Title: Vice President Joe Biden's REAL BAD Advice about Guns.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri February 22nd, 2013


2/22/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Vice President Biden gave America some VERY BAD Advice about firearms.

Vice-President Joe Biden recently said on TV, "You don't need an AR15 for home defense, get a shotgun." I agree, with an AR15 you might shoot through two or three walls, and sometimes that's not good.

I recommend an 8 round, 12 ga. pump or auto shotgun with 00, 2 3/4  inch Buckshot Shells. The above is a de facto machine gun that at close range (25 feet, where 90% of all "civilian" gun fights happen) can put 72 (each lethal) bullets into the air in 9 seconds, and that's as FAST as a fully auto M16.

The current M16 of the US Army, the M16/M4 uses 30 round Magazines. So the above shotgun can shoot 42 MORE bullets than the US Army's M16/M4 before each have to re-load. If you had a US Army M16/M4 your magazine would be EMPTY, but the person with the above suggest shotgun would still have 42 bullets to shot at You.

Bullet Capacity DOES Count. One of my best friends in High School, Bob Gallowitch, became a Chicago Cop, and was murdered by two crooks. He was only 21 years old, and had married to his High School sweetheart, Joan Roma, also a good friend. In those days the Chicago Cops used six-shooters. Bob run into a burglary in process, got into a firefight along, he ran out of bullets, and while re-loading his revolver the Bad Guys rushed him and killed him.

For taking care of Bad Guys, Biden's suggestion was, "Go outside, firing your double-barrel Shotgun into the air, and that will scare the Bad Guys away." Sure, and you'll also be out in the open, and out of ammo in your gun. Daa.

Biden's Advice Is REAL BAD ADVICE. When you're outside shooting into the air, you're a really good target. Every professional gun fighter will say the same thing, "Do not threaten people with a gun. The desirable action is to run away, but if you CANNOT run away, and if you are in a position where in your opinion the other guy is highly dangerous and could Kill You. Then at that point, the First Thing the other guy should notice are the exit wounds in his body that are coming from the bullets in your gun."

In real world gun fighting you have to make a FAST decision, RUN or KILL. If it's "KILL," you do NOT wave your gun around to "scare people away," you do not talk, you SHOOT.  

In the real World, you'd wait for the Bad Guys to come INTO your home. Then you'd kill them. Make sure they are dead. Dead people can't sue you, or Lie in court. If the Bad Guys were not armed, some people would put a kitchen knife into their hands. That's not exactly legal to say, so I did not recommend it.

When the Cops arrive, say the Bad Guys were screaming about killing you, and you fired, AND THAT'S ALL YOU SAY. Very Important, that's all you say. Legally do don't have to say anything. Anything you say CAN be TWISTED around and used against you so SAY LITTLE. Let your local area left-wing faggot D.A. prove the Bad Guys were supposed to be IN Your Home, and did NOT threaten to kill you.

THE BOTTOM LINE. Vice President Biden, and his stupid GO OUTSIDE FIRING YOUR SHOTGUN AND SCARE PEOPLE AWAY bad advice is something VP Biden will NEVER HAVE TO DO.  VP Biden has LOTS of Government Guards who are paid for by YOU the Tax Payer, and VP Biden's 24/7 Guards have LOTS of FULLY automatic M16/A4s.

The firearms owners of America need to say, "Here's the deal Mr. Biden, you give everyone full time, personal, 24/7 guards paid for by the Government and we'll give you all of our AR15s."

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