Title: Pres Obama's Trip to Israel, a Grand Strategy Viewpoint.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue March 19th, 2013


3/19/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR VIEWPOINTS. Pres Obama flew to Israel, "America's Greatest Military and Political Ally," as newspapers like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times never stop telling US. The FACTS are: Israel's TOTAL economy is about HALF the size of Walmart's yearly sales, and Israel has given America ZERO Troop-Help from Vietnam to Iraq/Afghanistan.

It's a good sign that Pres Obama will NOT speak before the Israel's Knesset that in my opinion is racist, anti-democratic, and a Fraud. About 20% of Israeli proper citizens (NOT the Slave state part) are non-Jewish. Mainly Muslim and Christian. However, the Israeli non-Jewish citizens have been Frozen OUT of any kind of real power. No major Israeli Government post has EVER been held by a non-Jew.

There is even a "Separate But Equal" court system for Muslims with Israeli citizenship. Non-citizen Muslims in the West Bank Slave Colony have Israeli Military Courts. The Ku Klux Klan would Definitely and Absolutely approve.

The Muslims and Christians with Israeli citizenship have as much political power in the Israeli Knesset as Republicans have in the Chicago City Counsel.

On the other hand, America is only 13% Black, but American has a Black President, Black Federal Judges, Black Congressmen, and so forth. There is NO Muslim Oprah Winfrey in Israel.

As one of America's proven best military grand strategists, my questions to the ding dongs in Washington DC is, "Where in the history of the World has a nation that's been half free and half slave survived forever?"

The Answer is, "Nowhere in the 6,000 year old history of the World." NOT in America (Civil War 1861-1865). NOT in China. Not in India. NOT in Mexico, and South America. Not in the France of Louis the XVI. Not in the Russia of Tsar Nicholas II. NOT in Ancient Rome. NOT in Nazi Germany. NOT in the Japanese Empire of pre-1945. NOT in the British Empire. NOT in South Africa - NOWHERE. So if a country being Half Free and Half Slave has FAILED everywhere in the World for the last 6,000 years then WHY is it going to work in Israel? Exactly WHY is America's military and financial SUPPORT for half-free and half-slave going to work now?

The Geo-Military situation is WORSE in Israel than in most of the places where Half Free and Half Slave FAILED. Israel (6 million Jews - 6,000,000) are surrounded by a Billion Muslims (1,000,000,000) that every year become smarter and more advanced. Muslim Pakistan already has nuclear weapons. Muslim Iran could probably build them in six months if they wanted. Saudi Arabia and Egypt could build nuclear weapons if they wanted.

If a nation living Half Free and Half Slave is the CORRECT solution than Abraham Lincoln (a Republican) was WRONG.

When I joined the NAACP in 1960, and started fighting for Freedom. I was well aware that THERE WAS a downside to America from Black Freedom. To be honest, the downside was bigger than I had imaged. Black freedom destroyed the America public school system. HOWEVER, I'd do it all over AGAIN, and MORE SO because the downside of FREEDOM was still LESS than the downside of trying to maintain de facto slavery in America.

Likewise, THERE ARE SERIOUS DOWNSIDES to Israel from Freedom for Muslims in the West Bank Slave Colony. The downsides are REAL, but the grand strategy ISSUE is that for Israel the downsides of Freedom for the West Bank are long term LESS than the Downsides of trying to keep it a Slave Colony forever.

How much: time, emotional energy, money, worry, and restricted opportunities are LOST by Jews in Israel EVERY DAY in keeping the Muslim slaves in slavery? In reality, the Slave Master is always a slave himself to maintaining slavery. It's like being a jail guard 24/7; You're in jail too.

Even the USSR eventually Got Smart and gave their Slave colonies Freedom. NOW, today, the average Russian worker is Richer and Safer than he's ever been in the last 1000 years of Russia history.      

I am pro-Israel's survival. What I want for the Jewish People is TRUE Peace, Prosperity, and Real Safety based NOT on nuclear weapons, but on co-operation and respect by everyone for everyone. I would like America to SAVE Israel from the Zionists. Sometimes you have to drag a people kicking and screaming into doing the right things. America had to do it with the Germans and Japanese in WWII.

As I've pointed out for years, the "Problem" for America are the American crackpot Evangelical Christians who WANT A WAR in the Middle East because they believe that will bring the Second Coming of Christ.

The Grand Strategy question for today's Republican Party is, "Can the Republican Party grow and prosper as the Political Party FOR Evangelical religious fanatics, slavery loving, and insane murder/war loving assholes?"

Evangelicals like to refer to Catholics as, "Extremists." But NONE of the Catholic Popes are saying the World needs MORE Wars in the Middle East, an expansion of slavery, and an invasion of Iran to bring the Second Coming of Christ.

I don't hear Pope Francis saying, "So when does the bombing and murder of Iranian women and children start? What Jesus Christ wants is for American to bomb the Muslim Middle East BACK into yesterday."

What's "Needed" is America's Evangelical crackpots getting the Devil OFF of their shoulders. What's "Needed" is America supporting FREEDOM rather than Slavery. What's need is an American Middle East/Isreal military strategy based on what Abraham Lincoln might have said, "Wars CANNOT be won if the objective is for a nation to be Half Free and Half Slave."

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