because we did NOT get out the Republican base and vote." WRONG. Totally Wrong. The Real Reason WHY the Republicans Lost in BOTH 2008 and 2012 (and WHY they will Lose AGAIN in 2016) is because there ARE NOT ENOUGH Christian Zionist fruitcakes to elect anyone in THE GENERAL ELECTION into the White House.

A person who was perceptive might ask me, "But, Andy, Pres George W was a Christian Zionist and he was re-elected." Yes, that's true, George W had a constant flow of Christian Zionist fruitcake preachers going through the White House. HOWEVER, Pres W mainly KEEP IT A SECRET. In the 2004 Election Pres W Bush spent almost all of this time in Ohio talking about JOBS, and the Greenspan/FED real estate BUBBLE was still on the Upside. 

What is the PROOF that the Republican Party has become the Religious Fanatic Party? The PROOF is that if many Republicans were NOT religious fanatics it would be No Big Deal to forget about ATTACKING the personal Women's Rights of Abortion. If many Republicans were NOT religious fanatics it would be No Big Deal to forget about gay-marriage, and what happens in the privacy of people's bedrooms. (Like what Global Warming REALLY NEEDS is even MORE than the FOUR Billion added People that the World well have anyway by 2050, so we MUST be anti-abortion and anti-gay so we have even MORE hot bodies turning the World's very limited resources into garbage). If many Republicans were NOT religious fanatics they wouldn't be going crazy for a BIGGER American Military to murder even more Muslims for the glory of God. (Isn't it religious fanatic Schizophrenia to want an ever BIGGER Military, the end of mankind with Armageddon, AND at the same time be anti-abortion?) If the Republican Party is not a religious fanatic's Party then WHY IS IT NOT spending 98% of its time and effort working on getting American Production/Jobs INTO BALANCE with American Consumption/Debt? A Non-Religious fanatics Republican Party would Understand THAT the Consumption/Debt ratio-balance to Production/Jobs is what's VITAL and Grand Strategy Important to America's long term survival and future.

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