Title: How the US Fed is Destroying America's Military.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed February 20th, 2013


2/20/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. HOW the US FED is Killing America's Military.

 I was looking at pictures of China's first Aircraft Carrier, the 58,500 Ton, Liaoning, (the US Navy Battleship Missouri is 45,000 Tons). The correct grand strategy analysis of the Liaoning is, "It's a START towards China being a Great Sea Power. It won't happen today, but it's coming." 

Historically, nations that are EARNING PROFITS, and Produce MORE than they Consume, can (and sometime do) become Great Sea Powers VERY FAST. Ancient Rome became a great sea power almost overnight. Venice became the greatest sea power in the World almost overnight. Japan DID NOT start building any of its own Battleships until 1909 (The 19,400 Ton, Satsuma, built at Yokosuka Dockyard). Even than the Satsuma's main Armament of 4 X 12in Guns were British Armstrong Guns made in England. HOWEVER, only 32 years AFTER Japan built its first Battleship in 1909, Japanese SEA POWER in 1942 succeeded in destroying Great Britain's vast Empire in Asia. Despite the Allies (Britain, India, Australia, China, New Zealand, Russia and America) eventually winning the shooting part of the Great Pacific War, the British Empire in Asia was SHATTERED and OVER.

As one of the PROVEN BEST Grand Strategists in America, my POINT is that it's Ben Bernanke's TRILLIONS of fabricated dollars that ARE FINANCING China's Military Expansions both on the Sea, in the Air, and in Chinese purchases of Strategic Assets around The World. America is making the "British Mistake" but only MULTIPIED by TEN.

China's Liaoning Aircraft Carrier, AND CHINA'S MANY FUTURE Capital Ships that will PROJECT Chinese Military Power to the shores of California. Those future Ships, future airplanes, and future Chinese strategic World Assets ARE BEING PAID FOR BY BERNANKE AND THE OTHER BRAIN DEAD FAGGOTS AT THE FED. The FACT, and it is a FACT, the Provable FACT is that at least HALF of the FED's fabricated Trillions and Trillions of Dollars end up in China FINANCING Chinese WORLD Military Expansion.

Why is the NO Inflation in America? WHERE have all of Bernanke's Trillions and Trillions of Queer Dollars$$ gone? The answer is that Most of the Queer Dollars ended up in Asia, and that's the WHY of after Trillions of  Bernanke Queer Dollars THERE IS NO SERIOUS INFLATION IN AMERICA, and Won't BE.

Bernanke's Queer $$ does NOT stay in America. It goes to ASIA where THERE IS INFLATION because of the Queer$$. However, the Chinese are Smart Enough to turn America's exported inflation around and USE IT AGAINST AMERICA via buying up World Strategic Assets. This is the CORE FLAW in Bernanke's insane Queer Money ideas, and the Core Flaw he fanatically refuses to see.

Future generations of Americans will get Bernanke's CRUSHING DEBT, while the Current generation of Chinese are earning Trillions and Trillions of Bernanke's Cash Dollars to pay for their military expansions. As a proven excellent grand strategist, in my opinion Bernanke and his FED faggots are the NUMBER ONE enemy of America's military survival.

Yes, the Trillions and Trillions of FREE, FED Faggot welfare money is nice. FREE is Always Fun. Like Jimmy Fallon says in his commercials, "Who Doesn't Like FREE?"  However, the DOWN SIDE of the faggot welfare Trillions is that it IS financing the expansion of Chinese Military Power.

The FACT is that after Years and years of Bernanke's Trillions and Trillions of never ending Queer Dollars; the FACT is that American Manufacturing Production is LOWER today than it was in 2006. The FACT is ALSO that China is a Lot Richer, and HAS used the FED's Queer $$ to buy Strategic Assets all over the World, and will buy a LOT MORE.

Bernanke's "Forever" and "Never Ending" Queer Money$$ is giving America a slow BUT VERY COMFORTABLE for now decent into ever Bigger and Deeper DEBT Hell. While at the Same Time Financing China's POWER SURGE into future Military Superiority over America.

Am I along in my Military analysis? No. Four star Admiral Mike Mullen, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said, "A Nation with our Current Level of Unsustainable Debt CANNOT hope to Sustain for very long its Military Superiority or Influence in the World."


Not only is Bernanke KILLING AMERICA with Debt, America's Debt Money is GOING TO the Chinese by the Trillions and Trillions of dollars. The Chinese have Made It Clear that their objective is to turn the Pacific Ocean into a Chinese Lake, and Bernanke is running up Trillions and Trillions of American Debt to HELPING the Chinese pay for that Objective.

In my opinion, Bernanke and the FED faggots are NOT intentionally being Traitors. They're just VERY Stupid. However, in my opinion their stupidity makes them de facto Traitors. In my opinion, the Bottom Line end result damage to America's future is the Same.

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