Title: The Real Reasons, and the Hidden WHY of American Public School Shootings.
Author: Andrew M Molchan
Date: Fri April 5th, 2013


4/5/2013. ANDY'S UNPOPULAR INSIGHTS. Once again, history has proven that the Canary in the Coal Mine (me) was Correct.

America is becoming More Insane with each passing month. ALL of the "issues" in the News are yesterday's DEAD ISSUES: Gun Control, Women's Rights (i.e. abortion), Gay Rights, more wars to kill more Muslims to bring the 2nd Coming of Jesus, etc.

GUN CONTROL: the Supreme Court has ALREADY reaffirmed the 2nd Amendment (Columbia v. Heller 2008), America's 90 million gun owners are NOT going to destroy their 450+ million guns because a few Black teenage drug dealers are killing each other.

It's 2013, NOT 1953, the 450+ MILLION firearms that are already in the hands of 90 Million gun owners ARE GOING TO STAY THERE. Disarming America is a DEAD issue. There CANNOT be a National, Federal ban on Firearms Because that's what the Heller Case was all about. The local or State restrictions on firearms are a DULUSION.

Guns are make out of Steel, NOT bread. Keep a gun clean and dry, and it's Good for a Thousand Years.

Believing that there is going to be a total ban on all firearms ownership is like believing that there's going to be a total ban on ALL abortions, and a total ban on gay-bars, gay-publications, and anything gay. It's like believing that we are going Back to 1960 when it was against the law for any publication to show pubic hair.

The idea that we are going to stop stupid animals from killing each other by taking 450+ million guns OUT of America is like believing you can pump out the Atlantic Ocean.

I've been in the small arms industry for over 40 years and I can give you a one-million percent guarantee that America's gun owners are NOT going to give up their firearms based on the same Old Lies that the left wing media have been using for a Half Century.

Piers Morgan today is kissing his left-wing TV producer's ass with the same old lies that were being peddled 35 years ago by ass kissers like: Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings.      

So what about White Males shooting up Public SCHOOLS and Theaters?

I would like a SOLUTION, and every gun owner I know wants a SOLUTION. But what IS the Solution?

Since 1999, I've been writing (in 71 published essays) that the Public School Killings (and they are ONLY in Public Schools), by ONLY White Males, ARE Motivated by the Massive Corruption inside of American's Public Schools. For years I've been saying that America's Public Schools systemically discriminate against White Males.

As usual, the left-wing called me a racists, a hate monger, and all of the things they been calling me for a half-century. They said (and still are saying) that there are ZERO Problems inside of any Public Schools and ALL of the Problems were inside of the Gun Stores. The left-wing said (and is still staying) that there are ZERO problems with Public School teachers and 100% of the problems are with gun stores and manufacturers.

The FACTS are that it's the Public Schools that are being  shot up because White Males DESPISE THEM. It's NOT the gun stores that are being shot up. So with "left wing crackpot logic" that means ALL of the Problems are in the gun stores, and ZERO problems in the Public Schools.

QUESTION: We DON'T have to solve the "Problem" of gun stores being shot up. So why are the Big Press, and Demagogue Democrats, ONLY looking at gun stores?

As Always, history is eventually proving the Canary in the Coal Mine (me) to be CORRECT.

In Atlanta, the Grand Jury charged Public School City Superintendant, Beverly Hall, and 35 other Atlanta Public School Principals and Teachers with: Racketeering, Theft, Making False Statements & Perjury, Influencing (i.e. threatening) Witnesses, and Conspiracy. Public School Superintendant (and avid Obama supporter) Beverly Hall's Bond was set at $200.000.

Only 35 Public School Principals and Teachers were charged, but Grand Jury sources said that at least 180 other Teachers and Principals were implicated, and the Fraud and Cheating went back at least a dozen years to 2001.

 Anyone who thinks the Public School Cheating and Fraud is limited to ONLY Atlanta is brain-dead. Way back in 1964, as a college student, I was doing a paper on the testing of Blacks and Whites in America. I remember looking at a National "Education" Study that said Black male students in the North had a 5 point Higher IQ than White male students in the South, and I remember thinking, Something very fishy is going on.

Suppose you're a White 14 year old Male in High School. You're taking a test that's important to you. The genetically stupid morons of "diversity" in the next row are being told the Correct Answers by the Teacher, But NOT YOU. How does that make the White Male feel? Kind of like wanting to shoot up his school? Kind of like wanting to kill his teacher?

As I've asked in all of my 71 published essays on this issue, "If the problem of School Shootings is Guns, then WHY has there only been a school shooting problem since 1999? WHY were there ZERO American school shootings for 400 Hundred plus Years up to 1999?" The Answer and let me underline that again, THE CORRECT ANSWER is that Before 1999 we did have the Hundreds of Beverly Halls in Thousands of Public Schools running Conspiracy and Racketeering Programs AGAINST White Males.

As I've said since 1999, the Corruption is in almost every public school, and Public SCHOOL Corruption is THE CAUSE of White Males going crazy, and shooting up their dishonest, lying, racketeering, cheating, discriminating, racists, double standard schools.

Since 1999 I've said that the REAL PROBLEM for America's future is NOT the one in two million White Males who are driven totally insane and Shoot up their corrupt Public Schools. The Real Problems are the 300,000 White Males out of every million that are turned bitter by a CHEATING SCHOOL SYSTEM and Give UP on trying to be anything.

Let me remind people that in 1960, as a 19 year old, I joined the NAACP and risked my life fighting for equal rights for EVERYONE. In 1960 it wasn't fashionable or safe for a poor White boy to be doing NAACP work. However, telling Black kids that their Under Motivation is okay is NOT doing anything for those Black kids. The kids who are given the right answers on their tests, their parents think everything is okay when it's NOT okay. America's Public Schools are getting MORE Money than 98% of the public schools in the World, and they are CHEATING THE Black PARENTS who think their kid's Good Test Scores are Real.

There is a REAL WORLD, and without real skills learned in AN HONEST SCHOOL a kid is NOT going to do well. Nobody can flay a 747 of "Pride" along. You need Learned SKILLS, or you Will crash and burn. The Public School Teachers and Principals who are CHEATING ON TESTS are cheating and stealing from ALL Americans. I think it's a wonder that more kids don't shoot up more of their corrupt cheating schools.

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