Title: What are the Road Signs of America's Decline, and How Do We SLOW that Decline?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Thu March 28th, 2013


3/28/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. What are the Road Signs that Point to America's Continued Decline? 

From 1960 to 1965 I was a college student with four majors. I graduated with close to 200 hours. Universities had NOT Yet become money rip-off factories preaching communism while gouging their customers. In my day a student could Browse subjects just for the fun of learning. A 3-hour college credit course was $60. If you didn't have the money you worked part time and went to college part time.

I still have the total hospital Bill for my birth at the U of Chicago in 1941, where my mother spent three days in the hospital. The total Bill was $14.85 (Fourteen dollars for three days in what was then one of the best hospitals in the World).

Bernanke and the FED keep telling everyone that inflation is GOOD. What they are not telling everyone is that with the FED's inflation all of YOUR costs are going up, but NOT your salary. With FED inflation you keep going into higher tax brackets while your total money BUYS LESS. In the plain truth - you're being screwed.

Back in the early 1960s I had a big circle of student friends, and we'd get together at Jimmy's Bar next to the U of Chicago were I was born. Officially it's The Woodlawn Tap on 55th Street, but for everyone there it was "Jimmy's." We'd drink beer for hours and talk about everything. It was a fantastic intellectual time in America's happening places, and  Chicago was still a happening place.

The top of Chicago's Bell Curve was 1899. However, in 1960 Chicago was still the #9 biggest city in the world. In 1899 Chicago was the 5th biggest city in the world. Today, Chicago is the #26th biggest city in the World.

The Chicago of my youth had: steel mills, the stock yards, meat packing companies, and a massive leather industry (shoes and handbags to gun holsters). Chicago was the railroad and trucking center of America, the grain trading center of America, and had the World's busiest airport (Midway). There were hundreds of factories making everything from radios to can-openers.

In the early 1960s America was still creating wealth by MAKING THINGS in factories that ordinary people needed. American WAS NOT make money by manipulating FED faggot queer dollars and Gordon Gekko derivatives - like NOW.

Today, Chicago is the poster child for America. A really pretty modern front that was paid for by going eyeball deep into DEBT that can NEVER be paid back. Modern Chicago is like modern America - All BS Kingfish big hat and NO Cattle.

When I was a kid,  Chicago's Marshall Field downtown department store sold guns, and Abercrombie & Fitch across the street sold guns. When I was 12 years old, I'd go to downtown Chicago by myself, (on the street car and L) and  look at the guns at Abercrombie, and then go to the book store.

A sign of DECLINE is when the politicians become anti-gun. When England was still on the UP SIDE of its Bell Curve some of the best gun stores in the world were in London. Today, Germany still has gun stores, but NOT England. That's NOT a coincidence - it's a road sign of the mind-set matrix that's in play.

Ann Rand was 100% Correct when she said, "If you REALLY want to do something for 'the Working Class' then put a Steel Mill at the end of their block."

In the Chicago I grew up in everyone owned their own home, owned their car, they owed NOTHING on their credit cards, and they all had money in the bank. The air was dirty, but the people were happy.

Jimmy's Bar in my college years of the 1960s was fantastic. Everyone would write on the walls and IT WAS ALL BRILLIANT. Jimmy had to re-paint the walls regularly because they'd become totally full of writing. The bar tender giving you a beer might have been working on his third Ph.D. Or the person at the next table might have been a Nobel Prize Winner. Some of the greatest writing in America is under layers of old paint at Jimmy's.

For me, comparing the "college scene" of today to the 1960s college culture in Chicago is like comparing a lush tropical jungle to a dead desert. (But if we turn on the video game or "sports" we won't have to think about any of that - right?)       

 One of the Many subjects we college kids brainstormed about at Jimmy's  was, "What would the road signs of America's DECLINE look like?" We talked about "Social" road signs and "Economic" road signs.

A classic historical "social" road sign (going back 5,000 years), of a civilizations IN DECLINE is the development of a great interest in food and drink.

Civilizations in DECLINE also go from mainly restricted sex to more open and frequent sex with little attachment beyond the sex.

Chinese food is great BECAUSE in the last 5000 years China crashed and burned several times. French food is great because it crashed and burned.

Historically the reverse is TRUE. Civilizations on THE ASCENT, on the UP Side of their Bell Curves, care almost nothing about "good food." The early Romans when the Empire was building, and early British Empire, had people who could care less about what they were eating. 

When civilizations are in DECLINE "entertainment" and "sports" also become very important. The reverse is also true. How many National sports teams with multi-million dollar plays are in today's China?

Today's "Chinese Sport" is manufacturing products. That used to be America's sport.

The MOST classic historical sign of a civilization IN DECLINE is that it goes from MAKING things to create wealth, TO manipulating things to create the illusion of value. It goes from manufacturing to "finance." It goes from Making to Taking. It goes from Production to Consumption.

A half Century ago at Jimmy's Bar, we all agreed that one of the road signs of America's future END would been when the Federal Reserve started buying most of the Treasury Department's Bonds.

For we students at the time, the FED buying most of the Treasury's Bonds was viewed as an End Game Act of Deep Desperation on a slippery-slope road that HAD NO EASY TURNING BACK.

So, it's a half Century later, and the FED faggots ARE using hundreds of Billions of Queer Dollars to "Buy" Tons of the Treasury's Bonds, AND Everyone in Washington DC is saying, "We don't see anything wrong."

Both the cowardly Democrat & Republican Congressmen need to get their heads OUT of their asses so the FED's sh*t doesn't look like sunshine. Congress needs to stop sucking FED A**.

A half Century ago we students figured out that once the Government starts going down the slippery slope of buying their own T-Bonds with Queer Money it's the beginning of the END. Yeah, it's EASY and FUN to start spending LOTS of Queer Money NOW, but once you start the fraud HOW DO YOU STOP? Bernie Madoff couldn't.

The ONLY way to stop is to Significantly RAISE Interest Rates so real people, in the real world, using real money start buying your Bonds again. HOWEVER, the More Queer Trillions that Bernanke's FED Faggots pump out, the MORE INTEREST the people who pay income tax will eventually have to PAY.

An increase of 2% interest on the already 15 Trillion of Federal Debt is an extra $300 Billion PER YEAR that the 50% of the workers who pay income tax will have to cough up. That's an EXTRA 3 TRILLION over 10 years just for the increase in Interest.

As you should know, 50% of all American workers pay NO income tax. Why? Because, "That's fair and equal."

If the interest on Treasury Bonds had to go to 7% to sell the T-Bonds to real people rather than the FED faggots, that would be an extra $900 Billion a year from the Tax Payers - that's 9 Trillion Tax Increase ($9,000,000,000,000.00) over 10 years.

Today's happy time play (and Stock Market BUBBLE) at the FED's faggot gay party is coming with an eventual very big price tag.

The bottom line is that once you start buying your own Bonds with faggot queer money it's almost impossible to change back. That was clear to we students a half Century ago. Too bad for America that it's NOT CLEAR  to Anyone in today's Washington DC.

Bernanke's FED faggot Queer Money is NOT solving anything. All they are doing is kicking the can down the road AND INTO a very Deep Hole. If America is going to have any chance of saving itself it's time to put the FED faggots into the hole and bury them.

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