Title: The WHY of an Argentinean Pope, and WHY Pres Obama's Trip to Zionland WILL Tell US the Future.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun March 17th, 2013


3/17/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. The Catholic Cardinals chose an Argentinean to be the New Pope. I guess the Cardinals thought an Argentinean Cardinal would have a Lot Of Experience in how to run the Church INSIDE of a Bankrupt nation.

The TRUTH is that you DO need a lot of specialized management talent to run any kind of organization inside of a bankrupt nation. As America's managers will discover in the not too distant future.

Most western nations are de facto bankrupt, ESPECIALLY the USA. Total USA Debt and future Liabilities are $80,000 Billion Dollars. (A Billion Dollars in 1,000 Million Dollars). Federal and local Government Debt keeps INCREASING at OVER $1,000 Billion Dollars a year. Total Private Debt keeps INCREASING at $1,000 Billion Dollars a year.

THE PROVABLE FACT is that for the Next Seventeen years (17 years) every day - 365 days a year, ten thousand (10,000) people in America Per Day, will START Collecting full Social Security and Medicare payments. This is NOT my opinion, it's a Real World FACT.

The FACT is that there's Already NOTHING in the Social Security "Lock Box." Social Security becomes more of a Madoff-Ponzi accounting fraud with each passing day. If you or I did our taxes, and ran our business in the same way as Social Security ALREADY does then we'd be in Jail along with Madoff.

Social Security is in large part already running off of the FED's fabricated Queer Money Con Game, and that fraud will only INCREASE. 

The Total World Gross Product (WGP) is $70,000 Billion Dollars a year. So if the USA had 100% of ALL of the Money Spent BY EVERYONE in the WORLD for one year that WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH to payoff America's total Debts and cover the Federal Government's future liabilities. This is NOT my opinion, it's a FACT.

HOWEVER, the FED Faggot's $5,000 Billion of Madoff Accounting Queer Money HAS succeeded in re-inflating the Stock Market BUBBLE. Bernanke HAS succeeded in becoming (I never saw a Bubble I didn't like) Alan Greenspan. So with America's current Ghetto Mentality of NOT being able to think more than two weeks into the future that means there's nothing to worry about. Right?      


3/16/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Netanyahu formed a "new" so-called government, and Pres Obama will pilgrimage to the Netanyahu Plantation in a few days.

Obama's Trip Out will Tell US if in the next 3+ years Pres Obama is going to be a LEADER who helps America, OR a Jesse Jackson status-pig, Crap talking King Fish, and SMALL MINDED ghetto thinking demagogue.

If Pres Obama tells Netanyahue, "Your Slave state colonialism has to END. Either annex the West Bank and make the people citizens, OR make it a FREE country. A Nation Cannot exist half free and half slave." If Obama says what Abraham Lincoln would have said, then we know America has a Courageous TRUE LEADER for the next 3+ years.

HOWEVER, if Obama mouths the usual 40 year OLD Failed Crap of how, "Zionland is America's greatest military alley. A nation that had its troops standing and fighting shoulder to shoulder with American troops from Vietnam to Iraq. A nation with the BEST Democracy in the history of the World. And the West Bank remaining SLAVE is VITAL to America's survival." If Obama says the same old thing in the same old FAILED way then we know that for the next 3+ years America will have a WEAK, Indecisive, yesterday loving, AMERICA DESTROYING, Black version of Tsar Nicholas II.

A President that Abraham Lincoln would NOT have liked.

We'll soon know. 

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