Title: Firearms Retailers, and those who like Freedom, have a BIG New Problem.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue March 12th, 2013


3/12/2013. The NAFLFD (National Association of Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers) needs your help. There is a Bill in Congress that probably will pass, the so-called penalty increase for "Straw Man" gun purchases (people buying guns for felons, kids, etc.)

In the real world this is a problem that MANY retailers have. Every liqueur store and Bar has under age kids trying to buy drinks. Kids pay bums to buy them a bottle of Gin or six-pack of beer. It happens. How does the liqueur store owner know if some Bum is buying for underage kids? How does the firearms retailer know? They BOTH ask, but if the Buyer is lying the retailer does  NOT have a crystal ball. Somebody might say, "But Beer is not guns." A lot of drunk 16-17 year old kids who are driving and drunk kill a lot of people (including themselves) every year. I lost FOUR under age 18 year old friends who were drunk and killed themselves in a car.

The NAFLFD has for 40 years supported stronger penalties against those that knowingly and deliberately buy guns for people who are legally banned from having them. HOWEVER, unless the New Law is worded VERY Specifically and Clearly, the New Law WILL be used against Firearms Retailers.

Most American big cities are Democrat One Party Dictatorships, VERY left wing, and VERY corrupt. Today's Wall Street Journal reported that the former Detroit Major, Black Major Kwane Kirpatrick, was convicted on 24 charges of racketeering, conspiracy, extortion, mail fraud, and tax evasion. Another Thirty-five (35) other Detroit officials were ALSO found guilty.

My contacts tell me that Detroit is just as corrupt as always, but now the Political crooks are more careful.

President Obama's Chicago is one of the MANY LEFT-WING One Party Dictatorships. On the front cover of today's WSJ the headline is, "SEC Says Illinois Hid Pension Troubles." The opening sentence of the article is, "For years Illinois officials (read that Chicago) misled investors (in Chicago and State Bonds). In other words, it's the Madoff Bond Accounting Fraud that I have been warning about for years.

My point is that most big America cities are run by left-wing Democratic Party Demagogues (who usually have TOTAL Control of the Police and District Attorneys), and THEY HAVE AND DO twist the law anyway they can to be used against those they dislike - like firearms retailers in particular.

We see this in every public school shooting. It's NEVER, ever what goes on inside of the Public Schools that's the "Problem." The "Problem" is ALWAYS some firearms retailer a 1,000 miles away. The left-wing crackpot District Attorneys SINCERELY believe their own lies.

A few years back, New York City used Federal Money (that was supposed to be used for New York City Security), and they TWISTED THE MEANING of "Security," and used Federal tax payer money to hire agents in several States OUTSIDE of New York State. The agents went into gun stores, either two or three, and one person bought a gun. That person Passed the NICS check, complied with the local laws. THEN, New York City sued the gun dealer saying that the person who bought the gun was really buying it for the other person, and the Dealer was GUILTY of making a Straw Man sale.

The usual big media Idiots say, "Well, Firearms Dealers so charged could win that case." Yes, the firearms dealer could win, AFTER $75,000-$100,000  in lawyer fees, and three years in court. The firearms dealer is using his money and his time. While the City of New York was using Federal tax payer money to pay for everything; including BIG salaries for those running the scam. That's a "No Win" for the firearms retailers.

Left-wing District Attorneys Twisting Laws and using them as aggressive weapons against firearms dealers has been going on for a LONG TIME. The NAFLFD Association has been selling its "Form 78" to Firearms Dealers for 25 years to SPECIFICALLY help protect them AGAINST the Legal Fraud that HAS been used against firearms retailers for decades.

It was our Association that helped in getting BATF to change the 4473 Firearms Sales Form so question #1 makes it clear that the buyer is not buying the gun for another person. So, some people might ask, "Why be concerned?" NOW is the time to make sure the New Law's wording cannot be twisted. An ounce of prevention is sometimes worth ten pounds of cure, and NOW is one of those times.

The American legal system is one of the worst in the world because in America anyone can sue anyone for almost anything. YES, if it's a BS lawsuit you will probably "win." However, if you are a firearms retailer and using YOUR money for Lawyer fees ($500-$1,000 an hour), and using YOUR time for three or four years in court. While some left-wing District Attorney is using YOUR tax money to attack you, and using your tax money to pay his Big salary and retirement benefits, then YOU HAVE ALREADY LOST

The BS line is that AFTER you win you could sue for Malicious Prosecution. Sure, and the Tooth Fairy is also real. Your chances of winning the lottery are greater than your chances of finding an attorney that would sue the local District Attorney for Malicious Prosecution. If you did, that attorney would want A LOT OF MONEY, the case would go on for years. and Your Attorney Would Lose the Case. (Your attorney is the one having drinks with the local DA at the local Bar Association's parties - not You). That's reality of the American legal system - one of the worst in the industrialize world and a MAJOR REASON for America's CONTINUING economic DECLINE.

One of the MANY Changes and Reforms that America desperately needs is, THE EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD LAW, EXCEPT AMERICA. That is: If somebody sues you, and they lose, then THEY pay your expenses.

Somebody might say, "Well, just buy liability Insurance." First off, "liability Insurance" for a defective gun and DOES NOT COVER Criminal Prosecution like a Straw Man Charge. Aside from that, the insurance companies don't usually fight a case, most of the time they GIVE IN to the lawyer's EXTORTION and pay them off. Then they RAISE THEIR RATES TO EVERYONE. One of the MANY DIRTY SECRETS of the Insurance Industry is the BS that, "They keep expenses Down." In reality insurance companies LIKE BIG EXPENSES, because then they can RAISE THEIR RATES. Insurance is Government Regulated and pays "A fair profit." So if you're the insurance executive do you want your "fair profit" on 100 million in sales, or 500 million is sales?  (Get It?) 

After 40 years of fighting for firearms dealer right I can give you a 100% guarantee that if the new law CAN be twisted and used against Firearms Dealers it WILL be twisted and used against honest Firearms Dealers. We would use your financial help on this issue.

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