Title: Looking at Cyprus and the Future of America.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu March 21st, 2013


3/21/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Yesterday I had an excellent dinner with an old friend, nuclear power plant engineer Jim Thomas, who asked, "You haven't said anything about Cyprus.?"

Germany/ECB could kick that can down the road, BUT unless Germany wants to pony-up a lot free money for Cyprus there are no good options.

What a totally unexpected surprise, eventually living off of borrowed money comes to an end!!!  Who could have guessed? This has NEVER happened anywhere in the history of the World! 

When you SPEND a lot more than you produce (like Cyprus and America) then EVENTUALLY very bad things happen. America being a much bigger country can make bigger mistakes for a longer time, but the eventual end of the road is the same.

The Difference between the Germans wanting to confiscate Cyprus Bank Accounts, and the FED faggots, is that the Germans ARE HONEST about confiscating Bank Accounts.

The FED faggots with their Madoff accounting, phone statistics, lies, half truths, disinformation, and Fraud HAVE been confiscating the value inside of America's Bank Accounts for almost five Years.

FED Queer Money is NOT PRODUCTION, it's NOT real wealth. NOBODY can get Real Wealth from NOTHING. This is more than basic economics, it's basic physics. You cannot run a truck from point A to point B on Nothing.  As I've been saying for years, the FED faggot queer money is ONLY pissing into the Soup.

YOU have a Quart of Soup in YOUR Bank Account that has 800 Calories of food value. Bernanke pisses into the Nation Soup Bowl. There IS More soup to finance Obama's march towards Welfare Communism. YOU still have a Quart of Soup in your Bank Account, but NOW it only has 600 Calories of food value. Same amount of soup, but now it's LESS real soup and MORE FED Piss.

Bernanke confiscated the other 200 Calories of value in YOUR account, and he'll eventually Steal It ALL. The FED faggots have America on a road where one day America will wake up and be a Nation full of Banks that have NO VALUE in their Bank Accounts. Today's Stock Market BUBBLE that was created by Trillions of FED faggot queer Dollars, rather than real production, will explode. Then America will be TOTALLY BROKE.

Today, 95% of the Democrats and 85% of the Republicans DO NOT want to stop the FED faggots because BOTH the Democrats and Republicans ARE TERRIFIED at the thought of actually having to run America. Rather than feeding at the FED "Free Money" Pig Trough. However, AFTER everything explodes and crashes, THEN the Democrats and Republicans will both Blame the FED. Like, "Oh, we were victims too."

It's like the Federal Security & Exchange Commission (SEC); for ten years BEFORE Madoff's queer empire collapsed and Madoff confessed, people were going to the SEC saying, "Why can't you morons SEE that Madoff's Ponzi Game is as queer as a three dollar bill?" For ten years the SEC would always say, "We don't see anything." Yesterday it was the SEC that did not want to SEE the Madoff insanity what was right in front of it, and TODAY it's the US Congress that does not want to SEE the FED's economic insanity that's right in front of it.

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