Title: Added Thoughts about Mr. Zucherman's Wall Street Journal Article, and the National Disgrace of "Disability."
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon February 18th, 2013


2/18/2013. Yesterday I mentioned Mr. Mort Zucherman's Wall Street Journal Newspaper article of 2/16/2013 titled, "By Any Measure, the Jobs Disaster Continues." What I didn't mention yesterday is that Mr. Zucherman also touched on the National Disgrace of have over 11 Million Americans on "Disability."

Yes, many on "Disability" are real, but many are Phony. I know people on total Military Disability because of "Bad Dreams." They play 18 rounds of golf 3 or 4 times a week, travel to sporting events, get drunk afterwards, buy whores and have parties late into the night. BUT, because they have "Bad Dreams" they Can't Work, and have to be on 100% Disability Payments.

When I was in the Army I had people die in my arms. For years afterwards, once every few months, I had really Bad Dreams about my Army Traumas. Even after 46 years I had one of the same "BAD Dreams" about a year ago. ALL human brains have a Special Brain Section that records in-depth and in-detail highly Traumatic Events - that's "Normal." That's WHY most "Normal People" can remember somebody bleeding to death in their arms from 50 years ago, but they CANNOT remember what they had for lunch five days ago. The Human Brain has this Special Section for recording Traumatic Events - ask any Human Brain Expert.

After working hard and doing a good job for the Army, and after my return to America and Honorable Discharge, I never took one-penny from the Army.

After returning to Chicago, and after one of my usual Army-Trauma Bad Dreams (and I really WOULD BE VERY SHAKEN). I'd always set up in bed and say, "It was only a dream, that was 10,000 miles away and it's over;" then I'd get up and go to WORK.

The OTHER SIDE of the coin is that in many ways I had a good time in the Army. If you live, being in a combat situation has its upside. I guess that's the WHY for all of the Bruce Willis "Die Hard" movies being Box Office failures? Right?

The Grand Strategy POINT is ONE MORE REASON for America to NOT HAVE America's many, MANY Stupid Wars, in Stupid Locations, for stupid Reasons. One of the MANY bad aspects of the stupid Wars is that from Vietnam to NOW they've ALL been Paid For with BORROWED MONEY. American Tax payers TODAY are STILL paying interest on the Vietnam War. The current "War" in Afghanistan is being Paid For with Bernanke's Queer Money. The kids who are ten years old today WILL STILL BE PAYING Interest on Today's STUPID Afghanistan War when they are 80 years old.

After a lifetime in the Arms Industry, I'm NOT against Wars, and I'm NOT against killing people. I AM against Stupid Wars that are self-destructive to America.

There should be a NEW Law that says for America's future Stupid Wars the MONEY to pay for EVERYTHING has to BE THERE FIRST. No more fun wars on the Credit Card.

Another of the many, MANY reasons for ENDING the Stupid Wars, and REDUCING the size of the Pentagon so it STOPS getting America into trouble, is that the Stupid Wars are one of the BEST Ways to "Game The System." Join the Army, go to Afghanistan, and when you return Home you start "Having Bad Dreams." You CANNOT Work because you are having Bad Dreams. Get one of the many Lawyers that offer to sue the Government for "Free." At age 22, you can "Retire" with full military Tri-Care. Your medical, dental and eye care are taken care of for the next 60+ years of your Retirement. You get a Government monthly check for the next 60+ years of your Retirement. You get discounts at the military PX, discounts at military housing, discounts at military transportation, etc and so forth. Why be "left out" when so many are doing it? Why be one of the dumb schmucks pulling the wagon when you can ride in the wagon FOR FREE, and for the rest of your life? It was Food Stamps, Welfare and "Diversity" that made America what it is today. Today's Pentagon is America's single BIGGEST welfare source for people under 45 -  so get your part. Help to make America even Greater.

P.S. America has the greatest number of Lawyers in the World, every year suing tens of thousands of American companies over working conditions. However, America ALSO has the greatest number of people on "Disability" supposedly because of unsafe working conditions. What's WRONG with this Picture?

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