Title: The Democrats and their Media Whores Cannot do 4th Grade Math, but the Gordon Gekkos Can.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sat March 9th, 2013


3/9/2013. Re-printed BELOW is my essay from Sunday, 3/2/2013 AFTER the "Sequester" had taken effect that Friday.


"The "Sequester Issue" should be a joke, rather than something that the Democrats are totally twisting and spinning to beating the Republicans blood.

"Over the last five years the FED and US Treasury have fabricated (via Madoff accounting) over SIX Trillion queer dollars and additional US Bonds. A Trillion Dollars is $1,000 Billion dollars, so that's $6,000 Billion queer dollars and added Bonds. So, now we have a "Sequester Program" to cut a TINY $85 Billion out of the Government's MASSIVE $500 Billion dollar Per Year of proven WASTE; with the popular media spinning everything to the Max and going totally crazy. Like an $85 Billion Cut, in a USA Gross National Product that's $15,000 Billion Dollars, is the End Of The World. (Do the Math: $85 Billion Dollars is .56 of 1% of the total USA GNP of $15,000 Billion).

"BUT, the big left wing press is Screaming that millions of Americans will be starving in the streets. Airplanes will crash into buildings because the air controllers were fired. Babies will be starving in hospitals because the Nurses were fired, etc and so forth, and it will ALL be because Republicans want to give MORE money to Paris Hilton.

"However, the REALITY IS that no matter how WRONG something might be, the great majority of the voters DO NOT THINK, and ONLY believe what the Big Press Tells them. So if you don't know how to use the Press to get the truth out YOU WILL LOSE.

"I stand by one of my basic suggestions, the Republicans need to start their own cable TV channel. The TRUTH means NOTHING if you Cannot Communicate it. 

"The FED faggots in 2013 are STILL going to fabricating $1,000 Billion queer dollars, and another $1,000 Billion queer dollars in 2014, and another $1,000 Billion QuEer Dollars in 2015, and EVERY YEAR until the total American Financial System collapses into its own self-made Cesspool of Madoff like Queer Money Debt.

"When are the stupid Republicans going to STOP thinking that Ben Bernanke is going to save THEM? Bernanke is the Democrat's GREATEST TOOL for destroying the Republicans. TAKE "Employment" away from the FED. The "Sales Argument" is that the US Constitution wanted Congress and the President to take care of "Employment," and not some faggot FED. The "Sales Argument" is that the Republicans are supporting the US Constitution, while the Democrats are trying to create a non-elected FED Dictatorship of faggot-communist money.

"As I've told Republicans many times during the last four years, NOBODY can sell against FREE. The best salesman in the world CANNOT sell against FREE. Step one is for the Republicans to Kill the faggot FED monster that's giving the Democrats all of the FREE Money they need to destroy the Republicans. Take "Employment" away from the FED.

"The FED was originally created to supply Money during a Banking crises, and to help control inflation. That part is all good and okay, and SHOULD stay part of the FED. However, there is NO Banking Crises, and little inflation, so WHY is the FED creating Trillions and Trillions of Queer Dollars to finance the Democrat's march towards turning America so communist we will NEVER RECOVER?

"There's a good $500 Billion of WASTE in the Federal Government. ONE EXAMPLE out of Millions of examples. My Drug Store, in my neighborhood, a Walgreens on 17th Causeway and Eisenhower (a major intersection and entrance to Port Everglades), a store that I use all of the time; that Walgreens over three years ago put in an electronic "fill up" station to Recharge Hybrid Cars. Walgreens got a big Federal subsidy$$ for putting in the Hybrid Recharge Station. In over three years, from the time the station was put in, with ME passing the Walgreens ALL OF THE TIME. I have NEVER seen even ONE Hybrid Car getting an electrical re-charge. NOT ONE. Zero. None.

"However, from what the Journalism Professions Says; if we try and cut .56 of 1% from the GNP then ALL OF THE WORLD WILL END, and millions of Americans will be starving in the streets because every single dollar spent by the Federal government is used to save lives.

"Saying that trying to "Save" less than 1% of America's GNP is something that will cause starvation is America is a JOKE. If Republicans are not smart enough to "sell" against the above JOKE, then what can they "sell" against?

"You have no idea of how so, SO tired I am of writing, "I told you so follow-up articles." I really am so very tired of being correct. So very tired of dealing with idiots. If the Hayseed Republicans don't get some media smarts, or hire people with media and salesmanship smarts, then come November 5th 2014 the Democrats will Control the House, and I'll have to  write yet another, I told you so essay. "

EPILOG 3/9/2013. Maybe nobody in either the Democratic or Republican Party can do 4th Grade Math. However, The Gordon Gekkos on Wall Street CAN do 4th Grade math, and apparently they could see the Point that $85 Billion is NOTHING. The Wall Street Journal's headline of March 6th 2013 was, "Dow Leaps to Record High."

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