Title: A Doable and Workable Way to NOT have a Nuclear War Between Iran and Israel.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Mon March 4th, 2013


3/4/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. New Secretary of State, John Kerry is getting a very chilly reception in the Middle East. In Turkey, Kerry, and Turkish PM Erdogan exchanged insults. For America, the Middle East situation just keeps going, down, down and DOWN. 

For Kerry it's NOT going to get much better anywhere else in the Middle East. WHY? The root of all evil is, AND REMAINS, the West Bank slave State. As long as the Slave State remains a Slave State, America's power and influence in the Middle East WILL CONTINUE TO ROT AWAY.

Three Questions for Secretary Kerry's State Department regarding the West Bank slave State, (1) "Isn't 40 years of FAILURE enough?" (2) "What's going to Magically cause the Muslims to start loving the enslavement of Muslims, and the THEFT of Muslim property?" (3) "Would Abraham Lincoln have said what the US State Department says Every Day, KEEP THEM SLAVES AT ANY COST"?

WORKABLE AND DOABLE SOLUTIONS: Israel can (1) annex the West Bank and make its people Israeli citizens, OR (2) Israel can set the West Bank FREE. What's NOT a solution, what's not working, and NEVER will work is the current CHARADE.

Let's be honest, the West Bank is Nazi occupied Poland in 1942. The US State Department calls that "Freedom," but Everyone else in the World calls it Slavery. The Nazis had exactly the same excuse as the Zionists, the Nazis needed the Polish Slave State for "Security Reasons."

It's long past the time when SOMETHING NEEDED TO CHANGE. If the Zionists are too brain-frozen in their Zionist Power Ego Magomania to do what's right, then the USA needs to JOIN the 95% of the World and vote at the UN for West Bank Statehood.

Military Grand Strategy and Objectives. The OBJECTIVE is to NOT have a nuclear war in the Middle East. The Objective for AMERICAN is NOT to be IN THE MIDDLE of a Middle East Nuclear War. The Objective of the Zionists IS TO PUT AMERICA IN THE MIDDLE of a Middle East Nuclear War.

The ONLY way to totally stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons is for TROOPS to physically occupy all of Iran. Bombing would ONLY Slow the process of Iran building a nuclear bomb. Iran could probably build a nuclear bomb within a few months if it really wanted.

A successful war (and occupation) against Iran would require LARGE NUMBERS of American troops and Armor in Iraq, and then attacking East towards Teheran. There would have to be massive American air support from bases in Iraq. PLUS, Large Numbers of American troops and Armor in Afghanistan, and then attacking West towards Teheran. With massive American air support from bases in Afghanistan.

Even with TOTAL SUPPORT from President Obama, and Congress, the above attack would take a half year to set up. None of the above could be kept secret, and would take 6 months for a built up in Iraq and Afghanistan once approved. So the Iranian Army would almost certainly complete a nuclear bomb(s).

America WOULD NOT receive any substantial Troop Help from any other nation, LEAST OF ALL from Israel that has NOT supported America with troops anywhere. Not Iraq, not Afghanistan, not anywhere.

With the above military plan, let's ignore the FACT that America is ALREADY de facto bankrupt, and ALREADY living on the FED's fabricated Queer Money, and ALREADY on the road to a major financial collapse. 

HERE  IS AN ALTERNATIVE AND DOABLE SOLUTON for avoiding a Nuclear War between Iran and Israel. Israel goes with plan (1) above, and annexes the West Bank, and makes the people of the West Bank full citizens. That means there could be an elected Israeli Prime Minister who was Muslim. That TAKES AWAY Most of the reasons for Muslims in the Middle East disliking Israel, and GREATLY REDUCES the probability of a nuclear war even after Iran gets nuclear weapons.

Yes, all of the Zionists, both American and Israeli, will be screaming that Israeli would not then be a "Jewish State." However, The Jews in Israel would still be Jews. If Everyone has "Equal protection under the law," sometimes that's as good as it gets. 16% of Israeli citizens are Muslims, but they have been, and are, 100% frozen OUT of National Israeli Government.

The FACT is that the Muslims in the Middle East are NOT magically going away, and EVERY YEAR the Muslim world becomes richer, smarter, and larger. Where do the idiots at the US State Department think the POWER TREND LINES are going?

WHY doesn't America CHANGE, and start to deal with the REAL WORLD the way it Really Is rather then keep killing America troops (and driving America ever DEEPER into bankruptcy) to make a delusional fantasy world work?

Here is a reminder to the US State Department. YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AMERICANS. You are being PAID to put AMERICA'S interest FIRST. The survival of America does NOT depend on the West Bank remaining a Slave State.

As one of the proven best grand strategists in America, I can assure you that Israel as a "Jewish State Only" has NO Future. Israel will ether change via common sense (and a lack of fanatical Zionist ego), and protect itself by becoming PART of the Middle East, or Israel will be forcible changed via a nuclear war.

The Military grand strategy for America must be: DON'T GO DOWN WITH THE ZIONIST SHIP. Don't get caught in the TOMB with the Zionists. Do NOT be Conned into MORE Wars that are NOT America's Wars. If the Zionist insist on yet another SUICIDE, on another 66AD, then America needs to let them go it alone.

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