Title: Are America's Gun Dealers Knowingly Selling Guns to Crooks?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri March 15th, 2013


3/15/2013. NBC News on its website posted a story (3/12/2013) titled, "Tens of thousands try to illegally buy guns from dealers annually."

The study was by Dr. Garen J Wintemute (U. of Cal. Davis). The "mail-in" study, claims that, "Attempted illegal gun purchases occur 30,000 to 40,000 times each year among U.S. firearms retailers." As a mail-in study it is NOT statistically valid.

I was also quoted in the article, and said, "The key world is Attempted." If there are 50 "Attempted" Bank Robberies that All Failed then the Banks are doing their job. If 30,000, 16 year olds ATTEMPT to buy beer at 7/11s, but FAIL, then the 7/11s are doing their job. Every year there are about 50,000 people who FAIL the NICS background check when trying to buy a firearm at an FFL gun dealer's store. In the very narrow definition they are all illegal attempts to buy a gun. So is this a problem? Or is the system working? The system is WORKING.

In My Opinion the core problem is that Dr. Wintemute implies that there are FFL holders knowingly selling guns to crooks. He does NOT specifically say that, but that in my opinion that's the impression. This is a 40 year OLD Smear that's especially popular at U. of Cal, and in Hollywood.

One of the worst of the MANY Hollywood movie offenders was Arnold Schwarzengger's 1985 movie Commando. Where he breaks into a Gun Store and takes: Claymore Mines, Machine Guns, Hand Grenades, a Grenade Launcher, Plastic Explosives and Remote Bomb Timing Detonators. All of the things that every gun store sells, but ONLY if you pay extra and in lots of cash. Personally, I do all of my Deer Hunting with Claymore Mines because it's a lot less work. For Duck Hunting, my favorite is the Redeye 43A surface-to-air shoulder held missile launcher. You can buy one at any American gun store, you just have to pay a little extra.

Guns have serial numbers, and newer guns ARE highly traceable. So WHERE ARE ALL OF THE CONVICTIONS of the FFL holders who are supposedly selling all of these guns to crooks? They are NOT THERE. Is anti-gun US Attorney General Eric Holder giving all of the supposed crooked gun dealers a Pass? NO. There are almost no convictions of FFLs for knowingly selling guns to crooks because it's NOT happening. Even in fanatical, communist, gun-hating California there are almost no convictions of FFL holders knowingly selling guns to crooks.

There are people who can pass a NICS check, and DO Buy guns for people who should NOT have them. THIS IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE GUN DEALER who is a VICTIM of a criminal Fraud. The "Straw Men" are often the girl friends or wives of convicted felons. For many YEARS the Firearms Industry has had programs, paid for at industry expense, to inform and discourage people from buying guns for a felon. Ten years ago there were ALREADY signs in almost ALL gun stores in America saying, "Don't Go To Jail For The Other Guy." For 30 years our Association, the NAFLFD, has sold Form 78s to dealers to make it CLEAR that the person buying the gun was buying it for themselves, and NOT a felon. For years the position of our Association has been that those who knowingly buy a gun for a convicted felon SHOULD go to Jail.

The Problem is that over the last 40 years many State and local laws that were supposed to be used against those lying to Gun Dealers and buying guns for felons. Many of those laws that looked okay on the surface were in fact used by gun-hating, left-wing political demagogues AGAINST honest gun dealers. Over the last 30 years there have been MANY lawsuits and charges against gun dealers that although BS and left-wing politically motivated, nevertheless financially destroyed the dealer. (I personally have seen MANY). What many dealers found out the hard way is that Liability Insurance (although good) only covers defective guns, NOT a criminal charge. With a criminal charge the DEALER PAYS, and if the dealer does not have some very expensive lawyers then the dealer runs the risk of becoming a felon and going to jail.

One of the MANY reasons WHY modern America is Failing is because anyone can easily sue anyone for anything. And sure, you'll win a BS charge, but if it's the Government charging you then unless you have a lot of money you'll go bankrupt in the process of winning.

At the NAFLFD Association, we are working to try and make sure that the wording of any new Federal Law NOT have the ability to be TWISTED by left-wing fanatics and used AGAINST honest firearms dealers.

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