Title: Chuck Hagel, and Military Grand Strategy Thoughts about the Future of America.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed February 27th, 2013


2/27/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS.  Today's Wall Street Journal Headline is, "Senate Confirmed Chuck Hagel by the Slimmest Margin." This is one of the MANY signposts of the MANY very serious things WRONG with America. You have to ask, "Is the majority of the Republican Party Suicidal?"  

Oh, Boohoo, we DON'T have a Sec. of Defense who's a Zionist-Christian Nut Case, and who believes that Murdering LOTS of American Troops in Iran will being the Second Coming of Christ.

Oh, Boohoo, Hagel doesn't believe that the Pentagon's already OBSCENE $720 Billion Dollar PER YEAR Budget (that is ALREADY 41% of the World's Total Defense Spending), is really Too Small and needs to be a Lot BIGGER.

Yesterday one of the TV "News" half-wits was screaming, "If we cut even a few Billion from the Military Budget the US Navy won't be able to repair its ships. America will be in mortal danger!!!" The FACT is that the US Navy has a good 5,000% More firepower than ALL of its real world enemies combined. OR, maybe America needs more money to repair all of the US Navy's ships to STOP the Afghanistan Armada that's already on its way to invade California?

Yes, it is definitely and without question NICER to drive a $250,000 Mercedes-Benz than a $20,000 Ford. Yes, it's definitely and without question NICER to live in a Three Million Dollar Condo on Miami Beach than in a trailer outside of Detroit. Yes, it's nice to have a Navy that's has Three Times more firepower than everyone else's Navies combined. THE QUESTION IS,   Why Can't modern America understand that "NICER" is NOT the issue? The Fact is that AMERICA CANNOT AFFORD what we are currently spending (and using Borrowed Money for the Spending). America had a nice, easy-street, party for a good 30 years, we SPENT the Money, and now we're Broke.

It's time to grow-up, time to become adults, and time to ACT ACCORDINGLY and start living within what we produce. If we CONTINUE to live in the FED's Faggot Queer Money Paradise then America WILL in a few years be in really BIG Trouble.

Then we have the Republican Morons like McCain and Romney who say, "USA Defense spending as a percent  of US Gross National Product isn't that Much." Yes, using Bernie Madoff accounting it's not that much. However, the Accounting TRUTH is that when you Take Away the FED Faggot's TRILLIONS of Queer Dollars, and Take Away the Trillions of BORROWED DOLLARS AND DEBT; the FACT is that America's Defense Budget as a percentage of total Federal Spending is 28%. As a percentage of total Federal Gov spending the US Military Budget is a Bigger percentage than North Korea's.

The ultimate UNWANTED TRUTH in America is that the US Military has become Teddy Kennedy's Plantation Paradise. It has become an Industrial/Military/Retired Military, Welfare State within a Welfare State where nobody above the rank of Lieutenant can afford to die in battle because they'd lose too many benefits.

One of the MAIN reasons that America did WELL in WWII was because in 1945, 85% of the Officers in the US Military had been Civilians in 1940. 

For Defense Spending, the USA has ALREADY become the old USSR. Over spending on the Military is a PROVEN MISTAKE that WILL destroy the USA just like it destroyed the USSR.

The McCains of the Republican Party need to do something for America, and retire. They can spend all day watching WWII re-runs - that's where their brains are at already.

Back in 1994, after the USSR had financially collapsed and broken apart. (As I had predicted 30 years sooner based on Friedrich Hayek's brilliant works). The Canary in the coal mine (me) wrote, "The difference between the USSR that financially collapsed because of TOO MUCH Government Spending and funny-money manipulation, and the USA that will ALSO financially collapse from too much government spending like the old USSR, (and probably break up into different countries like the USSR), that DIFFERENCE is about 25 years."

Back in the 1980s, many "expert" world economists rated the USSR as the Second Largest economy in the World. Most of America's "News" Journalists also accepted that Falsehood. A small group of "outsiders" (that included me) were saying the USSR was a giant accounting FRAUD, a smoke-and-mirrors trick, and the USSR would collapse from the inside out of its own Rotten, Dead welfare Weight. History proved the "minority" to be correct.

Today, America is still rated as the world's biggest economy - using manipulated and crooked accounting. However, if we rated Nations honestly, by how much MORE they produce compared to what they consume. By how much "Surplus Wealth" is produced each year. If we rated Nations HONESTLY then America WOULD ALREADY be way, WAY Down on the list of the World's Nations.

If I was a Chinese General or Admiral, and the "Leadership" asked for a Grand Military Strategy against the USA, I'd say, "All we have to do is WAIT until they financially destroy themselves."   

YES, it IS nice to spend Money. It IS nice to always buy More and MORE. However, if you Cannot Afford It, then you Cannot Afford It. It's time for America to Stop being a collection of spoiled, brat kids, and to become adults. If we want to SPEND More then Let's all WORK MORE.

If we really wanted to START turning America Around the FIRST THING we'd do is take "Employment" AWAY from the FED. The FED's job was supposed to be (1) watching inflation, and (2) providing queer cash ONLY during a Banking Crises. NOT RUN THE WHOLE COUNTRY ON QUEER MONEY FOREVER. It's the FED Faggots who are the drug dealer enablers who making it possible for Democrats, Republicans and the White House to DO NOTHING.

YES, take away the FED faggot money and there WOULD be Pain, BUT - No Pain, No Gain. This is what the Republicans need to be saying, THE TRUTH, - "No Pain, No Gain. Do you want a continuation of the short term FED Faggot Party, or do you want an American viable and healthy economy 25 years from now? Sometimes you have to TAKE LESS NOW, so in the future you have Something."

The TRUTH is that every person who's in a Bar, lights up a another Cigarette, and reaches for another glass of Whiskey, is doing EXACTLY what the US Congress does almost every day by saying, "Well, I'm NOT sick right now so what's the problem?"

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