Title: Pres Obama's March Towards Upside Down Slavery Is Succeeding.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Sun March 31st, 2013


3/31/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS.   Last night I had a vision. It was Pres Obama and Bernanke in Russian Red Easter Bunny outfits, with the Russian Hammer & Sickle logo in yellow over their hearts.

Miami HAS been a Bell Weather for a long time. In 1920-1921 the Miami economy was booming when the American national economy was in recession. In 1927 the Miami economy COLLAPSED; it was a two year warning on the National 1929 economic collapse.

So what's happening in Miami today? The Greenspan-like real estate BUBBLE has DEFINITELY returned to Miami. Premium real estate went UP by 12% this last year. DOZENS of new luxury condos are in the planning stage, or have already started building.

It's NOT in the news, but the premium diamond market has GONE CRAZY. There is definitely a Diamond BUBBLE that's bubbling over.

Premium gasoline in Miami is well over $4 a gallon, food prices are going up, and any kind of premium SERVICE is going UP in cost.

Isn't it great when the FED faggots say things like, "Well, gasoline being above $4 a gallon really do NOT mean anything for inflation because it's NOT part of the core economy."

I own a big home, and am part owner of a Miami premium service business, and we had a BIG increase in asset value this year. We are in the middle of a Major Expansion with our business. There are lots of people with lots of money. Yesterday I went to the grocery store for some bread, and there was a $380,000 new Rolls Royce parked on one side of me, and a $410,000 new Bentley parked on the other side of me. I was thinking, "Hmm, $790,000 to drive to the store to buy some mike. That's expensive milk."

There IS inflation right now, but the FED faggots keep screaming, "We need to keep pumping our MORE Queer Dollars, more, more, MORE!" Yes Mr. Greenspan, and like you said in 2005 there is NEVER TOO MUCH easy money. Just keep pumping it out because NOTHING Bad can every come from tons of Queer Money.

The biggest BUBBLE of all is the current Stock Market Bubble. Do you think there's ONE Republican in Congress with two live brain cells to rub together to ask Bernanke, "If the stock market is at an all time high then WHY do we still have zero interest rates for Banks, and WHY is the FED is still pumping out Trillions of Queer Dollars?"

In Southeast Florida there is a NEW Bank being build on almost every street corner. The number of Brand New Banks being built is TOTALLY INSANE. They are all being built because they can get money from the FED faggots for almost NOTHING. The current BANKING BUBBLE makes the 2005 real estate Bubble look small. 

Interest rates to the Gordon Gekkos are still almost zero, and Bernanke's FED keeps pumping out Queer Money by the Trillions BECAUSE Congress in its Profound Stupidity gave the FED an "Employment Mandate," and "Employment" is still "Down."

WHY is Employment Down? Because Pres Obama and the Democrats have, and are, using the FED's Trillions of Queer Dollars to put millions of workers on de facto permanent unemployment benefits, food stamps, free housing, free medical care, pay for useless "training," lower mortgages paid for with Queer Money, early Social Security Disability, etc, etc, and so forth.

Every person that Obama-Bernanke puts on some kind of Welfare is ANOTHER permanent VOTE for the Democrats. The Republican Party's so called "Leadership" is so whacked-out they cannot see what's right in front of them.

Pres Obama and Bernanke have the WHEELS OF COMMUNISM rolling in America. They have the "Big Mo" (Momentum). In military attack terms, "They have the Initiative."  The Democrats use the FED's Queer Trillions to put more and more workers on some kind of Welfare. Each new welfare person is another vote for the Democrats. Then Bernanke uses his "Employment Mandate" to create MORE Queer Money BECAUSE "EMPLYMENT" is Down. Then the Democrats use the Queer Money to put MORE workers on welfare, then Bernanke creates MORE Queer Trillions because "Employment" is Down, and the Wheels of Bernanke-Obama Communism keep rolling America into what will SOON become irreversible socialism.

As history has proven around the World, once you get the voters used to FREE it's Hell to get a Nation back to honest work. Usually the ONLY Way is when everything crashes and burns.

Pres Obama has America on the road to being a giant Chicago where the Republicans are de facto slaves and "milk cows" to the Democrats. At this point Obama-Bernanke are Succeeding.

The stupid Republican "leadership" is the Deer in the headlights of the Obama-Bernanke Queer Money MACK Truck that's about to turn the Republicans into Road Kill.

What Obama-Bernanke are Building is Upside Down Slavery. The new slaves are going to be the Republicans. The new slaves are the ones who will be working hard, and their Masters will be the ones who do NOT work at all. ALREADY, five percent (5%) of the population (and that 5% is 95% Republicans) are paying 60% of the income tax. Obama-Bernanke call that "Fair and Equal" and they want a LOT MORE "Fair and Equal."

Obama-Bernanke are de facto re-writing the US Constitution and going from "Equal Opportunity," to "An Equal Right to Everyone Else's Property."

While Obama-Bernanke use the FED's Queer Trillions to march America into upside down slavery, the Moron Republican so-called "leadership" can think about only three things: (1) Women's Vaginas and Abortion, (2) Men's Dicks and Gay Marriage, and (3) WHY aren't American troops already in Iran and murdering Muslims for Jesus?

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