Title: Gay Marriage and the Supreme Court, a Prediction about the Decision.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun March 24th, 2013


3/24/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Gay-Marriage and the Supreme Court. A Prediction.

Supreme Court predictions are NOT new for me. In 1975 I started predicting that the Supreme Court would someday uphold the 2nd Amendment. However, I DID NOT "see" that it would take 35 years.

Confession, my BIGGEST weakness is that I'm TOO EARLY. My Supreme Court/2nd Amendment prediction was 35 YEARS too early. When you're a futurist it IS hard to get your mind out of the future.

So now we have the Supreme Court and "Gay Marriage." What will happen?

I was a hard living party animal in my younger years in Chicago. I knew a lot of people, including a lot gays, and 45 years ago I came to the conclusion that the "gay life style" was NOT very Gay. I guess that's WHY I've been married forever to my lovely wife Kathy, and have children.

HOWEVER, I am above everything else a grand strategist. The Two Billion (2,000,000,000) ADDITIONAL humans the world is going to get in just the next 20 years (by 2035) ARE A DISASTER in the making.

When the Bible was written there were only about 300 Million people in the whole World. YES, 2000 years ago the world definitely needed more children, BUT NOT TODAY. Today the world's population is INCREASING BY 1,600,000 people PER WEEK!

The argument the gay-marriage reduces the number of children is an argument FOR gay marriage.

When I read the Bible it's Clear To Me and Jesus and God want MANKIND TO KEEP MOVING FORWARD. That means using the science that God has now given mankind to create a new line of humans. CONCLUSION, Home sapiens are Obsolete, and we do NOT need ANOTHER Ten Billion Homo sapiens in the world.

I believe in God, and that IT IS God's Universe. God's whole Universe is about moving forward, growth and evolution. For me, the everyday examples of God's Universe is what God really wants. The Bible is NOT about going BACK to the past, it's all about going forward into the future. If you don't Get That then you don't really Get what the Bible is saying.

As I've mentioned before, gay-marriage is also a roundabout military grand strategy issue. In China there are 119, 18 year old males for every 100, 18 year old females. I CANNOT fully explain military grand strategy in anything less than a 300 page book, but TRUST ME, the above FACT is historically VERY BAD for America, the world, AND China. What China needs is gay-marriage, and what American needs MILITARILY is to be the cultural example.

As I see the Constitution, the RELIGIOUS aspects of "Marriage" either normal or gay, are NOT part of the Constitution. There is a CLEAR separation of Church and State that I totally agree with. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing.

The religious aspects of gay-marriage should NOT even be in the Supreme Court. However, in Modern America the White House AND Congress ARE USELESS. Is the White House more terrified of governing than Congress, or is Congress more terrified of governing than the White House?

Obama wants to be Lenin leading the great socialist revolution. The Democrats what to be a communist Santa Clause based on the delusion that America has UNLIMITED money and Wealth for Unlimited FREE. The Republicans want to be a Christian-twisted al Qaeda Lite, and both Democrats and Republicans are Terrified about actually governing and making ANY Kind of really needed decisions.

The de facto REAL government of today's America is by default Ben Bernanke, and his fellow faggots at the FED. All of the Democrats and Republicans are hiding under stones talking sweet talk and doing NOTHING while the FED faggots destroy the future of America.

Obama's DO NOTHING recent trip to the Middle East is a perfect example. Lots of King Fish sweet talk and ZERO meaningful new actions. The same 40 year old problems marched on in the same old way. If Obama had NEVER GONE what difference would it have made in the Middle East? NONE. But, "let's talk about it for another 40 years."

Obama's trip was 95% about next year's Congressional elections. It was basically a Congressional 2014 election campaign trip.

Of the Three branches of Government the Supreme Court IS THE ONLY ONE THAT'S STILL WORKING. So the issue of "Gay Marriage" that should have never been in the courts IS in the Supreme Court.

If I was on the Supreme Court, I would say that the "Civil Union" of couples: either male/female, or same sex, is a Constitutional Civil Rights issue, and the Government should recognize same sex Unions for all things connected to the government's civil laws: taxes, inheritance, joint property, divorce, and so forth.

If I was on the Supreme Court I WOULD NOT MENTION anything whatsoever about what some Churches do or don't believe. Churches do not make Federal Laws. If a Church does NOT like same sex marriage than they have a right to NOT perform them just like they have a right to NOT perform male/female marriages. If a Church does approve of same sex marriage than they have a right to do them. However, the Civil Union becomes Federal Law regardless of that happens or does not happen in a church.

My prediction, is that the Supreme Court will in June come out with a ruling very close to what I would have done.

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