Title: The FED Has Succeeded in Recreating the Real Estate Bubble in Miami. What does this Mean?
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Tue April 2nd, 2013


4/2/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR OPINIONS. Every Con Game in the world is basically the Same. It's always SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. The FED's Con Game is the Same. All of the Queer Trillions of faggot money that the FED keeps creating (and flooding the World with) the Faggot Money is in some magical way going to forever be SOMETHING FOR NOTHING.

You might ask, "What is Bernanke getting?" In My Opinion, Bernanke is like bin Laden or Hitler. In my opinion "What's In It" for all Fanatics is the CHANCE to "prove" their twisted sickness was true. In my opinion Bernanke is capable of thinking of only five things: 1. More Faggot Money, 2. More Faggot Money, 3. Morey Faggot Money, 4. More Faggot Money and 5. More Faggot Money.

The FED Faggot Money HAS succeeded in Recreating the over-priced Real Estate Market in Miami. For a 100 years Miami has been a Bell Weather, and it continues to be.

In 2008 the economy was Naturally, in classic capitalist style, trying to Heal itself, and trying to Heal the overpriced Real Estate Bubble that Greenspan and the FED had created with their "easy money." In 2009 young people COULD afford homes, small businesses COULD afford to expand and hire more people. HOWEVER, the FED with their Queer Trillions HAVE Recreated the Over Priced Real Estate Bubble in Miami. I know, I run businesses in Miami. Our expansion is VERY LIMITED Because the price of real estate has become unworkable.

The Math (thanks to the FED faggots) has gone BACK to NOT Working for a small business. If you're running a pizza restaurant and you want to expand you CANNOT buy an additional small building that will cost Three Million Dollars, and have the numbers work. With a 6% mortgage that's $180,000 a year in mortgage payments on a small business that might Gross one-million. With new employment withholding taxes, new medical and insurance costs, a possible new minimum wage increase, the cost of FOOD going UP, the cost of energy going UP, etc., THE NUMBERS DO NOT WORK.

The Kramer Clowns in the media will say, "The building is an Investment." An investment is WHAT when long term interest rates (and thus mortgage rates) have NOWHERE TO GO EXCEPT UP. An Investment in Government halfhearted and inadequate actions? An Investment in the FED systematically destroying American production and replacing it with Queer Money? An Investment in the Democrat's constant DISFORMATION, and the public's general ignorance about the complexity of America's long term problems? An Investment in the Republican "Leadership" who are ONLY interested in: Abortion, Gay Sex, and murdering Muslims in Iran for the glory of Jesus?  

The Bottom Line is that Bernanke's Trillions ARE DESTROYING JOBS. The PROVABLE FACT is that the percentage of work age Americans who actually work KEEPS GOING DOWN. The FED Faggot Trillions are destroying jobs in America, and financing social/economic troubles all over the World.

However, the Moron Republican so-called "leadership" insists that the FED Faggots keep their "Employment Mandate." WHY? Because the Republicans are too TERRIFIED and COWARDLY to actually govern. So the more jobs the FED destroys, that gives the FED ever MORE excuses to create even MORE Trillions to finance Pres Obama's, and the Democrat's, march towards: (1) American communism, and (2) the Permanent DESTRUCTION of the Republican Party.

Every Voter that the Democrats, and the FED, put onto FREE Money is a Permanent Vote for the Democrats. The brain dead Republican "leadership" does NOT Get It. AFTER they are as DEAD as the Republican Party in Chicago they Might Get It?  

Here's two questions: (1), "If the FED and Bernanke CAN successfully run a Nation forever on fabricated queer money that represents ZERO work or products. Then WHY hasn't every Nation in the World, including the USA, been doing exactly that for the last 100 years? (2) WHY is anyone working anywhere in the World when they could all be living off of Queer Money?"

When Bernanke is in Congress and the question of inflation comes up (a very infrequent question because Bernanke's Congressional visits are usually love fests), Bernanke's answer is always, "The FED can raise interest rates in a few minutes." Sure. That's like LIBERACE saying, "I can be sexually straight anytime I want to be."

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