Title: How To Think like a Grand Strategist, and How To View the American-Iran War.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Wed March 6th, 2013


3/6/2013. Yesterday's Wall Street Journal had an article about the inequality in the West Bank. How even some Israeli newspapers are calling it, Apartheid.

I'm a proven, excellent military grand strategist. I've gotten it mainly CORRECT for the last half century. Starting with Vietnam, the "Cold War,  and up to my 2004 predictions of how the Iraq War would, and DID, end.

How do you think like a good military grand strategist?

It's complicated, BUT real world power and current Major Forces are vital factors for analysis. It's NOT how you would like the world to be, it's how the world really is.

A major factor of the modern world is that it HAS BECOME a World Network. In the 1930s people like Wendell Willkie were talking about "One World," but in the 1930s America was still a 90% CLOSED SYSTEM. However, today we really DO Have a one world Network.

In grand strategy you have to be aware of your own flaws. One of the many FLAWS of Washington DC is that its full of people who secret believe that the world is still 1943, or 1953.

In 1946 America had 38% of the World's manufacturing production, and 43% of the World's money. That was a once in a 1,000 years happening. THAT WORLD IS GONE FOREVER. Today American has 16% of the world's manufacturing (and going down), and is a DEBTOR NATION.

One of the BASIC RULES OF GRAND STRATEGY IS DO NOT BE A CRUSADER. One of the main reasons for America being the biggest winner in WWII is because the Japanese and Germans attacked America FIRST.

A CLASSIC CRUSADER Mistake are today's American right-wing Evangelico Zionist-Christian fruitcakes who want a war with Iran because they believe that will bring the Second Coming of Christ.  

One of the MAIN reasons for American being the biggest winner in World War II is because the Russians, British and others did 80% of the fighting towards defeating Germany.

One of the main reasons for American LOSING wars during the last half century is because American attacked, and America did 80% of the fighting.

The Zenith of grand strategy is to get somebody else to fight and win your wars for you. For America, that's what happened in Europe in WWII. Even in the Great Pacific War of 1933-1945: China, India, England, Australia, and Russia contributed significantly. It was Russia attacking Japan that finally caused the Japanese leadership to surrender, NOT America's atomic bombs.

The Zionist Conned America into fighting their war in Iraq. That was GOOD for them because they did not lose any troops, but not so good for the 4,100 American soldiers who died.

If America attacked Iran, what other troops would be there IN NUMBERS to help? Nobody. Certainly NOT any Israeli soldiers.

One of the BASIC RULES OF GRAND STRATEGY IS you have to Always be asking, "What of Real Value to US, that we going to get out of this War, is Worth the price of this War?"

In 1964 when I predicted that America would LOSE the Vietnam war. One of the reasons I was sure America would eventually lose was because there was NOTHING OF VALUE in Vietnam to justify the loses.

Today's America IS balance sheet BANKRUPT. One of the reasons WHY America is Bankrupt today is because of a half century of attacking other people, and fighting wars for some totally stupid reasons that had NOTHING to do with America's long term vital interests.

Real power has always been vital and core to any good grand strategy analysis. For many thousands of years a big part of "strategy" centered around what the kings wanted and thought. However, today, we have to "see" REAL POWER through the eyes of the World Network. We have to be aware of the FLOW OF HISTORY. We have to be aware that News and Views now travel around the world in second, not years. In modern grand strategy you have to always be asking, "Are we going WITH, or AGAINST, the flow of current world history?"

This gets US to the current war-and-peace issues of Iran, and the West Bank. As a grand strategist, in summary, my analysis is, "America needs Iran, it does NOT need the West Bank to remain a Slave State. One way or the other America has to get the West Bank Monkey OFF of the backs of the American people - and NOW. American's de facto support for West Bank slavery is a World Network grand strategy Disaster."

Let's look at the POWER EQUATIONS. Iran has 75,000,000 Million people on 1,648,000 sq km of land. Iran has 10% of the world's proven oil reserves, and 15% of the world's proven gas reserves. What VERY Important for a grand strategist like myself, is the fact that the Persian people have been Major players on the world stage of history for over 5,000 years. The rule is that a once great people CAN again be a great people (the DNA is there). China and India are currently proving that.

The DNA of the Zionists is suicide.

Then we have the West Bank, 2,600,000 people on 5,640 sq km of land. The West Bank is a giant landlocked prison with ZERO INDUSTRY.

For comparison, the city of Houston, Texas has 2.2 million people on 1.700 sq km of land. The economic gross product of the city of Houston is 3,400% LARGER than the gross product of the West Bank slave State.

Hmm, who's more important to America's long run future? Most of the analysts in Washington DC say, "Clearly the West Bank remaining a Slave State is what's vital for America's long term strategy. Slavery is the wave of the future, and this puts America on the correct side of history. This is WHY everything is going so good for America in the Middle East. Why would we need Iran when we have the West Bank?"

We ALSO have the Washington DC analysts who say, "What about the Holocaust? America owes the Zionists because of the Holocaust, and the Holocaust gives the Zionists the right to enslave other people. America has a moral obligation to support West Bank slavery."

AMERICA did NOT cause the Holocaust. American did NOT run the extermination camps. Nobody in America was fully aware of the extermination camps until early 1945 when the European War was almost over. 180,000 American Christian soldiers DIED to STOP the Nazis. There is no reason whatsoever for ANY Guilt on America's side.

The Holocaust was caused mainly by communist-Zionists inside of Germany starting in World War One, and into the 1919 German revolution, and into the 1920s. German-Zionists who were NOT loyal to Germany, and were mainly loyal to the Russian Communists. When Adolf Hitler came into power, Hitler said that the German Zionists were traitors to Germany, and there was enough truth to make that charge stick. Then Hitler applied the "traitor label" to all Jews everywhere, and that is the #1 reason for the Holocaust.

A million captured Russian soldiers were starved to death, it's not like nobody else was dying in the war.

One of the basic Core Rules of good military grand strategy is, "NEVER let a weak and insignificant ally dictate your grand strategy." America has been violating that rule for 40 years. It's time to STOP.

Like it or not, the bottom line CORRECT grand strategy conclusion is that America needs Iran a lot more than it needs the West Bank to remain a slave State. The USA and Iran were close allies at one point, and they can be close allies again.

Israel has to either annex the West Bank and make EVERYONE a citizen with Equal Rights, or America has to join the NETWORK, the 95% of the World, and vote for the UN to recognize the West Bank as a FREE Nation. Either way it gets the West Bank Monkey OFF of the backs of Americans.

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