Title: The Oscar Show, and What it Means for the Republicans
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue February 26th, 2013


2/25/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. The Canary in the Coal Mine (me) Liked This Year's Oscars.

I watched the Oscars, and it was a better show than most. However, I thought Jennifer Aniston's hair was a disaster. I spend a lot of time with women, and we talk about things like hair and looks. It's a Japanese Samurai thing. 

In my opinion, Aniston's hair was something I'd expect to see on a waitress at some cheap Trailer Park Dinner. She had so much Frizz coming out of her hair I was looking for the electric cord she was attached to.

My guess is her hair was the end result of a BAD Keratin Hair Treatment, using the cheapo Keratin rather than the top of the line Keratin, and put on by somebody who did NOT know what they were doing. In my opinion, Aniston's hair looked dull, and had no "life," except for having erections.

Yes, yes, I know that Aniston's hair color of darker roots going to blond is a popular "style," but it's a style NOT popular with me. In my opinion, it's like the ALSO popular "style" of spending a LOT OF MONEY to look like a whore. (The theme of this year's Oscars was classic Hollywood Glamour, Not classic Trailer Trash). 

Aniston probably paid $4,000 (or more) at some showboat BS Hollywood Hair Salon for what she got, and what she got was a hair color and treatment that looks like it came out of a box bought at the Dollar Store. Maybe she has a new show in the works? The Real House Wives of Camden, New Jersey.

If you have a BAD Keratin Treatment, and you know anything about hair. You take some good oil, message it into the hair, and that will lay-down the Frizz.

One of my daughters has the only FOUR STAR Salon in Miami. The Anastasia Molchanov Salon, 305-756-7755, 7242 Biscayne Blvd. Look it up on the Internet. If you want a $4,000 Hollywood California hair treatment/color THAT'S DONE RIGHT, and for a fraction of the money, give her a call. She does hair work for the TV Show Magic City, and travels to New York City for clients. She uses only the best products in the World.

Okay, enough of my Rex Reed/Joan Rivers Cat-Claw fun. Now we get a little more serious.  

I liked Seth MacFarlane as the Host. He had the COURAGE to be honest about a few things. Really Good Comedy is all about the TRUTH. Like the "Joke" of Hollywood making so much money last year all of the Hollywood Accountants are working double time to NOT have any Profits.

For the last 70 years Hollywood movies have NOT made any "Profits." One of the basic Hollywood "games" is to find some stupid Gomer, where they found oil in his back yard, and the Hollywood Producers get the Gomers to finance their movie, "for a percentage of the Profits." But there are NEVER ANY PROFITS.

Did you ever look at the "credits" on any modern movie? Who the hell owns the movie? You don't know. The IRS doesn't know. That's the whole idea. Under what cup is the "profit" pea? No outsider will ever know.   

I "Got" the Sound of Music and Nazi part, and how MacFarlane tied that into Christoper Plummer coming on stage and mumbling whatever he mumbled. The Nazi was also an "inside joke." One of the Rules of making movies is if you want to stack the odds of making money in your favor than somehow get some Nazis into the story line.

Fact, Hitler has been DEAD for 68 years, but EVERY DAY you can find him somewhere on TV.

I liked MacFarlane's talking Teddy Bear. The Bear is a variation of "Froggy Says" from the 1950s Buster Brown Show. On the Buster Bown Show people would come up with the usual BS and "Froggy" would chime in with the truth. Like the Bear said, if you want to make it in Hollywood you're playing the odds by pretending to be Jewish.

Okay, let's get really serious, and really truthful.

The BIG ISSUE and question with the Oscars Show was, "Where were the Republicans?"

The Republicans were OUT in the Hayseed barn talking about how Women should NOT have any rights over their own body.

The Republicans were OUT in the Hayseed barn talking about how Gay-Marriage has to be a Government issue, rather than a religious issue that Government SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN IN.

Like DAA! How stupid are the Republicans? Any "issue" that goes into the bedrooms of the voters IS A LOSER ISSUE.

Is there ANYONE in the Republican Leadership who remembers that THE GREATEST REPUBLICAN who ever lived, President Abraham Lincoln, believed that ALL people should be in charge of their own destinies?

First Lady Michelle Obama gave the BEST (and most Professional) presentation of the whole Oscars Show. (She showed that she IS a Chicago Lawyer). Michelle's TV "background" for her one-billion viewers were several young American military people (including women) in their Full Formal Dress Uniforms (Pure Advertising Brilliance). Mrs. Obama (who was beautifully dressed) announced the "Best Picture" going to "Argo," a very patriotic semi-military movie about the rescue of Americans and how they got OUT of Iran.

Where was the brain dead Republican leadership? Out in the Hayseed barn, talking about how the right-wing religious NUTS want American young soldiers BACK IN IRAN. How Americans have to be BACK in Iran and DYING in Very LARGE numbers because the Republican fruitcake religious right-wing sincerely believes that this will being the Second Coming of Christ.

The Republican Party has Changed from being the Party of Abraham Lincoln, into being the Party of Jim Jones and David Koresh.

The Republican so-called "leadership" is living on the dark side of the Moon. Republican "Policy" should be about: (1) Stopping the Massive Growth of DEBT that will cripple America's future. (2) Doing whatever is needed to create better conditions (tax laws, tort reform, fire Bernanke, etc) for the return of Good JOBS in America. (3) And building the image of the FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY PARTY thinking of the LONG TERM survival of America. (4) MOST OF ALL, the Republicans MUST take "Employment" away from the FED. The horrible MISTAKE and TOTAL SURRENDER of giving "Employment" to the FED must be corrected if the Republicans are going to survive.

Right now, President Obama has the best of all Worlds. President Obama talks about nothing but: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, and Jobs, BUT HE'S DOING NOTHING. Why? Because his faggot flying-monkey, Ben Bernanke, is running UP a TRILLION Dollars in DEBT Per Year to COVER UP THE FACT that overall employment in America keeps GETTING WORSE.

"Employment" belongs with the Congress and White House like our Founding Father intended. Where in the US Constitution does it say that the FED is supposed to be responsible for Employment? NOWHERE. It's time for the Republicans to force the White House to put some ACTIONS to Pres Obama's words. It's time for the Republicans to STOP being just another WELFARE WORM of the FED's Queer Money. It's time for the Republicans to STOP BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM and to Start being part of the SOLUTION.

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