Title: The "Mandatory Cuts," it's Time for the Republicans to do the Right Thing for America and the World.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu February 28th, 2013


2/28/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. It's Time to STOP Kicking the Cans Down The Road. It's Time for America to STOP Stealing Wealth from The World. It's time to Stop Panicking over a little Pain and to Start do the right things.

With the current Budget Issue of slowing down the process of America living off of Queer Money, the Republicans have to find the COURAGE to do what's right for the LONG TERM future of America.

WHY should the Republicans have to apologize for wanting to get America's Consumption into line with its Production? WHY should anyone have to apologize for being money management sensible? WHY should the Republicans apologize for being Intellectually Honest about NOT being able to live off of queer money forever?

Living off of Queer Money is an ADDITION. It's a Disease. It's a PERVERSION that makes it possible for Washington DC to keep kicking all of the cans down the road while Core America continues to ROT.

The "Temporary" 2008 FED Fix of QUEER MONEY is Now going on SIX YEARS OLD. The chief faggot, Ben Bernanke has made it clear that he wants the Queer to go on FOREVER. 

If the Republicans surrender now then what are they? "The Faggot Money Lite Party," vs the "Democrat's Total Faggot Money Party"? Gee, let's vote for the Republicans because they're only half faggots.

Republicans have to say, " We ARE for Jobs, but good jobs that are real, not phony jobs created by the FED's queer money stock market bubble. We are for massive legislative reform that will create GOOD JOBS that pay $25 an hour, NOT $9 an hour. We need Tax Reform to PROMOTE businesses expanding in American. Tort Reform to PROTECT business, and NOT feed off of business like vampires. Tort Reform to make America competitive with the World because America IS in competition with the World. We need a new, bold, courageous, imaginative grand strategy vision of America's World Civilization Advancement Mission.

America grew from nothing into the World's greatest nation because for 200 America was an IDEA. An Idea that motivated the World. For 200 years America WAS the shining city on the hill. BUT what is the IDEA of 21st Century America? Unlimited FED fabricated Queer Money?  FED Queer Money that get's much of its power BY STEALING from (and lowering the living standards) of ALL of the World's poorest people? The Democrats, and the FED faggots have turned 21st Century America into a greedy worldwide Bernie Madoff. The FED faggots have flooded  the world with Trillions and Trillions of Queer Dollars and have turned America into Karl Marx's ultimate "Capitalist Pig."

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